Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soul Food #93

Almost any garden,
if you see it at just the right moment,
can be confused with paradise.
quote / saying by Henry Mitchell

A garden is a place
to feel the beauty of solitude.
quote / saying by Bob Barnes

Les abeilles butinent..les fleurs charment.. le soleil brille~

C'est un des plus beaux temps..

Some of you may remember our Muskoka chairs in the snow:) It's a nice change..I enjoy every season..but green hits the spot after a while:)

And signs of blue of course..

Talk about anticipation.. re the above:)

The blues and mauves and pinks and greens predominate..with some this time of year..but soon all the colors will shine..the lavender will permeate the air.. as the peonies.. and geraniums and honeysuckles..

I truly love them all..the buds..the blooms..the bees.. the skies..the sunshine on my face~

From Columbines.. to Clematis..and Irises.. Catmint..Korean Lilacs.. lilacs..Bleeding Hearts.. Hostas..Ferns..I appreciate my stroke of luck at having a plot of land to grow things..I am always grateful.

Gardens are a form of autobiography. ~Sydney Eddison, Horticulture magazine, August/September 1993

I hope you all have a space.. be it large or small..a pot..a balcony..a terrace..or even a hanging nurture and watch grow this summer~
Who knows who will grace you with their company and beauty~


  1. I might be willing to swap climates with you!!! Gorgeous pics Nana!

  2. it is heaven indeed! so glad the beauty is all around you... we are still cold and wet and horrid, you have paradise this year!

  3. Your garden is sooo pretty. I wish I could join you for afternoon tea or lemonade! I'll provide the cake :)

  4. oh Monique what a beautiful garden so green and lush and just waiting to burst out into colour what a beautiful post thank you

  5. oh Monique what a beautiful garden so green and lush and just waiting to burst out into colour what a beautiful post thank you

  6. It's a glorious time of year! The green at this time is the most vibrant. I'm glad you're enjoying your garden again :) I am too!

  7. Green would be welcome after so much snow! What a relaxing garden...a great place to read. I love your photo of the bumble bee!

  8. Beautiful pictures as always Monique. I feel that one can never feel closer to God than when one is in a Garden. At least that is how it is for me. xxoo

  9. Simply stunning....I so agree with Marie's comment...a beautiful way to start my Monday.... xx

  10. What a paradise, Monique! Hope there's a garden waiting for me. Half the beauty of yours would be enough!
    Big hugs,
    Monica xo

  11. You definitely have a bit of paradise there. Thank you for the lovely tour.


  12. Those are some very lucky bees! Lovely garden snaps, Monique. This is such a glorious time of year.

  13. Thank you:)Thank nice of you to say..I love tending every little plant..My husband mows the lawn..and we listen to soft music from speakers..And yes..I feel so close to God in the garden.
    I truly do.I talk to him a lot there:)

    It's a nice peaceful spot.

  14. What a beautfiful spot you live in! Your season in way ahead of my little corner. Tes abeilles sont au travail. C'est très beau chez toi.

  15. Monique your like the butterfly free, beautiful and a perfect life~


  16. Absolutely exquisite. That green is eye candy, isn't it...especially after a long winter.

    This was a very special and elegant posting.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    (sick in bed and revisiting blogs I love)

  17. Beauty abounds and you have captured it so beautifully!

  18. I'm blown away by the beauty in all these photos. Lovely, Monique.

  19. Your flower photography is fantastic!:) I loved the shots:) I love to capture flowers too, they are just so lovely..I have tonnes of flower photos which I save for my wallpapers...hehehe:D

  20. I love the saying by Henry Mitchell. So true. Your garden is gorgeous Monique. Your iris are just about to bloom. Sadly ours are long gone.

  21. Perfection Monique...
    My heart sings especially this time of year.
    Your yard has rewarded you with treasures beyond compare!
    I should love sitting next to you drinking something cool in your lovely chairs...I'm sure we would forget the time,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  22. Have a lovely day.. Sharon I hope you feel better quickly and that this is just"passager"..Heal quickly!

  23. The beauty in these photos left me in awe. Your garden fairy has been very busy this year, and it shows!

    'Beautiful' does not begin to describe your garden. And apparently, the bees and butterflies agree.

  24. Hi,
    FABULOUS photos of flowers! You are a wonderful photographer. I love the photo of the bee with the flower and also the last one with the butterfly. Butterflies have very special meaning for me since my Mother passed away three years ago. Thank you for the beauty you share. Your blog is feast for the eyes! xoxo Kim

  25. Bonjour Monique,

    I noticed on Jain's blog and she's a lucky, lucky she too lives a life of fairytales, where dreams do come true! But I noticed that you make labels for bottles do you manufacture the wine too!


  26. Yes Jain's homes are fairy tales:) I fist saw her gardens on the net around the year 2000..and was enchanted..and still am..
    Yes my husband makes all the wine here..
    Kim you have a spot of heaven also in that sweet town.
    Kathy I have to get my porch as sweet as yours one day..
    You're all so nice thanks so much.

  27. Monique, your garden is enchanting.
    And your photographs are perfect. I could sit myself down in one of your chairs and just admire and dream for hours!

  28. Oh, my! This is heaven indeed. You are surrounded by beauty. I could linger for hours. ~ sarah

  29. This is the place I come to rest my eyes. The only blog in the summer I spend time on.

    the beauty, the peace, the heart ..

    it's all right here.