Friday, May 10, 2013

Lovely Days~

Lovely Spring days that have been far more like summer~ We jumped from Winter to Summer~
Forget ~Me ~Nots..and Tulips are Les Fleurs Du Jour..with the Crabapples just starting to burst open..
Been gardening..and loving it..
Made a few small tags with moss and pressed flowers and stamped script found on Pinterest through Selia~ Loved making them..
Printable labels for wine of water or tea.. lemonade..were found at The Graphic's Fairy~
So cute!
I forget where I found the idea of the pin cushion..I think Pinterest..they are small hand held and you embroider a tree..the Nonna's initial and the children's names....Fun to make.. Heart shaped pins the best~

 Bought Ricardo's 100 Best Recipes and started with his oven roasted tomatoes/pasta recipe..

Not sold on the length of time it takes to slow roast tomatoes..they look beauteous doused in oil and herbs..but mine took 3 hrs..
The recipe is simple..
Prepare your tomatoes in advance..I did in the morning..

Sauté 2 chopped red onions.  some red pepper flakes in EVOO...some garlic and mushrooms..add some white wine..some chicken broth and your chopped oven roasted tomatoes(I skinned mine).. fresh basil  .. season to taste..when soft and fragrant add your cooked pasta..I always reserve liquid..add freshly grated parm.. and with additional basil and Parmesan shavings~

This is a variation..not in his exact was very good~
I love Ricardo~

Enjoy your weekend..supposed to cool up  here and hopefully there might be a bit of rain in the forecast~
We never got those April showers that bring May flowers~

PS..Just wanted to say to a few of you that for some reason..I cannot comment on your blogs..You have to log in a different way altogether one I am not familiar with..and it leads me nowhere..:(

Plse know I am still enjoying..or just getting to know you..but have no way of letting you know:)

Patricia @ ButterYum for one..Hello...:)
That's just one..
I don't FB..or Twitter..perhaps that is why?
They require you to create a new Google plus account etc..


  1. Gorgeous photos! Love your blog.

  2. It is always such a pleasure to read your posts....they are inspiring with all your wonderful projects. I have problems commenting on blogger and blogspot...some days the comments go through and other days they seem to disappear into thin air.

  3. These photos are so beautiful, especially those tulips! (My favorite flower)
    The roasted tomatoes look incredible, that's just the kind of pasta I like to make, simple and vegetarian.

  4. Wait. where did that vase come from?? Have I missed a post on it, because certainly you have to share. I want it!!

  5. Pam..I have had it for years..At about the same time..I was able to find individual napkin rings that are vases..and a small bird..

    I tried Googling Images for you..Table top glass vase with 4 holes..and many show up..but not this one..I will keep looking..
    It's very simple..17 1/2 inches long..maybe 2 1/2 inches high.
    You would like it very much..I have never ever tired of's a pleasure to see flowers in it..especially at this time of yr when mine are not plentiful yet..
    Hope you find one~

    Hi Katie..I tried to comment at your blog..and it is that little problem I have not figured out yet..I will..
    Thanks Sue..and Karen~

  6. Everything is just beautiful! As always! I love the tulips in that vase they look like they are floating in water....gorgeous! You are so talented and crafty!
    L xo

  7. Wow what a beautiful post. The flowers are so pretty. Know that you are happy that spring/summer has arrived after the winter you had.
    The sauce sounds wonderful - will have to try it.
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day.

  8. I'm glad that Mother's Day is in the spring. It's such a refreshing and lovely time.

    Roasting tomatoes is a long process so I always do a lot and cover them in olive oil to use for awhile.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!


  9. Monique! I love your tags they are beautiful! Your photo's, as usual, are gorgeous. The pin cushion is a very sweet idea. I have also had problems leaving comments on a few different blogs, very frustrating... :O) Thank you for all you share! I will definitely try the roasted tomatoes with pasta.

  10. Absolutely lovely Mme. Magical ~ you know, even if I didn't know which blog I was visiting I could identify your signature style anywhere. Ethereal.

    I'm happy to see that Spring has sprung for you, and you capture it so well. xo Have a happy weekend!

  11. Everything is gorgeous as always Monique. Happy Mother's Day. I bet it will be very special at your house with your adorable grandchildren.

  12. What a beautiful post...enjoy the

  13. Love it all. Slow roasting is great since you can go off and do other things and come back and there they are bursting with flavour.

  14. I just feel like I am daydreaming when I visit here sometimes... all the cares of the day drift away and I am at peace and open to enjoy the beauty of the pictures... that's why I love to visit you.

  15. Oh, what gorgeous images you bring us. Those tulips are exquisite. Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet friend.
    Blogger isn't updating my posts for those who follow me. Not sure what is going on at Blogger these days.

  16. Just lovely M!
    I'm so glad the snow has gone away in yr neck of the woods.
    On blogger commenting, sometimes it's easier to compose it in an email and then past it in. The iPad is very glitchy with commenting..the best solution I've found

  17. Always a treat for the eyes when I visit you Monique! I especially enjoy tulips this time of year. Thank you for letting me know about the comment feature on my blog. I have no idea what's going on with that. I'll see if I can figure it out though. I hope you have a very blessed Mother's Day.

  18. Happy Mother's (and grandmother's) Day to you Monique!
    The first photo reminded me how much I love to use old teacups...with flowers, with food..always makes me smile!

  19. Thanks..:)
    Sarah..I must go visit I rely on my blogroll to alert me when a new post is up I will come visit and see what I have missed..
    Patricia it has been a seems like it's Google plus or something..the format is different..and if you try and type a comment it brings you to a registration page..:(
    I even started going through those steps but it ..engenders other things..:(
    Carol..yours is smooth sailing like before..the prove you are not a spammer is there..but that changed's a Google + thing.

    Deana..always looking for peace here:)


  20. Oh, we had some lovely weather earlier in the week - just perfect. Then the floor dropped out of "summer" and we're back to chilly and rainy :( Hopefully, we'll get back to warmth and sun in a few days.

    No Forget-me-nots here yet - but the Brunnera is blooming which has very similar, tiny blue flowers. Love them. Blue. Virginia blue bells are blooming now and grape hyacinths. I am getting my blue 'fix' in the garden :) Lovely remembrance cup yours are in!

    I wish we still had a crab apple tree. Those blooms are so beautiful but the mess of apples on the ground got to my J and down they came. Beautiful tulips too!

    I would love to try this pasta as I have been craving pasta lately. About how much white wine and chicken broth? Merci :)

  21. I love ours..It was severely damaged when the neighbours 100 ft white pine toppled onto our halved the hedge.. thrirded the crab at least and the pine needles were in our bedroom screen..still attached to the tree :( one foot more and the house would have crashed there..
    But that was a few yrs ago..and she is showing her warrior colors and coming back prettily..not the same but prettily..we planted 2 others but the are small..the largest is the borrowed landscape one..

    I know you are a blue girl..
    Susan..I am going to scan the recipe and send to you..your knowledge of French is perfect for This Ricardo recipe..

    This aft for sure..:)

  22. Thank you, Monique!

    Wow, that pine did do a lot of damage.

  23. Que de jolies photos fraîches et printanières!

  24. What a beautiful post to read on Mother's Day! I enjoyed it very much, thank you! Happy MOther's day to you! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am glad you didn't forget about me... :)

  25. This is an exceptionally beautiful post! I pinned almost every single photo from it onto my Spring board, including the wine bottle with Mother's Day label :). Just give me an excuse to pin a wine bottle. :) It's a Spring holiday after all!

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