Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chocolate~Blueberry Jam~

All things blue in a garden..including blueberries..and my new bush..(I know I may need another..)..recommended by Nancy.I have also had to put a covering over someone or something is picking off the little bundles of unripened fruit..and they lay there:(Never to be comestible..So the armor is partially on:) Wrong armor,but I will work on that~

I've been waiting for this one..since I saw it at Jasmine Cuisine~
I think when I made the little topper..I thought it would be for Blueberry Jam..

But then it hit me..THAT Blueberry jam..My husband loves Blueberries and Chocolate..

So it's a match made in heaven..and he was my hand model the night he tasted it on ice cream..but on croissants or scones..:) it would be sinfully heavenly decadently delicious also..
Do you like chocolate covered blueberries? Well you will enjoy this:)

It's the season.. the garden is bursting with blues and mauves..although my new little shrub was dubbed:"Early Producing.."..the blueberries used for the jam were not mine..they have a way to go..

I made 3 small jars.. we quartered Jasmine's recipe and it worked to a T..or a B:)

Here is what I did..
Adapted from Jasmine Cuisine..

2 Cups of Blueberries
1/4 Cup water

Boil the above washed and prepped blueberries w/ the water for 10 minutes..

Add 1 3/4 cups of sugar.. stir to dissolve completely..

add 1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate stir until dissolved

and add the 1 1/2 tsps of lemon juice from a little plastic lemon:)

Cook stirring occasionally until it gets to 104 Celcius with your candy thermometer.
add 1/2 sachet of liquid pectin and bring to a full rolling boil for 1 minute..stirring occasionally..

Remove from heat and add 1 tbsp of is optional but recommended and I did..again stir to combine.
Fill your 1/4 " of the top.. close and bathe water bath for 10 mins..
Let cool..


My notes..I did not mash my blueberries..I wanted them worked well..I made a much smaller quantity because it is just for Jacques..I did give a small jar to my daughter..her husband likes chocolate covered blueberries..

Please refer to her recipe for exact quantities and her method..
My version is my version of gardening and mixing Blueberry bushes with Baptisia and Irises..and roses..


  1. I've never seen a jam recipe quite like this one. I'm so curious that I just have to try the recipe. I do like chocolate covered blueberries and can't imagine I wouldn't enjoy this as well. Lovely photos, Monique.

  2. you are up late! just to tempt me? i am feeling better after seeing this :)

  3. It looks very tempting...blueberries..chocolate..I think Wesley would enjoy this like your blueberry muffins!
    Beautiful photos again Monique.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. my mouth is watering just reading this...

  5. Sinfully delicious for all of the chocolate lovers in our lives. I can imagine serving this little surprise for brunch with guests, or that special someone.

  6. It's a fun little jam..I am glad it caught you eye like it did mine..Thanks and have a great day!

  7. Fresh blueberry jam - how glorious! Plant more bushes, Monique!

  8. Monique, I used to make all sorts of jams when I had all the children at home. It's not economical for us nowadays as there is only the two of us and our family lives so far away. Blueberry has always been one of my favourites. By the way that potato salad would be perfectly lovely at room temperature. I hope you enjoy!!

  9. Thanks Marie..that's what I will make.. It's Noah's 3rd bday and his mommy is doing his party but I want to bring something..that will be it:)

    Have a great day everyone.

  10. I don't think that I have seen a blueberry chocolate jam. The combination sounds as though it would be tasty. A special gift...
    I really like the topper!!

  11. Oh, what a sweet little topper. It is as cute as the jam is decedent sounding. I love the fact that the recipe is perfect for just a couple of jars.

  12. The computer at the office this week has been acting up so I've had little time to visit my favorite places like yours.

    How wonderful to have your own blueberry bush! I hope you find the right armor to protect the berries from whatever scoundrel is removing them.

    This jam sounds so very delicious!

  13. I cannot eat chocolate but this certainly does sound and look yummy. So will enjoy the blueberries and chocolate from here.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Oh my never cease to inspire!!! I would have never thought to add the scrumptious! What a lovely and unusual token gift! Your embroidered topper is the icing on the gift. :)

  15. I thought I read it wrong... chocolate and blueberry jam?? Then I thought about it and it started to sound wonderful Can't wait to try it.

  16. You thrill me with your wonderful presentations, creativity and ideas... magnificent, magical Monique.

    P.S. Nice hand model you have there! Hi to J!!

  17. This is unique and original; never heard of this combination. Will give this one a try when the blueberry season starts.

  18. That little cross stitched top is adorable, Monique!
    We're all thinking blueberries right now, but your recipe is truly unusual! Have never read anything like it. Copied it to try...

  19. Hope you like it..have a lovely weekend everyone~

  20. Monique, don't use brown sugar in the black currant loaf, use ordinary granulated sugar. I used golden caster because it was what I had. It is not like brown sugar at all. Brown sugar would be too heavy. Hope this helps! xxoo

  21. I've never tasted chocolates and blueberries. I agree with you that it must be a match made in heaven. Love the precious jar topper Monique. So chic.

  22. It does Marie..potato salad was enjoyed!

  23. Delicious, and perfect for the summer season. I love coming by to's like visiting an old friend!

  24. Mmm! I do love the taste of blueberries and of course chocolate is my very favourite - definitely a match made in heaven. I have filed this recipe away till blueberry time. Thank you for sharing it Monique and have a wonderful and safe week. xx

  25. Now I am thinking of chocolate and raspberry jam and chocolate and strawberry jam, be still my heart! Fabulous.

  26. Yes chocolate and raspberry..Must be good! Let us know:)

    Thank you..all of you.

  27. Oh, I'm going to make this. We have blueberries in the refrigerator just waiting to be covered in chocolate. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  28. Love!
    The combination of blueberries and chocolate is so new to me. How did this creation escape me?

  29. Have fun..let me know how you like it!

  30. I love this idea! What a great way to make jam a little more decadent.