Monday, May 6, 2013

The Language Of Flowers~

Is Universal~

Our darling wild violets are blooming..if you are French or English or German..Dutch..Spanish..Italian..Japanese..Chinese..Croatian etc..everyone can read a flower~♥

These..pull my heartsrings..~ They are delicate..fragrant..edible..wonderful..magical~

The book a neighbor gave me 3 yrs ago.. The Language of Flowers..ends on Violettas~

Such true words..!Violettas represent modesty..superbly so~

I used Violettas to top our dinner plate plate tonight..the rice.. The rice was made even better than usual because of a recent Jamie Oliver show I watched..he recommended adding a special Preserved Lemon to it..Tiny ones..Round..and beautiful..Mine were bottled in Provence..Lubéron region..I love the addition..He's just so charming an talented..and a great cook..Love him..and his oh so cute family~

Skewered some spicy shrimp..marinated in peppers..lime juice and zest..and some spicy garlic paste..grilled with the small zucchinis..Très bon!

The serviceberry is blooming..tulips..magnolia..(I saw a yellow one at the garden is pale pale pink..

The  wildflowers are fairy like right now~

Everywhere you look.. a rebirth..I set the fairies out today..their home..the special door etc..

This weekend was very special spent with some very favorite boys..checking out the beach~

It ended on a heavenly note..  a sweet note written by our 7 yr old grandson~

A different language of flowers~

Nana has 3 beautiful little boys.She is  "Belle".. and grandad is very intelligent:)
For Grandad and Nana..

Be still my heart~


  1. Oui, tres bon for the shrimp. So glad spring has arrived for you. Flowers are indeed for everyone of every country.

  2. ça doit faire quelques-chose, de recevoir un billet comme celui-là ... Et je suis sûre que tu es "intilijante" aussi, en plus d'être belle ! ;o) Je note l'idée du citron confit dans le riz. J'en fabrique chaque année. Ils me seront donc bien utiles.

  3. Monique...they have grown so tall! Beautiful boys...beautiful flowers...beautiful you!
    Bisous xo

  4. Precious....this is food for my soul...
    hopefully one day I might be blessed to be a nana too :)
    Shel x

  5. You will be:) I know it..:)

    Oui je trouve génial les citrons confits dand le riz..tu dois les écraser lorsque le riz est cuit:) Je le mets entier..ils sont petits et ronds:)Celui -ci.. un basmati..un bouillon..une échalotte francaise..(un peu de beurre)..
    C'est tellement mignon des lettres d'amour:)

    I love how love is blind beauty wise!!:)
    Have a great day!

  6. These days I have only a few pots on teh patio but I do plant some micro greens, herbs, nasturtiums, and violas,

  7. Dinner was beautiful but the note stole my precious!

  8. Don't those boys just make your day, your week, your everything? Our Dane took his first steps on his own here last night ♥ Wobbly fun and smiles :)

    What a beautiful shrimp dish and love the flowers topping the rice! I really like Jamie and his recipes have never disappointed me.

    Belles fleurs et oui, une très belle Nana :)

  9. I am amazed at how quickly your Spring arrived! One minute snow, and then this heavenly post with spring flowers gracing the page. Gorgeous, gorgeous - especially that oh-so-dear note of your grandson's. So much to smile about:)

  10. Kate you will have a note like that sooner than you think:) maybe have one?

    and more to follow!
    Yes we went from winter to April the tulips are gasping for water is such a beautiful time of the yr~
    I watched this w/end's episode of Game of Thrones..and they climb the ice cliff ..leave the monochromatic world .. and see GREEN on the other side..I said to all happened so quickly.. in 2 weeks!You too I think!
    Susan..I remember those first steps..Lucas' first..they came to Florida..with him..he was our first ..they flew.. and Caroline said Lucas look it's nana and grandad..he walked towards us..we fell to our knees to greet him..smiled and had tears:)
    Valerie..I bought some herbs today:)Nasturtiums are on my list:)

  11. How divine to see your spring flowers blooming...I do miss that living in the deep south.
    Violets are forever charming and how adorable on top of your rice!
    (I've had a sweet thank you note from my youngest grandson sitting on my desk for 6 months!)

  12. :-)
    Treasures ..

    Ahh but you have blooms so much longer..and plumbago..and bougainvillea..hibiscus..lemons..oranges..etc etc..

  13. Oh, Monique you have to frame that love note! What a charmer.

    Mine will be out in a week or two. I sugared some last year and still have them. I was always going to do a post on them, but alas, it got away from me.

    I have the same skewers - don't they make everything look so fabulous? Your presentation with the rice and the flowers and the shrimp surrounding the rice makes my mouth water.

    Always charmed to be here....

  14. :)..You've been a very busy girl:)

  15. Such a pretty post - spring is always the best season for flowers. Love the idea of the preserved lemon in the rice.

  16. It's delicious's Jamie..I will post a pic of the lemons soon..
    They are not like my usual ones..

  17. Love the boys of summer!

    Mon ami, I also love violets. Not only for their delicate beauty, but they're the only flowers that seem to survive, in spite of ME.

  18. I love violets - I used to grow them in the house when I was a kid! They look pretty on the rice.

  19. Dear Monique,

    How sweet-) I collect every note that my children gave it to me, priceless, I adore them. Your grandkids are so sweet-))

    The book must be very interesting and beautiful, I start using flowers in my recipes this year and I like it.

    I don't know what is the meter with emails, so sorry and it;s very strange-((

    Have a gorgeous evening Monique,


  20. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures. Now, you made me want to plant some Violettas in my garden. Just to admire and adore...and consume as well. They made your dish pop and so elegant. :) Simply wonderful.

  21. Oh, what a treasure that sweet note is. Violets to top the rice. You are so creative with presentation. I need to remember this. '-)

  22. Oh, that note is precious!!!

  23. I was thinking of you the other day and then you visited my blog :)

    I hope my other half never sees this and how beautifully you present your meals or he would feel as though he was missing out!

    Becky xxx

  24. Becky.. he could never ever feel that way:)
    When I was your me..there were no blooms on our rice:)
    He did not marry me for my food..nor my clean oven at that point..♥

    Pam you will have notes like that..:)
    Sarah.. you are SO clever at presentations and table settings!!