Monday, June 27, 2011

Soul Food #96~

Some favorite words in our garden~
I seem to have some here and there..In And Out of the Garden:)Our entry..the kitchen..and a guest room.. have words that mean so much to me..
They still bring pleasure to me after years of reading them..

In every little spot..there's a reminder of words that were important at a certain time..
Some were given away..
Someone once told me that if you receive a gift..even if you love's yours to do what you want with it..

I don't mean regifting..I mean giving something away that means a lot to you..
One thing that somes to mind..

A lovely garden accoutrement.. That said: "Hope Never Dies In The Heart Of A Real Gardener"

Oh when they gave me that I was over the moon..
Then one day..I heard a doctor I liked a lot..who was a Medal Of Honor Gardener..

I gave her that plaque..

I think of it at times..remembering the offering..(s)..

To me it was giving her the hope she needed..
I hope she is well..
She astounded me with her gardens..

Words.. can travel..well.

You see ..the French sign?

It's from Oregon..:)

The Dream..from the USA..

The Garden Queen..from here..and old MTL has it also..
I think a spot in California too:).Oui..the posies too..They live in California also..
I can't tell you how many Californian here.. Well French things..and South African things..And USA things..

Never underestimate.. what a kind little gesture can do..and you know what.. they linger..the words in life~I think I have said this many times since I began this little blog..

One day..I hope to get words by personally visiting California..spots of the USA.. and France again. Further? I only hope right now for closer:)
I love to pick up memories..not gold.. or priceless monetary items.. just things that SAY.. where I have been.:)
Or who has thought of me ..and I of them~

PS I have read that the physician is well.:)


  1. I always enjoy your "Soul Food" posts! This one is especially nice.

  2. I love visiting your blog. Your inspirational words start my day with a smile.

  3. Your post today brings tears to my more ways than is beautiful...I hope someday we can meet...
    Blessings dear friend

  4. Beautiful post today, Monique. What a lovely way to start the week.

  5. Ma chère Nana c'est toujours avec un immense plaisir que je visite votre blog... Il est toujours d'une grande élégance... les mots sonnent justes... Gros bisous.

  6. What a beautfiful touching post. Easy to see where your heart is. Toujours un plaisir de te lire.

  7. What a wonderful inspirational post! Thanking you for the pleasure of gifts and wonderful words...


  8. A beautiful post today, Monique. Soul Food indeed.

  9. Lovely sentiment, Monique. I do have a hard time letting go of things I love. When I do... it feels good and now that I am getting older... it is time to start passing things along and making other lives brighten with lovely things.

  10. Lovely sentiment, Monique. I do have a hard time letting go of things I love. When I do... it feels good and now that I am getting older... it is time to start passing things along and making other lives brighten with lovely things.

  11. Your words are always your words in your garden~

  12. Oh I I get older it is MUCH easier to let things go..
    Everything means something to me..
    But knowing something goes somewhere..

    that it will mean even more to them..I gladly part..

    Hmm..that's a bit of a stretch.. many many things I could never part with:)
    Have a nice evening everyone~

    One of my favorite sayings in my garden doesn't appear here..

    "In Search Of My Mother's garden..I Found My Own~"

    Oh and

    "Save Room in Your Garden For Angels to Dance~"


    "I see trees of roses too..
    I see them bloom for me and for you~"

    There are more....I'm sure they will come to me..


  13. So nice! I always enjoy your Soul Food.

  14. Lucky you Monique to be able to travel to sooo many countries.....where will be your first destination?

    I too love words or quotes that mean something in my life!


  15. Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts! Isn't it wonderful that the world has become so much smaller and so friendly that we can enjoy things from so many cultures so easily. What a world!

  16. I just found your blog and I love it. The soul food is totally fantastic.
    I am now following you, Hugs...Lu

  17. Once again my soul is fed...keeps me full for the week until the next "soul meal"...
    I have been a recipient of your kindness and generosity...I will always remember...

  18. Have a lovely day everyone..I would love to see some of your words too) In your your homes..

  19. Words should always be thoughtful and this post M.
    I am a word girl too...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. so beautiful miss m, my house is blessed with ca too~

  21. I love your post. Always so inspiring and beautiful.

  22. Whenever I see something with a beautiful saying I am always reminded of you :) Your garden is looking beautiful! We are finally having some lovely days to things are finally starting to look good here.

  23. Awwww..
    Thank you..

    You're all so nice~x

  24. I always enjoy your soul food Monique. You have a wonderful ways with words. I love your garden words. I need some words for my garden. You have indeed given me food for thought!Bless you! xxoo

  25. Beautifully said Monique...and oh so true. Words do linger...they have such power to uplift (and, sadly, to tear down). So important to watch what we say...especially as chose good words that will inspire and linger.:)

    I share your philosophy of passing on an item that you cherish to another who will appreciate as much or more. The gift becomes especially precious when this happens, I believe.

    Lovely, lovely post. Thank you.


  26. Beautiful. I love your sentiments ~ so true, so real.

    I love all of your 'garden words'. What a joyous day it will be when you come to California ... :) I'm looking forward to that! xoxo

  27. I love reading your comments..
    You all make me want to improve:)
    In life.