Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I enjoy so many kinds of poppies.. the small wild ones..the larger show ones..the antique ones..My lavender and heirloom ones have not returned this yr..but the big showy ones have and this bright new spot of orange..I already have big ones that are orange and they shock me...(not an orange person  except 1 purse and 1 pair of shoes and one work of art:))

Bought at a flea market 100 yrs ago:)I loved the round frame and the magnificent poppies~

... but do enjoy taking photos of them and trying to paint that's why this lush tuft of poppies came home.. to add color  for the moment and to try and paint some..
Practice practice..quick ...before the blooms go~

The weather has been iffy with clouds and drizzle ..and some cold days so I made some Osso Bucco one day..Ann T's..our favorite..
And anise /orange water shortbread from ..Vegetable Literacy~
Not sure about the copyright rules..and must say not crazy about without further ado..

Here is a recipe I am crazy about:)

 We finished the last 2 portions of my favorite new non pasta pasta recipe..

Diane's Mom's Cannellonis

I love that you can make a big batch..and extra sauce.. and freeze in single serving portions.
I love the tenderness of the crepes..and the combined tastes..

You can make any marinanra sauce you want..which is basically some sauteed onion garlic..sometimes tiny brunoised carrots.. add whole canned whole tomatoes..I add Jacques' Italian sausage..and fresh herbs..salt an pepper and red pepper flakes..
I don't skimp on the olive oil for my sauce..Diane's son is a chef and recommends that:)

Let simmer and simmer..

The manicotti crepes were easy to make..
I halved the recipe..

2 cups flour sifted twice
2 cups water
6 eggs

Mix water and eggs ,beating slowly..add flour  a spoonful at a time  until batter is smooth..
Then spoon onto a tempered crepe pan....enough to make a 5 inch crepe..spreding batter thinly.
bake one side only.
Place on cookie sheet w/ wax paper between..(Mine didn't stick..I didn't need the wax paper)

And the filling equally easy..with ricotta spinach parmesan cheese egg..seasonings..

3 lbs ricotta
1 mozarella cheese cut in strips
1/4 cup grated cheese
2 eggs
 2 tbsps parsley minced

OK I didn't use these measurements:)  I used Ricotta  ,mozzarella and parmesan cheese..added Di recommended..eggs ..parsley..

But I did everything .. make the right amount of filling for the amount of crepes I had..
You mix the Ricotta..eggs..spinach..cheese and parsley well..
You place a large spoon full in center of each crepe and lay a strip of Mozzarella on top..Press one side to moisten on mixture then flap over on dry side to hold..(I just played it by eye:) )
Spread  some sauce on a large w/ crepes..spoon more sauce..  I add some freshly grated parmesan cheese on top:)Bake in 350 Oven for ap 25 mins..
Allow to sit 10 mins then serve..

I do what Di and Nick do and serve additional sauce on the side..

This recipe is from a very old book of Di's mom's..You have met her..Pretty pretty..  kind..and a great cook:)

I always look forward to this meal now:)
On my top DIX..ten:)

The wee poppies are waning but the huge ones are showing their glorious leaves and beautiful buds..It won't be long..

But each new leaf ..bud.. brings us closer to a finale here..I am not anxious to rush it along~

Bon..Poppy post ..fini:)♥

OK..well maybe I will come back w/ the huge ones:)They are such a sight to behold.. from bright orange to salmon..they are just under that beautiful bud..It's pouring here and dark..:(

Remember..if you are cutting poppies to place in a should cinge the stem..and all should be well~The second photo..they lasted like that almost for 1 week!:)On my windowsill~


  1. Que bonitas fotos y que bueno tiene que estar todo.

  2. Twins we are, indeed! I see you made shortbread too - even though it wasn't a favorite it looks pretty.

    What kind of delicate orange poppies are those, Monique? They remind me of California poppies but I didn't think they would grow in our climate. Your big poppies are ahead of mine - no big buds here yet.

    Oh my, the canneloni looks delicious and my stomach is growling. A recipe I must try! I can't wait to pick big beautiful basil like that from my garden soon :)

    Lots of rain and dark days here also. Twins again.

  3. :-)
    I should have kept the tag..they look like California poppies to me too..
    Tell you what..if they come back next year..I will find out:-)
    I do love them..
    I bought wisteria here too like a fool one year:-)
    As if...

