Monday, June 13, 2011

Soul Food #94

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
Marcel Proust

The blues still predominate..the irises are just so pretty like the fanciful victorian ladies in their frocks.. My husband said.. they are a touch of elegance in the gardens..Sometimes.. his choice of words ..makes me smile broadly.I loved that he said that.
The yellow rose of Texas shines in June..
Some of the perennial geraniums..thalictrum,some roses and peonies..But still mostly the blues..the aliums..baptisias..rhododendron..
I have one patch of bright orange,huge poppies that don't match a thing.But I cannot pull them ..they reach for the sky and pop!The light cathes them in a certain way that make them magical..

The corals and pinks will bloom next~
It broke my heart to cut Bluebird way back.. but it was growing up the wrong railing and became hidden by a yew..Too pretty to be invisible but to now I will train her towards the right~She has it..she must flaunt it..I believe in that for flowers..not people.
No flaunting...:)

Have a nice time in your gardens~ Small of large.A pot or a plot.


  1. What beautiful words, good for both the soul and heart! I just needed that today!
    Your irises are gorgeous, and I'm glad you are keeping the 'mismatched' flowers... differences contributes to the Abundance!
    Big hugs,
    Monica x

  2. This is all the "hues of blue"...and of course, that little fairy and butterfly is exquisite.
    I love that of my favourites!
    PS Your cake was a hit with Eddie! xx
    A beautiful week further, Monique.

  3. I feel like that about my poppies too....they don't go with anything but I love them anyway.

  4. Your garden is full of elegance and charm...and just seeing those beautiful irises makes my soul feel well fed!!! They were the flower of choice for my late sister, how she adored them!!!
    Margaret B

  5. My garden consists of a pot or two these days. But I can enjoy your beautiful garden through your lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It always used to kill me to cut back too. Only the promise of what will come later made me do it.
    Beautiful photos, Monique!

  7. Your pictures and words are most adorable. Your garden looks magical.

  8. All of the blues of spring are starting to fade here and being replaced by the peonies and irises - flaunting their colors ;)

    So sad about Blue Bird. Sometimes it's hard to keep them growing where we want them to be. It takes such vigilance some years.

  9. Sorry, I forgot to say how much I enjoyed your gorgeous blues and photos!

  10. Your pictures are so beautiful. Iris are my favorite! Lovely garden in which to spend time...

  11. WoW!Wunderschönen Bilder für Herz und Seele...ich freue mich das zu sehen.Schöne Woche.Bussi.Luciene.

  12. My flowers thank you..
    Have a great day.
    Margaret..I am grateful they brought memories of your dear sister.I read how much she meant and means to you.

  13. Love coming to read you on Mondays; always a sage post. Perfect quotations from Marcel Proust. We are finally beginning to see life coming back to nature; my herbs and tomatoes are planted and looking forward to my zinnias showing off.

  14. What a lovely quote from Marcel Proust - I love the blue shades in the garden especially those old fashioned iris with the deepest of sweet perfume. Smiled at your expression -pot or plot!!
    Have a wonderful week Monique. xx

  15. Those are really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  16. a charming post Monique. Flowers always makes us feel better. beautiful photos as usual :)

  17. Les fleurs bleues ont toujours moi une certaine magie... Je ne sais pas si c'est parce que petite j'adorais cueillir en bordure des champs de blé les bleuets...
    Vos photos sont sublimes et les mots qu'utilise votre époux sont remplis de subtilité.
    Gros bisous

  18. Such beautiful colours Monique. One can never be closer to God than when in a garden surrounded by the beauty of His creation. xxoo

  19. Gorgeous, M'dear. I love the giant orange poppies.. they have no shame amid all those genteel lavenders... that is why I love them!@

  20. The flowers are taking a bow..
    So much wind the last 2 days..a huge climbing hydrangea w/ trellis took a bow to the ground:(

    WE are experiencing more wind than ever..

    Sunny today..nicer..

    Have a lovely evening..

  21. Once again you fed my soul!
    My Iris and Peonies are but a memory now...but a wonderful memory. We had a lot of wind and rain when they were blooming....not a good thing!

  22. I hope your garden fairies appreciate the beauty you create. I do.

  23. Sorry to be arriving late to this beautiful post. You always make me smile with delight, Monique. ~ sarah