Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rhubarb/Rosemary Marmalade~

Oh what a little treat this is~

I saw it here..A most beautiful blog.. I had the rhubarb,and the rosemary..and the sound of it..was just too much to not get up and make it the very next morning after letting the rhubarb and sugar sleep together all night~

La Recette..

Courtesy of Un Déjeuner Au Soleil~

Confiture de rhubarbe au romarin (pour un grand pot de 300 g environ)

- 500 g de tiges de rhubarbe en tronçons (rincées et sans les extrémités)
- 280 g de sucre semoule
- 1 branche de romarin frais

Mettre la rhubarbe dans un bol et saupoudrer de sucre. Laisser reposer au moins 4 heures, voire une nuit (il se formera un peu d'eau). Verser tout dans une casserole avec le romarin et porter à ébullition pendant 5 minutes, baisser le feu, garder une petite ébullition pendant une vingtaine de minutes sans cesser de remuer. La confiture deviendra plus dense. Verser dans un pot préalablement stérilisé (à 130°C au four pendant 10 minutes), fermer et renverser. Faire refroidir avant de le remettre droit.

Rhubarb/Rosemary jam
For a large 300 g jar ap.

500 grams of rhubarb pieces washed
280 grams sugar
1 fresh rosemary stem

Put rhubarb in a bow and put sugar on top..I mixed mine.. Leave it to sit for at least 4 hrs..or overnight.

a bit of water will appear:)

Place everything in a pot for the stove with the rosemary..boil for 5 mins..lower heat and keep a small boil for ap.20 mins..stirring constantly..It will thicken..
Place in your sterilized jar..(oven method 130 C for 10 mins)..close and flip let cool before standing upright..

Mine were just put normally in 2 smaller containers..

Jacques said where did we taste this? In Provence?
I said came from a beautiful blog~:)


  1. whatever you do... IT ALWAYS DELIGHTS ME!

  2. Oh wow! You always put a smile on my matter the weather's beautiful as always Monique!

  3. This looks wonderful....I might just have enough rhubarb left to make this! The color is divine!

    I have not had a computer for the past almost three is good to be back and see what you are up to!

  4. That does sound delicious! I must find some rhubarb now. I miss not having my mother's fresh rhubarb from her yard. Lovely photos and I love your future tennis star :)

  5. Darn, I passed up some rhubarb at the grocery store this morning, must go back!

  6. Hehe :)
    Love your pictures, especially that view onto the garden! Your marmelade looks incredibly scrumptious.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Monica xo

  7. bellissima this marmelade! Brava!! I like your pictures too, so much...

  8. :) such a delightful jam... I rarely see rhubarb leaves because they chop them off b4 getting to the store!

  9. Ah! I have the rhubarb and I have the rosemary - tonight I will leave them to sleep together!
    and I've just found some pretty little squat jars I purchased at a village market in Provence - how perfect.
    Thank you for passing on this delightful recipe.xx

  10. I have very little growing here..but my friend has lots:)
    I hope you enjoy it..Next jam on the list for Jacques is Chocolat~ Bleuet~

    Just a small jar..If it's good..which I bet it is..or actually if mine turns out is better said..I will share with you also..another pretty blog find~
    The season has soccer..

    Busy boys..busy parents:)

    Good eye Nana S:)

  11. I love this idea. I have never thought to pair rhubarb with an herb. Brilliant. Our rhubarb is not that great this year. Too much rain, cool weather and it is not growing like it should. I hope I can try this.

  12. More rhubarb. I must find some.

  13. This looks have a lovely blog...I am having a giveaway in my blog..Y dont you check and join that

  14. What a fabulous idea Monique! I love it. Our rhubarb hasn't done very well this year. It's all spongy and has no substance. Quite sad really, as we love the stuff. xxoo

  15. Très belle recette...à essayer!

  16. I went to visi Edda; I have to try this recipe; I just love your dish for you confitures; I just have to find one of those.

  17. Thank you.. again..hope you like t..The little jar..I made it maybe 30 years ago in ceramics class..I loved that class..
    Nice memories..

    Have a great day..

  18. An unusual combination. I do love homemade jam and yours is so pretty in its little pot.

  19. so lovely! I cant imagine jam looking prettier than that!

  20. this sounds beautiful Monique...and it IS beautiful too! It can't be any other way, you just touch it with your magic wand and we all want to do it!

  21. This sounds just too good Monique. I have been noticing rhubarb is getting a lot of new friends lately... ginger now rosemary... can't wait to try it since I do love the stuff....even saw a recipe with lamb! Did you know it is original to Central Asia???

  22. I have never had rhubarb. I feel deprived! :)

  23. Monique,
    This recipe sounds delightful. I have both rhubarb and rosemary growing in my garden.
    What a glorious combination! Now what scrumptious bite can I make to slather it on?

  24. Your scones Yvonne:) Your delicious scones:)
    I never knew re Asia!You are such a world book of knowledge for us:)

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  25. Monique, what a wonderful flavor combination. I don't have the rhubarb, but I know where I can get some and I do have the rosemary. I think rosemary is my favorite herb, right up there with basil. Your gorgeous photos are just mouthwatering!

    It is so good to be back and able to comment. While away I couldn't get Blogger Comments to open.

  26. Oh! how big the boys are still my heart.

    Your yummy recipe goes without saying.
    Making your blueberry-bran-muffins this evening with Molasses.
    My all time favorite when blueberries are plentiful.

    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  27. I love rhubarb anything so i could imagine how gorgeous this would be my mouth is watering like with lemons you know just thinking about it haha