Friday, May 24, 2013

Blueberry ~Lilac Scones~

What would I do with blossoms all year long? That would certainly be so nice~
They make everything look so feminine and pretty~
I love that lilacs are edible..the colors..The taste is not wow..  I must's almost insignificant  to me..which makes lilacs even better for people who abhor strong tastes..It is ever so subtle~♥
The fragrance stands alone in a bouquet..Much Like Lily Of The Valley~
I used the Pomegranate scone recipe I linked you to a while back..
But used blueberries..and the lilacs..the recipe originates fro All Recipes..
But I found it here:Right Here..

Do the same thing..but use blueberries..I made some with dried cherries also~
Use fresh blueberries..frozen hold too much water.
Fresh as can be.
Sit..pour yourself a cup of lovely tea..or a cup of them as is or with butter or additional jam~
Pressing lilacs works very well too..if you're pressing:)
And  drying lilacs for future use to brighten up salads ..scones proving easy..they will dry up and lose all their shape but retain a vivid color..

A Google search will lead you to many edible flowers..
Fun to experiment..Remember though..pesticide free..Our community has been for I know our lilacs are..
Have a nice weekend~
PS the lilacs are early this yr..I know as I married amongst them at my parent's home on  June 8th 39 yrs ago..
Those things.. you remember:)


  1. J'aime beaucoup le Lilas également, c'est une très belle fleur ~
    Le printemps est une saison magnifique car les fleurs éclosent, c'est si délicat et beau à regarder jour après jour.

  2. Beautiful post Monique. We transplanted our lilac bushes several years ago and they bloomed their heads off this spring. Can't wait for blueberry season.

  3. The scent of lilacs brought me to your blog. I'll have to try using my lilacs in my baking. This has been a good spring for lilacs in our area.

  4. Monique you've transported me back to my childhood in Mexico. I used to love eating Lilac flavoured candies and have always enjoyed the scent of the flowers. Your scones sound amazing, love the blueberries too. Thanks for sharing I'll stop by to see the recipe.:)

  5. The scent of lilacs can bring us back from anywhere I think~:)
    Thank you Debbie.
    A childhood in Mexico sounds like a great place to have a childhood:) No saying:" I have to go to the bathroom mommy"~ after mommy dresses you up in 18 layers to go out:)
    Thank you.. lilacs are quite forlorn this year..but with all the rain..I must say some of my plants are looking thirst quenched ..very green and a bit impatient with anticipation waiting for the sun to make their engorged buds bloom.
    Such a contrast from last yr.
    Lilacs instill such warm memories in most people.
    "J'aime" as the vase says..

    Je te souhaite de merveilleuses vacances:)

  6. Lilacs have just begun blooming here also - at least our neighbor's lilac over the fence. 39 years for us too this year :)

    What a beautiful idea for scones. I haven't baked them in too long - I must try them again using this recipe.

  7. I never forget your 39,because of ours:) and look..all girls..we are twins:)yet all girls all those yrs ago:)

    You may have a chance at tutus:)

    pas moi..

    but little muscle t~shirts and nana letters..have borne very special spaces in my heart..
    Noah..calls me NEENAH:) how southern is that compared to Mamie:) or Nana...

    We love scones...after our yogurt.. flax seeds tea..we splurge!

  8. Oh, to have been married among the lilacs. That is surely a beautiful memory in itself, Monique. Rain, glorious rain, here this afternoon, so I'm taking some time to sit and visit favorite blogs. You've given me a delicious visit........Sarah

  9. I had no idea lilacs were edible!?
    Not just beautiful but brilliant too!
    So gorge as always

  10. I love edible flowers but didin't know lilacs were included. Oh well, they don't grow here, sadly. These scones look amazing and so pretty. Happy Anniversary, we're not far behind you, celebrating 37 this year!

  11. A blog pal just wrote about a lilac cake... I think it's in the air. I'm mad for lilac jelly that I've been making for a few years. I love its sweetness. I'm making blueberry lavender ice cream this weekend... guess it's a floral time of year, yes? These will go on my list for sure.

  12. Deana..I have made a lavender blueberry ice cream and it was very special as yours will be..Lilac jelly..must go recheck your beau blog:)?
    Chris..we are close:)
    Rain rain..glorious rain here too..but all week? And Chill...lly:(
    Carol..I get gorge ideas at Parisbreakfasts:) Can you just imagine my being in your patisseries just one day?
    Be still my heart~

  13. Love the look of these scones - perfect for spring!

  14. I didn't know that lilacs were also edible. I love to collect bunches of the, for my outdoor table.

  15. So delicate and you!
    Bisous xo

  16. As I see my lilac blooms almost bursting I sit and wonder where I can use them in the kitchen. Great idea in the scones.

  17. Hurry..ours are on their last hurrah!:(

  18. How pretty! I did not know the lilac blossoms are edible ~ I must save this for next year as our lilac blossoms have passed already, such a short season here. I love that you share yours - it extends the beauty of bloom time!

    Aww, sweet, sweet memories of your wedding! Un peu tôt, mais heureux 39e anniversaire de mariage à vous et jacques (Please pardon my fractured French...)


  19. I adore lilacs and we have been smelling them in the air. I mentioned that I had Lily of the Valley in my bridal bouquet 34 years ago and the room was filled with my parent's lilacs. I still love them too - of course - they were purple!!!

  20. Monique,
    Every post on your blog has a beautiful flower. We used to have a lot of Lilac in Russia. Aroma is heavenly. I dont see it a lot around here but when I do I always take a moment to stand near.

    Have a lovely day,