Monday, May 13, 2013

Petits Fours~

Petits Fours.. one of my youngest recollection of a beautiful small dessert..was a Petit Four~ Not a Macaron..that came later..but a Petit Four..  then a Palmier..and a Mille ~Feuille~

Even now..I bake and bake and bake..and can resist most desserts..I have a salty tooth..not a sweet tooth..but place a PetitFour..a Palmier or a Mille~Feuille  in front of me..and I cannot resist the temptation of..even but one bite♥
For Mother's Day we went to one of our daughter's..I was to bring a salad..but I also felt like bringing a  memory of my youth dessert and opted for the petits fours..they are so feminine..

I made them yrs ago..and had no trouble at all.

In redoing them..the cake I chose was perfect..I halved the recipe and baked in an 8 x8 square..
Very very good..

I split it in half after carefully removing a small upper crust with a serrated knife..

I coated the middle with a slight strawberry the top on..and then placed a very thin layer of real Almond Paste bought at La Vieille Europe~
(SO GOOD)..not like the rolled one we buy..this one is SOGOOD:)

I refrigerated over night..

and sliced into ap 1x1 inch squares.. for the icing part..
I'll wait to share a better technique..suffice it to say..I used a fondue fork to dip in the poured fondant(w/white choclolate)..and food coloring..à la mauve because I was using candied violets I made this past week..
Oh lala..took longer to ice..and they are not perfect..than make the whole cake..and candied violets..~!
Nevertheless  I was pleased with their amateur look:)And am looking forward to making pink ones sooner than later~With a less sweet icing and a very different technique..
For a special occasion..I think these are worthy:)
My daughter's chocolate chip sour cream cake was far better:)~
The boys ..painted Tshirts for their mommies for Mother's Day when we babysat..:)♥
This is a craft that is suited for little hands that can squeeze a bottle of fabric paint..good idea if they are not dressed in their best clothes to do it..they are permanent:) And take ap 24 hrs to dry well..The child makes his drawing first w/ pencil or chalk or dressmaker's pen..then the Scribbler's go on top:)

The gardens are starting to emerge..and even fade!
Things happen quickly our lives~
In a blink..of an eye...
My treat is bringing in fresh flowers..
What a gift!!
Most of my herbs are planted..still need lovage:) and borage..and a big big basil plant~

Then all I have to do after my annuals are planted and basketsare sit back..and..

enjoy watching everything grow..while going about just maintaining  without the huge Spring clean up~
and picking fresh herbs from the garden to cook and bake with.
Sheer bliss.

A new Standard Flowering Almond tree to plant and begonias to adorn La Maison Des Jardins~

With temps hovering in the 40's and 30's tonight..I am so glad I waited for the annuals.
Have a great week..


  1. Preciosismos petits fours, se ven deliciosos. Unas fotos muy bonitas.

  2. Oh Monique...what is not perfect about those magnificent petit fours??...
    these have always been my most favourite dessert too!
    Love the boys t-shirt gifts to their mommies and your pink flowers are adorable!
    Happy week :)

  3. The culinary college has a dining room where they serve lunch and dinner. I am quite sure that is the first place I was lucky enough to try Petits Fours.

  4. I so want to try petits fours! They look soo lovely!

  5. such beauty in this post Monique..only you know how to do it.
    The petits fours..far too pretty to eat..they look gorgeous.. I've always loved petits fours!
    Fresh flowers, basil..I see the cerfeuil marker sticking out, so surely you have delicious cerfeuil too..tulips, coeur de MArie, a lovely romantic statue..and of course those adorable spring green T-shirts!
    Enjoy your sit-back and enjoy your beautiful garden and bah..everything that gives you joy!

  6. It does sound like Sheer bliss!!
    You are the mistress of that one :)
    Your garden sounds dreamy...
    It's cold at night in Paris too.
    And the heat is off permanently so out come the heavy blankets...
    Thanks for a lovely lift!

  7. Oh la la. You need to move to Seattle soon. Having you around would save me the trouble of driving for 45 minutes to one of my favorite bakeries... (hint! hint!)

    A bientôt, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  8. What a lovely are right, for something special. The Tshirts caught my eye. I know that they had so much fun creating. Hope you had a delightful day!

  9. So pretty!! Monique you make everything beautiful.

  10. I became fascinated with them as a child too. Yours are perfect and of course I love the color. I have my candied violets in the cupboard and need to get around to using them. These would be perfect. My kiddies would love them too. I love what you did with the writing over the pictures - that is just exquisite! I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Gorgeous, elegant, amazing, the photos as the delicious beautiful petit fours, I love it all!

  12. Mother's day was lovely:)I am sure yours was too..
    Thank you..Have a great week.
    Can't wait to make that chicken dish of yours Chris.
    It's still chilly..the predictions were right..anxious for the heat to return.

  13. Oh my word - you MADE those petit fours? Gasp. They are enchanting, beautiful, and oh so dainty. Your pictures are simply beautiful, as always, but even more so today, I think, or perhaps because it's a holiday close to our hearts.

  14. What a lovely dessert and petit fours are indeed so very special. You are so talented Monique.

  15. One day I will try my hand at these beautiful, dainty treats! And follow all of your trips and links :).

    I have not planted a thing yet -not even herbs since it has been too chilly here. The light is at the end if the tunnel though. Almost 80 today and the garden center trio is planned for Thursday :).

    I love the garden shots and the shirts the boys made!

  16. What a gorgeous Mother's Day you had. I adore your petit fours. They are beautiful. :) just like the flowers you shared here. Those handmade t-shirts are so cute. Perfect Mother's Day gift.

  17. Garden center today here..:)
    Happy to have found the borage..those pretty blue flowers?:)
    Edible of course.
    Thank you for your nice comments..It is refreshing to shoot see vivid greens when we look outside.. every window a picture frame:)

    I am not talented..Jacques says I am the most patient person he knows:)
    he's never said the most talented..:)
    Some things you try and copy and make and they work..many many many don't.
    You could all make these..that little pound cake is infallible..
    The icing..let's wait till I really get it:)

  18. You are talented...patient too, but Talented!

  19. You are extremely talented my dear...everything you touch and create is beautiful! Those petit fours...I have loved them since I was a little girl! I never dreamed of making them!
    I have early memories of them...i always loved the jam filling and the sweet, sweet, icing! I thought they were so elegant.
    Still do!
    Everything looks so lush and the t-shirts!
    L xo

  20. Oh I love Petit Fours so much. Takes me back to my childhood in a small southern town in Georgia. Your pictures are beautiful and thanks for your comment!

  21. What a beautiful post, Monique. Your garden must be so colorful right now. I missed many of the early flowers this year because they chose to bloom while I was gone. I haven't made Petit Fours in years and remember what a special treat they were for baby and wedding showers.

  22. Gorgeous pictures and pretty petits fours! I wish I had a garden like this...



  23. Thank you..It is such a pleasure after our winter!

  24. Absolutely delightful. I love every single thing in this post (especially the t-shirts!!) xo

  25. Absolutely gorgeous photos of Spring flowers, and little elegant desserts! So French!

  26. Beautiful photos Monique and divine desserts. Sweet life!-))