  4. Your poppies are stunning. For some reason they don't do well for me. But yours are outstanding. Great garden and the food looks wonderful also.
    Happy weekend.

  5. Thank you Mon, I'm sure my mom is smiling down on you♥


  6. Gorgeous poppies! I love poppies too- I have my grandma's bright pink heirlooms that reseed every year. Canneloni looks delicious! :)

  7. Bonjour,
    Je suis très heureuse de te retrouver après mon absence durant ce mois de mai...

    Tes coquelicots sont vraiment merveilleux... et j'espère vite découvrir une de tes oeuvres les impliquant.
    En ce moment je goûte à chaque instant, à chaque découverte au bord des routes et des chemins toute cette "famille" de coquelicots qui grouille ! J'adore !
    Merci pour le partage culinaire! En ce moment il est juste que nous avons envie de plat chaud. Le printemps est bien à l'eau !

    Je te fais de gros bisous.

  8. Such a lovely post, hope we get to see you poppy painting! Love your manicotti, I make something similar, but not very often as it is so enticing and I have a hard time controlling myself with the delicious crepes!

  9. What glorious pictures/poppies!
    I don't think I could do that on the iPad..
    Well you have immortalized them here even if they must go away...
    Thanks for sharing

  10. How I adore beautiful Poppies! I have never tried to grow them here...
    The cannelloni looks amazing...I must try it! I love Lidias Osso Bucco as well...I ordered it when I had a meal at
    Becco in NYC...she served it with a Farro at first bite!
    Beautiful, beautiful Poppies...
    Bisous xo

  11. THe poppies are so pretty. I don't have any growing here, but love them. A neighbor had gorgeous salmon colored ones and I got seeds from her, but they never grew.

    That is how I make my manicotti - with crepes - it makes them so light and luscious!

    I don't know how you do it all - painting, baking, cooking, sewing, being a wonderful grandmother - you amaze me!

  12. Your poppies are stunning. Over the holiday I had some delicious manicotti, but this looks scrumptious also.

    I am in love with your gratin dishes. Would you mind saying the brand? I have looked at Le Crueset, which are wonderful, but either too small or too large.

  13. Beautiful poppy post !!....lovely

  14. You painted that?
    It's wonderful. You really are very talented xxx

  15. Oh how I adore poppies! I only wish they would last longer.

  16. Like all our perennilas..Jacques always says "I wish they lasted longer":) I agree of course..the foregt me nots are already waning..

    Becky I only painted the small one in the second photo in back of the real windowsill ones..It is so not great I left it in the background..I should get Max to do them!
    My gratin dishes were from a store so many moons ago..I can't even least 30..
    I have seen lovely plain white ones at the dollar store though in past years..Imagine!
    These fit 2 cannellonis side by saide with one on top..
    Jacquesline I remember yours perfectly..And was inspired.. then out of the blue we were served these at my friends home and well..coup de coeur!:)
    Now I get what you meant about incredible deliciousness~ aussi de gros je vais aller voir si tu as un billet pour nous..:)

    Linda..have had Farro..never risotto style must try..
    Me too Chris..hard to control myself with this:)

    Carol you would not even need the Pad..:)

    Thank you~

  17. Make that (Susan, you and I)triplets.

    I've only seen perfect poppies twice in my life. From a prolific gardener and neighbor, just down the road and yours.
    I've loved poppies since the beginning of time, but I can't seem to grow them.

    The Manicotti looks positively dangerous! But anything with 3 kinds of cheese is worth the risk.

  18. Si belles les si bon, les plats! Ca me donne un peu de peps, la couleur jaune..on a toujours un ciel nuageux et la pluie en France en portant les vetements d'hiver..pas possible!

  19. Your poppies are lovely. I wish I have some at my house or in the garden. :) Oh...and the round framed poppies is gorgeous too.

  20. Thank you for a tip, my poppies don't lest long on a table. Don't you just love summer? So many colors!

    Have a good day-)


  21. Pretty poppies and pictures! Those manicotti look amazing. It is one of my favorite dishes. I might make that speciality this weekend...



  22. I hope you do Rosa.. After Happy Hour..:)
    Yelena..summer si a GIFT tied in the prettiest ribbon:)

  23. I love poppies. Just waiting for my neighbour, Clif's poppies to open. There are poppies in the garden at work that are a beautiful soft peachy/pink colour. Stunning.

    Monique, your cannellonis, look so good. These will be on the menu one day soon. Nice to know that they freeze well.