Friday, May 31, 2013

Plus bleu..que le bleu de tes yeux~

Ahh..Charles Aznavour♥
Accompagné d'Edith Piaf..Quoi de mieux?
Such a pretty pretty song..

Here in QC..  not mieux..but blue blessings for sure~

 Saved and pressed pansies..violas..and Forget~ Me ~Nots..
Even at the beginning of the season ..there are enough blooms to press to make a tray..don't forget some greenery..

These are the trays I mentioned..
You try and find vintage trays..remove the images they have..and replace with your own words and blooms~
Simply cut white paper.. to the size of the glass.. make an arragement of flowers.. white glue them on..and add verse..
They are great for and they make very personal sweet gifts.
You just have to get lucky and find the old trays that have glass tops~

Just thought I would tell you so that you can start gathering your blooms:)
And appreciating your bluems.♥

For the edible part ..I made little almond cakes in my Cannelés molds~
I was reminded of them..  very recently..but instead of cannelés..picked Almond cakes..
Recipe found on Pinterest but it did not lead to a blog..nor to a method of anything..Just the recipe~

La Recette~

1 1/4 cups sugar
1 free range egg..mine was not..
 1 1/2 tsps almond extract
2/3 cup milk
1 1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp cinnmon
8 tbsps melted butter..
That was it..

So..Preheat oven to 350 degrees F..
I used my silicone (8  spots..)cannelés mold
and one small rectangular loaf..maybe 5 inches by 3 inches..

Prep them

 I added the sugar to the melted butter then the egg..milk ..flavoring..I mixed my dry ings and added to the wet and mixed until well combined..
The cannelés molds took ap 35 mins..the rect loaf just a couple of minutes more~

Very Good..easy peasy~

 Take care..Bon Weekend~

It was 90 degrees F in QC~

Wonder what the weekend will be like?


  1. Monique, your trays are so sweet! What a thoughtful gift these would make. I'll think about that the next time I'm out and about at thrift stores. ;-)

  2. here as well. 95*F today...
    I love your blue blooms...
    So pretty!
    L xo

  3. here as well. 95*F today...
    I love your blue blooms...
    So pretty!
    L xo

  4. You are so talented. Lovely trays. I can't believe you made them.

  5. Your posts are always so soothing to me!

  6. Monique, I can almost hear the fairies whispering amid your delicate blooms.

    You know, I intend to spend the weekend looking for a tray with a glass insert. If I don't succeed, I'll have a good cry, and maybe try an old frame.

    Regardless, I'm walking away with a smile. And that suits me fine.

  7. Sol..can you believe I nevr thought to just make a frame? What a great great great idea..
    I hope you find one..

    Now with scripts on computers..anyone can have the fonts they want on their work of art:)
    Then they look even better..
    I think I will try that next time..

    Thank glad you like them..

  8. I agree with the others. Your trays are so sweet with the pressed flowers and charming scripts. You are filled with talent Monique. Happy weekend. I will remember that lovely script and save it for my book of quotes.

  9. Ahh Monique...I have so much to catch up ...
    your trays are charming...I especially love that quote..
    the blue blooms are beautiful.
    I will still go back and take a look at the posts I have missed~
    Take care

  10. Outstanding "bleus"! I have been collecting some spring blooms and pressing them. Now I have an idea of how to use them.


  11. Oh! Monique, your pressed flower trays are beautiful! I love that quote, also. I need to do this! I will definitely try the Almond Cake, I have been looking for a good recipe.(my husband's favorite)Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Such a lovely post! A feast for the eyes, for sure!

  13. Wowwww...what a beautiful post !!..lovely sunday!

  14. Ces photos sont d'une beauté et d'une douceur...
    Je suis bouche bée devant celle avec le petit insecte! La capture d'un instant éphémère, le vol de la bête...
    Est-ce votre écriture que nous voyons? En tout cas j'adore la calligraphie.
    Bon weekend.

  15. Oui:) mais mon plumeau.. ne voulais pas collaborer:)

    Selia..I think I could share one with you by email that you might like:)

    A very OLD Pillsbury cook off contest winner..Almond Filled Cookie cake..if I can find it:)

    Oh..and Eddie's Almond Roll:)

    Let me know....
    And I may try your pinned sauce today for some sushi rolls:)

    Shel it was nice SEEING you and your home nice!

    Bonnie cannot wait to see what you do!

    Chris one day I will ask you how you and hubby shoot:)

  16. You are surel the most charming of gardeners.
    Love your Almond Canelé!

  17. On a miserably wet Sunday afternoon Down Under I actually, honestly and truly, was playing Edith Piaf when I came upon this gentle beauty: lovely ideas for beautiful trays . . . a peaceful few minutes perusing amidst a busy day . . . thank you :) !

  18. What a lovely post! And your little almond cakes sound wonderful! I can't wait to try them!

  19. Enough blue here to make me smile :)

    I remember your trays and know that you've been making them for quite some time! They are beautiful and what good fortune to find such lovely trays with glass. A perfect way to save those gorgeous bleums :)

    The little almond cakes sound delicious. I love your lovely canneles molds. Charming!

  20. :-)
    So nice to have flowers again!

  21. Thank you! That would be great, Monique! BTW, I love the photo's of your garden! Blessings!

  22. Delightful cakes and garden pictures! Flowers are so pretty and soul-uplifting.



  23. I think after all the long months of monochrome..the colours even awaken our souls:)

    I will send off to syou sometime today Selia..:)

  24. Absolutely gorgeous ~ and I love, love, love the trays you made. They bring a smile! Cute little almond cakes too!

  25. Hello dear Monique,

    I adore you little almond cakes. I have to find Cannelés molds and start baking these beauties.

    More beautiful flowers are always welcome. I love what you did with the tray, we have a flower press at home so it is a perfect time to dry some flowers for the future projects. Very good idea, thank you.



  26. I am sure your trays will be beautiful Yelena..

  27. Such a "blue"tiful post Monique! Loved all the photos, and the recipe too. I love all of your photos. They are so lovely and have a wonderful feeling to them. Perhaps one day I can see your garden for real. You have inspired me to go out into my own garden and snap some photos, something which I have only done very rarely since I moved from down South . . . thank you! xxoo

  28. I love your garden it:) You are good to catch up so soon after being away with your mom:)

  29. Your press flower tray is lovely. I can see that I need to plant more blue in my garden.