Monday, January 4, 2010

Soul Food#36

A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance.
-- Author Unknown

Out of all the photos I took or anyone took this my family..these are two from a little set..that just got to me..

I am always the are my daughters..I have very few photos of me growing up..married etc.. We went to Europe and I don't have one photo of me there..I am however in every movie~!

My husband is in many photos..he is the Camcordman..I am the camera girl..
Plus..I really do not like having my photo taken and try and respect other people's wishes of not being photographed..

But when I don't know something is happening..I usually like the outcome..especially from the back:)

This is not why I love these photos though..I love them because when I look at them I feel again how I felt then..It wasn't the best day on the beach..but the weather was of no concern at that time...I felt like I was in heaven:)

This is my eldest grandchild..Lulu he is 4.. we sat by the sea..the busy sea that day..and got wetter and wetter until I was soaked..there are more in this series.. when we jump up...
completely soaked am I and he is grinning..:) I love that one too..he makes me feel like I am 10 years old~maybe even younger.

Grandmothers are just "antique" little girls.
-- Author Unknown

Lucky are we who have people in our lives who can make us feel this way..either a friend..a child.. a grandchild..a spouse.. a pet~


  1. Oh M....I knew you were a beauty!
    Lulu and all your sweet Grands are blessed from above to have two loving Grandparents...
    I adore these special times...nothing in the world like them.
    Thank You for sharing this post, now I have at least a BACK to go with the blog I visit...
    definately food for MY soul,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. What great soul food! What great pictures and I love the quotes!

  3. Have a great day ladies~Thanks..Food is easier:)

  4. Peaceful, lovely moments. You have that special touch. I love the quotations you selected, also.

  5. I love the color you've given these photos, and the postcard overlay. They're wonderful. Like you!

  6. I love coming here on Mondays - you feed my soul, as well.

    I love the quotations you've discovered. They are so true. My grandbabies make my heart so happy! Such beautiful sentiment -

    Beautiful photos, Monique. Just beautiful -

  7. what a little charmer he is, i love how you scoot together~ i remember seeing some of the other pics she took, how happy and carefree you are, a natural beauty, exuberant in your youthfulness as nana~

    not pic in europe? oy... not even from d? come with us, you will be a starlet in print~

    did you finish the book, are you playing fwt?!

  8. I love these 2 photos very much. It captures the moment so well. I chuckled at all your usual "duties" - you with the camera, Jacques with the camcorder! That is so amusing! And just by looking at your back, anyone can tell you are beautiful. How can someone who makes all things beautiful not be a thing of beauty herself? :) That's my own quote for you :)

  9. certainly do not look like an antique in those pics...they are simply gorgeous...a real treasure...
    Thanks for sharing them with us...

  10. Merci pour ce partage, comme à chacune de mes visites sur ton blog, je trouve de la tendresse, de la douceur, et j'adore ça, sans compter les photos qui sont splendides
    Bonne journée

  11. I love the picture and the quotes, MOnique! You know I love being an 'antique' little girl too :))

    Even though it's so cold outside your post warms the heart.

  12. Monique, you make me yearn for a grandchild.

    I love your posts.

  13. Your post today is one of those that touches me. Your words ring so true, about the best photos will bring back an emotion you experienced. That is true grit photography. The grandmother quotes are priceless, too. I had never seen those before. You blog posts always reach deep inside me, whether it be a scrumptious recipe or your well worded thougths. Thanks for that.

  14. I must admit that it is sometimes a bit harder to speak more personally but I find that you are all so nice and share so much yourselves~That it lets me share a bit more.
    Thank you..

    Ann I hope the day will come for you..Matt is so sweet he would be a great dad..from everything you have shared with me.. and and Moe as grandparents? Lucky little child:)

    Maureen..It's rare I don't have tears when I read your Mondays with Mother and Fridays with father segments..

    I smile too:)'re such a cute antique..:)

    Have a great evening..Bonne Soirée~

  15. You know how much I adore these ~ they are enchanting.

    Who can help but smile and feel the love when we see the special moments? Wonderful images, beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing. xo

  16. This post warmed my heart. It is just small slivers of time that we enjoy the most. These photos say it all-Thank you for sharing this moment with all of us.

  17. Promise not to laugh. Your photographer has the eye of a French master. These photographs would fit right into a Renoir exhibit. What a treasure these will be for your children in years to come.

  18. I love these pictures of you and your grandson Monique. Done well pictures from behind can say so much. I have many of my daughter running away through the trees with her little legs blurred in motion.

    Thank-you for asking about my mom. She is doing much better. The surgery was tough, almost 5 hours. She is very very lucky that is all I can say!


  19. Thank you for sharing that wonderful top picture - I can just imagine how much you must have enjoyed the moment - in this case, a picture really does say a thousand words!

  20. It is so true..small slivers of time are the most outstanding ones that last.Laura..happy about your mom!
    Have a great day everyone.

  21. Beautiful Monique! Everybody had already said it all! And one thing is is the unconscuous moments captures in life that make for the most precious memories..

  22. M...Noooo. I didn't recieve your email. And that leaves me crazy!!!
    Try again...please.

  23. I love the way these pictures make me feel - so peaceful and happy. I wonder what you and Lulu are talking about..?? As I type this note to you Sara is giggling next to me....maybe she likes Lulu's picture :)

  24. That is a wonderful shot!
    I have a pillow with the antique little girl saying..a gift..
    Precious moments for you...and all nanas!

  25. How lovely you are Monique, and I love your photos and the sharing of such sweet memories. Bless you.

  26. You are beautiful as I always imagine you to be.Your blog and fotos say it all. ) Your grandson is a charmer just like his nana :)))

  27. oh my what a beauty you are i know now that you must eat tiny amounts of your delicious cooking. what a gorgeous set of prints so special

  28. Antique? I think not! A beautiful and tender moment shared with love. How much better does it get than that?

    I too, have always been the family photographer and have very few photos of myself....a zillion of others.

    You are a real beauty, inside and out. Thanks for sharing this moment.


  29. I appreciate all the nice words..Thank you.

  30. I love these photos Monique! You are so beautiful and full of grace.
    A special moment in time - I'm so glad that it was captured for you to always remember.