Thursday, May 16, 2013

Asparagus Inspires Gentle Thoughts~

Asparagus Season in QC~
I love side dishes..or stand alone..

I recently ordered a book because of one of it's recipes.. a shaved asparagus salad..
I stopped at one of our local small greenhouses/markets ..Monday... and bought their :"Asperges De Nos Champs♥"  to specifically make this recipe..
Jacques was making one of his famous shrimp risottos..and I thought this would be the needed green:)
It's good..very good..but the promise was for soft soft asparagus after being in the vinaigrette for 30-60 mins..Did it deliver?Taste wise yes..and if you love crunch as most do..this one's for you..
I expected softer..
I also added pansies..
Because I am in the midst of preserving and pressing flowers and I love  chartreuse greens and lavender or blue together~
I am making vintage trays with the flowers..and note paper..again thanks to Selia..
I'll share my presses soon..and hopefully with a new tray~
I need to "Brocante":)~
The lovely book is from my friend..a while ago..The Handcrafted Letter..she knows I love to still Snail Mail..and pressed flowers are an integral part of this book too:)

La Recette~ Courtesy of Hollyhock..From Garden To Table..

20 fresh asparagus spears..shaved
3 tbsps fresh lemon juice
4 tbsps EVOO
Salt and Pepper
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese

The last 3 ings are my own additions

Pansies(pesticide free)
Shaved Asparagus
I also added a touch of specialty herbs from France that have a hint of orange~

Let   first 4 sit 30-60 minutes..
add freshly grated parmersan cheese..
Add shavings if you wish..and pesticide free pansies if you wish..(I wished for both)..

Asparagus Inspires Gentle Thoughts~Charles Lamb~
Especially when pansies are added~♥

It's un long weekend here..starting tomorrow Friday..
Enjoy it all..


  1. Your photos are especially lovely (and welcome since I'm still pretty much stuck in with "the patient) today. We have not yet had local asparagus but will very soon.


  2. I've seen shaved asparagus salads, but have never tried one myself. I think I would really like the crunch. And you've made it so beautiful with your pansies. Our pansies were planted last October and still doing well. But the higher temperatures that have come will probably be the end of them.

    Have a nice weekend Monique.

  3. You have such a way with color in your photographs, Monique, it always cheers me up when I visit...

  4. A beautiful salad, Monique. Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. Love those pansy faces!

  5. Beautiful Monique. They look so graceful in the bowl... like languorous water plants in an idyllic pond (a little Debussy playing in the background). Great way to use my asparagus.

  6. Deana..ow beautifully said..and I ear the music too:)
    Bonnie I hope he gets better soon.
    Pansies make everything pretty.

  7. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it can be easily learned! I have thought I should do a class. Hopefully in the future.

  8. Oh my gosh my h's are stuck:)

    Dean..add 2 hs:)

    Martha that would be intetesting.

  9. Enjoy the

  10. I had no idea you could shred asparagus, I am defiantly going to try that xx

  11. Everything is so beautiful Mme. Magical! I enjoy pressing flowers, and can't wait to see your new tray.

    Enjoy your long weekend! xo

  12. I love asparagus too ~ my J, not so much. Unless it's covered with some sort of creamy sauce. I love the idea of this salad though and wonder if the asparagus could be quickly blanched after being shaved to achieve the desired softness. I think I'll try it and let you know :)

    I saw a wonderful tutorial on pressing flowers on paper recently...haven't had time to try it yet.

    Beautiful photos~ I love the bird hotel.

    Have a fun week end!

  13. I love that beautiful wild tangle of the shaved asparagus and the way they look in the bowl...
    Pansies with their happy faces always make me smile...I love them....
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Bisous xo

  14. I really must try shaving asparagus. This looks so delicious.

  15. WE must do the trays together:)

    Start pressing..NOW is the time..
    The time of the season:) Remember The Zombies?♥
    Pansies ARE always happy:) I love their dear little faces also.
    Susan..your J..your boys..Your girls..
    Becky ..soon we will be hearing of your girl..or boy♥
    Ria..toi aussi~:)

  16. This looks so............ good! And the photos very enticing! I love shaved asparagus salads and am always on the lookout for new yummy recipes like this one!

  17. This is perfect for Paris..afloat in asperge.
    I should take advantage while it lasts
    Everything you put together is a work of art M.

  18. :)
    Chris hope you read..your Chicken Breast recipe is a hit:)

    HMM..Carol I would say that is toi!

  19. This is the best-dressed asparagus I've seen thus far!

  20. Stunning violet flowers (violets? forgive me - I am not a gardener :). You make even asparagus look stunning.

  21. Happy faces and stunning photos!

  22. I love green asparagus and this is a wonderful salad!



  23. Monique, wonderful idea - shaved asparagus salad, and addition of flowers. Very "Spring" dish-))