Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bolognese /Jacqueline's~

When I read PCH's post about her experience making Bolognese..I wanted to make it right away:)

So I did..

Not that very minute... but the next day:)

We have been to Italy..and I have such fond memories..of the sights..the scents..the sounds..
I love making fresh pasta..

I had my friend's tomato I used some bacon..I know..not great for the heart ...and not the true recipe..but it time to recreate her recipe to a T I will use pancetta..
But nevertheless it was delicious..

I liked the idea of cooking the meat in milk..

It was so good..

I added fresh herbs from our garden..basil..but sage would be great too..jacques added a few crushed chili peppers..

It was a nice day to do both the sauce and the pasta..
One day I may get the pasta attachment for my KA..but so far..the little manual machine works so well..
Don't hesitate if that's all you have..I used J.DiStasio's pasta recipe as I usually do~

You can find Jacqueline's lovely blog entry and

Thank you ..



  1. Another simple pleasure. Yum!

  2. I love to gfet into other peoples kitchens and discover their secrets for these classic dishes!

  3. It is true...we all know how to sprinkle that fairy dust over everything you do ♥

  4. Visually delicious as well...
    Love how you both take such an interest in your dishes...
    adding, tweeking...
    makes food fun.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. That looks fabulous Monique. I have not been to Italy yet, but it is high on my list of places I want to go. xxoo

  6. Yummy, thanks...I will add this to the book I am creating for the newlyweds...I will be blogging about it later. I do love your gorgeous photos!!!
    Margaret B

  7. What a lovely blog; I printed out those recipes. Un gros Merci Monique.

  8. And now, I want to make this too... love the thick pasta!

  9. Love your blog and the sprinkles that follow my mouse cute. I make a sauce that slow cooks in the oven and its just so good! Guess what's for dinner Tom?



  10. Oh Monique, she's just like the pictures on the blog La Tartine Gourmande, she takes so many of her daughter..too cute!

    I make that sauce often I'm french canadian and my husband is italian from Bari, Italy!


  11. I love all your remarks thank you!So nice..each and every one of you.

    Ginette how Italian you visit often?:) I didn't you have a blog?

    I must say I just came on our big computer..I have been working from my small Netbook for the past months..the photos don't look the same..I never knew..

    Something's off..somewhere..I'll try and get fixed up:) Funny different colors..everything:)

    I guess we all look different everywhere..

    Oh lala..
    Have a great afternoon.

  12. How lovely Monique. You're making me wish I hadn't gotten rid of my little hand crank pasta machine. The next time we go to France we're are planning on a side trip to Italy. Can't believe we've never been with all of their fabulous food.

  13. I remember seeing Jacqueline's post and craving pasta immediately. I haven't made fresh pasta for a while and probably won't have time for a while but yours looks wonderful. Isn't it wonderful to be able to cut fresh herbs again?

    Your Bolognese looks wonderful!

  14. How sweet of you to make the sauce. Your photos are lovely. Now I want homemade pasta tonight! I was going to say that I like mine with a little more spice in it (basil and oregano, but I didn't want to offend the lovely cooks that gave us the recipe.) I know that every cook in Bologna probably has their own twist on the recipe, but this was delicious too.

    You are always so fun to tell us about other bloggers, thanks for featuring me! I feel very honored.

  15. Lovely...your take such wonderful photos. I have not been to Italy and have promised myself to get there. I think I will try the sauce. I have just been introduced to a lovely, new blog!

  16. What lovely presentation, Monique! As always...
    I make ragù with my own family recipe... I use to make about 1 kg/2.2 pounds of it and freeze some. It's great for last minute tagliatelle or lasagne!;))
    Monica xo

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  18. Oh I meant to say, I will share pics of Italy in my next post ;))

  19. Mon grand Clément est le roi de la bolognaise aussi ! ;o)

  20. Monique, This is a beautiful post... as a matter of fact all of your posts are!

    I love homemade pasta! I have never made the thick fettuccini. Gorgeous.

    We ate our first tomato from the grarden this week and I can't wait for my roma's! This tomato sauce would be golorious with fresh tomatoes!

    Coming to your beautiful blog is pure bliss.
    xo Yvonne

  21. I look forward to your post Monica..

    I agree Jacqueline you were right to keep it pure and authentic..
    we all add our splash of this and that:)
    It IS a treat to pick our own herbs.
    I am so grateful for all the ideas.. recipes.. interesting reading that you all offer on a silver platter for me.
    Thank you..Well for us all:)

  22. Those noodles look so soft and luscious. I can just imagine the sauce with them... lovely dish!

  23. I agree, the fresh herbs are my favorite! I tell people they must grow them as they are like growing weeds - so easy to grow.
    You are too kind - your platter must be platinum then!!!!

  24. OMG this just made me soooooo hungry!
    I am very late with dinner....

  25. j'ai congelé des kilos de tomates, faudrait que je pense à faire mes préparations de sauces maintenant !!!!
    bon week-end
    val de familyblog

  26. That looks fabulous Monique. I love not Italy soooo much...and OMG this just made me soooooo hungry! ;)

  27. It's my baby boy prefered recipe!
    (from Bologna-Italy)

  28. My husband and I both fight over who makes the best bolognese. But I think someone has pipped us to the post, so to speak. You!

    This looks amazing. So perfect for the chilly nights we are having here. YUM!

  29. Your photos make my heart sing! I love making homemade pasta too ~ and yours served with the gorgeous bolognese looks divine. I love all of your photos ~ but that last shot... oooh, VERY nice! I like that you are brave with sunshine. :) xo

  30. Oh wow!!! So simple yet so alluring. I think you've inspired me to make some too. Gorgeous photos.

  31. is all of you that inspire me.

  32. This sounds like such a perfect dinner. Definitely craving some gorgeous pasta now :)