Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's the month of May~ I would love to say that my Lily Of The Valley are blooming like Carol's in Paris..At Paris Breakfasts..(le beau beau blog...) Go see...but they are just poking our QC ground in my little town right now.. May....represents Forget-Me-Nots and Wood Anemones..
I love them..I love Peonies~Iris~ Foxglove~Lily Of The Valley~ Lilacs~Anemones~Clematis~ Roses~ Hostas(yes..even hostas)..Some infinitum:) Tout ce qui est beau dans mon jardin.
Sugar cookies with tea.. Could not resist making these in February when I received this beautiful teacup w/ integrated tea infuser/strainer.. Had the cookie cut out.. and a delicious David's Tea to go with.. This cup has served me well during the chilly months of Feb~March and April.. Un coup de coeur~ Like the Forget Me Not's~
And feelings from the heart~ I wish you a wonderful May~


  1. Une brise de fraîcheur printanière souffle sur le blog de Nana aujourd'hui... C'est vraiment très agréable. De l'extrême douceur avec ces petits myosotis que j'affectionne particulièrement.
    (sais-tu pourquoi j'en ai planté partout aux pieds de mes framboisiers ?... Il évite ainsi le ver du framboisier. Et cela marche!)
    gros bisous à toi

  2. barbaralilian-infrance.blospot.comMay 3, 2012 at 1:11 AM

    Love your picture, with the homemade cookies to match.

  3. Such special the little boys adored them....
    I love forget-me-nots...they were my mom's favourite!
    You have inspired me today,dear Monique....much needed xx

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  5. What beautiful pictures and thoughts Monique! Those cookies are just precious and I adore that mug! I want one of those! It's so beautiful. I am now on a quest to find one! xxoo

  6. How precious. Your cookies match your teacup with the bees. I admire your artistic talents. I've missed you Monique. So nice to see your post in my reading list.

  7. Lovely post ;)

    My LOTV are blooming now - the most heavenly scent! Would you believe I bought my first flats of flowers yesterday? I can't wait to start planting although I may have rushed to purchase.

    Your little bee cookies are adorably perfect with the tea infuser!

  8. How sweet this is! Those little blue bee cookies make me smile as do the thought of your forget-me-nots.
    Sorry I've been absent from frequent visits. Trying to catch up. ~ Sarah

  9. I am glad you saw them;)
    Sarah..I ahve been absent also..there is never need to apologize..I visit..I just am quieter:) I never thought one day I would ever say that.
    Susan..I skipped the gun here also..put my seedlings in the garage for the in and out business..we had such cold weather after a warmish start..many froze..I don't think it was worth it this year.
    You are usually warmer than I am though..should be ok..I do have pansies hanging out.
    Have a good day everyone~

  10. Lilies of the valley are another one of my favorites as my mother had them too. I tried to transplant some from her garden and they didn't make it. I also had those in my wedding bouquet as they were in bloom in the middle of May too. Your bee cookies are just precious. I am definitely going to have to try painting some cookies.

    Yes, I love hostas too!Spring is such a fun time of year to see everything magically appear.

  11. I love all those little blue touches like the blue bees on the cup.

  12. I hope you have a wonderful day as well, Monique. Love your little bee cookies with your sweet cup and plate.

  13. How awesome are you to have decorated those sugar cookies to the inspired bees? Beautiful! I hope you are getting the hang of the new blogger, I still don't get it.

  14. We do not have anything blooming yet, but getting anxious. The cold wind is still hanging around here.
    Happy to see you posting again; your cookies are picture perfect.

  15. Every single thing you do Monique is Spring flowers in my books.
    Much better than the mass marketing in Paris of Muguet IMHO.

  16. My lily of the valley has just started to bloom...a very unusual spring. Lovely post and I am so happy that you are back on a regular basis.