Monday, April 1, 2013

Soul Food #138~

It's been too long~

Easter was good.. and busy..and we are very lucky to spend it with close family~Watching all 6 non adults..  not concentrating on the 6 adults :)..I realized Oli..the 3 year still at that totally innocent  stage of life~
When appearances mean nothing ..apart from pointing to his bright blue sky top show me that it was a special day I think and he too was part of the "dressing up"..(he does that:) )..but outside..searching for the eggs..there was no race..just happiness and being outside with his brothers and some of his cousins..finding these treasures and putting them in his basket..♥
He snuggled with me while looking at his paltry findings:)  smiling..offering me goldfish from the Easter goldfish small carton..while the others were counting and eating and admiring..
I think I ♥ his innocence yesterday..
So far removed are small ones..compared to us..~

Today..Monday..we finished a system restore on our home..:)  and I took photos..and Pinned and read..just being..QUIET~
One of my daughters sent me photos of her friend's ( and ours)..spanking brand new baby boy....Luke..the family went to visit them ..and while looking at his peaceful newborn face..
I thought.. everything that happens to you..  from now so part of you..
May it be good♥

She also sent me a photo of Max's (5) latest artwork..I think he is in such a NEAT after school activity..It's different than the others..
Max loves art..(my mom was an artist..)..last week the teacher taught them about Monet~
I am sure I was in my 20's the first time I learned about Monet..Or was interested in learning..there is a difference and your tastes evolve..change..

We spoke of him at the bus stop..and Max repeated his name perfectly..

His latest works..:)

I think art.. in this wonderful for kids.. they may have a way..of seeing in the present..longer~


  1. Wow..talented Max!

  2. I think you are going to have a famous artist on your hands very soon. Hope he continues with his art.
    Happy Spring

  3. :)
    Maybe like my mom:)

    Thank you ..have a good evening~

  4. Oh I love his work! You are a wonderful artist too Monique, he takes after you too! Max is always going to love starts early!
    I am glad Easter was lovely...i know you made it special for
    the children...
    Bisous xoxo

  5. If only we could retain this childhood innocence the world would be a special place indeed.

  6. Sounds like you have a lovely day with your family Monique.

    Max is showing talent already. Going to be just like his Nana.


  7. I loved your term of System Restore on your home :) So true! We just finished our system restore after The Boys left after being here all day today.

    Oli reminds me so much of Dane :)

    Seriously? Max is a wonderful artist for such a young man! He already knows Monet in his work :)

  8. You must frame his work. I can't wait to start painting with my Max :)

  9. De merveilleuses oeuvres d'art... Il faut conserver ses dessins.
    J'aime la spontanéité de son geste et la belle harmonie de couleurs. Que du bonheur !
    Un gros bisou

  10. I'm feeling a little Monet here.... well done.

  11. Ah- it sounds like a thoughtful, peaceful musing on Easter Day, loving those grands. Max has made such beautiful pictures - at only 5! Not only your Mom, but your own amazing talents behind the camera, must be a considerable influence on him.

  12. It's just great to me that the teacher teaches them about a certain artist..shows them the artist's work..and inspires them to try their hand at that style..
    You can tell they are learning about art..outside he LOVES his Wednesday afternoons and looks forward to them:)

    Oli and Dane..yes ..that same innocence:)And fairer:)
    Have a great day!

  13. Those ARE impressive!
    I wish I had done them...
    Perhaps you do have a Monet on your hands.
    Start redecorating in yellow and blue immediately!


  14. Max is really talented. I'm sure you must be very proud. Those should definitely be framed.

  15. Just happy for him:)
    I find it exciting to see interest in they are exposed to so many many movies..outings..My childhood was so different!
    To see him look forward at 5 to an art just a happiness for me.
    I wish for them happy lives:)~
    Caroline will show Max this :)
    Thanks for the sweet are helping to form a young man's confidence..:)
    I truly remember trying to join choir and the teacher said..
    I still sing poorly and dance much worse.

  16. Monique, Max has a wonderful talent! (he must take after you) I love the use of blue (my favorite color) and I hope you're going to frame these!

  17. Such beautiful thoughts you shared . . . and the truly beautiful paintings, too.

  18. Sounds like it was a beautiful day in many ways. The art work is beautiful!

    P.S. Enjoy your light kit. I love using mine and now you will too:)

  19. Really beautiful! Max is very talented.

  20. Such sweet works of art!
    I hope you had a good Easter, Ours was not the same, seeing my family so sad is heartbreaking. Please keep them in your prayers, the loss of a child is so difficult.
    I hope SPring arrives soon, it will be good for the soul!

  21. J'essaye de retrouver cette sensation de tranquillité d'esprit ... souvent ... et de la faire partager aux copains, le temps d'une journée ... ou d'une soirée ...
    ET puis tiens ! Tu m'as donné envie d'aller faire un tour à Giverny, quand je serai à Paris ... Bravo à ton jeune artiste. Il ne faut pas oublier ! ;o)
    Bisous à toi

  22. I love that quote. So true! Good to hear that you had a lovely Easter... Those paintings are so pretty and colorful!



  23. Those early works of art are so precious. I still have a box of them that my children created so many years ago. Looking at them brings so many wonderful thoughts and feelings.

  24. I love them..his latest is on a real toile..he bridge..:) tellement beau!
    Great teacher I find..

    Un jour..j'aimerais bien visiter Giverny..

  25. Oh Monique such a beautiful post from beginning to end . . . but then, they always are. I love to read about your grandchildren. Reading about the way they bless your life, blesses ours. I think you have a very talented little boy there, but then again what is it they say about acorns and trees? Tis true . . . bisous. xxoo

  26. Hello Monique.
    I've just been catching up reading your lovely posts, for some reason they went missing from my readers list. Thankfully all is back on track, I'd have hated to miss Maxs beautiful painting, what a talent he has already at the age of 5yrs. You must frame it. Hope your snow will go away soon & spring arrives for you.

  27. Barbara.. 20 cms tonight:( April 11th!