Saturday, June 29, 2013

Serviceberry Jam~

I've mentioned over the years how fond I am of our serviceberry tree..Caroline and Frédérick gave it to me for Mother's day..the May before Lucas was born..which was in Sept about 8 yrs ago..

It's grown so much..Like Lucas~
It is a wonderful idea to commemorate the birth of a child with a tree.
This one is stunning as you drive up in Spring..then at this time of year..

The tree is laden with small red fruits..  they are almost 90% red only a few days after I shot these pics.. a nd they are not unlike the look of a blueberry..the birds adore these berries..
I set out to gather some and beat them to it..~ Beat them to eating them all before we do..
The only thing I feel awkward about..are the walkers by..that look..and I feel I must explain~
Or my neighbor..who wondered what I was doing..?
These fruits are not well it engages longer than I wish conversations..when in my flip flops w/ socks..because everything is so wet..  and damp and chilly too in bare feet..
It is a look my daughter said yesterday.. and I quote...."the only thing better mom.. would be to go put your crocks on~with the socks.."
Love my daughters..they are my fashion diva advisors:)
One darling newish neighbor..  is just about one of the most beautiful women..on earth..with a smile from ear to ear..with great hair..teeth..laugh..etc..2 little kidlets and a friend now of both my daughters..
Anyways she drove by too   rolleddown her window..and said .."you know whenever you pick those berries it rains:)"
As it started to pour yet again the last time I picked and she walked by soaking wet ..w/ the face of an angel and wet hair:)

Onto..making some Serviceberry Jam~ I really really like Weck Jars~

I was grateful to find an easy recipe..

I wanted to make sure we would like it before making the full I made 1/ jar..

The aroma lingers:)  Better than Wallflowers:)
Oh it just smells divine..
I will be making more..That is if I beat the birds to the rest..we've already picked quite a bit more..added to muffins..and topped lemon curd tartlets with them..

La Recette~

I was very grateful to land upon this blog for the recipe~

Serviceberry and Lemon Balm jam~
 5 cups serviceberries
21/2 cups sugar
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup lemon balm chopped..
Mix first 4 ingredients and bring to a boil~
Simmer until reduced by half..
ap 25 this point jam should be set..remove from stove add chopped lemon balm.
Pour into sterilized  containers..
And give them a nice water bath~
And don't foget the lemon balm~

One of our 36..playing Red Riding Hood  when she was about 4-5

and her son Oli.. who will be 4 soon..bottom left playing dress up..blowing bubbles.. on a visit in our similar!
I am sure the little boy in the RRH photo.. would be quite surprised to see I kept his photo:)
He must be 39 ish now~  same age as me~...+20.

The birds and I have come to an agreement..I let them pick and they let me replenish my reservoir as I chose..
Again more jam in the making..
Had it not rained   (poured..cats and dogs .. )the day Noah came..I would have had him pick them all..even if I only reaped half his harvest:) I know how he picks blueberries~:)
My posts are off kilter time wise because I was concerned about Google stopping a function..
Don't want to miss any of you~

Happy Canada Day weekend here..and happy July 4th in the USA..and Noah's Bday here~also on July 4th~x
N.B.  Serviceberry= Amélanchier~


  1. Maybe I should plant a tree for this little one :)

    Jam making seems to be the thing to do this week, yours looks delicious, I have never even heard of those berries xx

  2. When I wrote this..I thought of you:)
    It was because of your baby:)
    I think ..planting a tree for the baby would be a great ..wonderful.. idea.

    I only saw your jam after:)
    But at that point I thought ..maybe we made jam the same day:)

    Cross my heart..

    Not many people know of this berry..

  3. I have never heard of "serviceberries" ... I have just been schooled! :-D
    Your jam looks delicious!!!!
    Could you send some to me ;-)

  4. I had heard of Service berries Monique, but this is the first time I have seen them. Kind of like red currants I think, or like a wild cranberry? Peut etre? I loved all the photos. You have a brilliant eye for such things. I adore all you post. A visit with you here is always a beautiful thing . . .

    What a lovely tradition, planting a tree in honor of a baby born. Did I live in Canada I would do the same, as all my babies are over there. Here so far away would not have as much meaning I don't think as none of them will probably ever travel here to see . . . its a lovely thought though.

    PS Love, LOVE the jam jar! xxoo

  5. Delicious !!!...enjoy a happy Ria...x !

  6. What a nice idea to plant a tree to celebrate a birth and watch it grow with the child. Love your pretty jam.

  7. I have never heard of serviceberry! I'll have to look it up to see if it has a different name looks beautiful, as ever - and I love using up some of the lemon balm!

    I love the idea of planting trees for a new baby, but am far too superstitious. I would feel responsible for any misfortune if a tree I planted failed to thrive.

  8. Katrina..good point..For once I would have not thought of that..since my middle name is what if..I am surprised.. It's funny we have 4 little ones..that was the one time..They offered me a flowering almond tree for this Mother's day..but there are no new babies to be born..
    Marie..I truly hope one day a few of them make it over..You would be so proud to introduce them to all your friends in Chester..:)
    They look like part cranberry part are right!
    I only have one of those jars..
    Augcott..I'm happy to have found your blog through your note..
    We just never know who we will have the opportunity of getting to know..even if a little bit..
    I may have missed you..I am glad you are blogging again.
    Bon Dimanche~

  9. Monique, What a lovely tradition - planting a tree when a baby is born. I've never heard of this tree either. Is it similar in flavour to any other fruit?


  10. Jacques says cranberryish..I just asked we both agree:)
    My blueberries get eaten by 4 legged creatures..only birds or a person could reach these..saving grace:)
    They are cute almost as cute as choke cherries but the size of blueberries..

  11. Heres is a link..

  12. This is a darling post: ) Loved the bit about the crocs...too cute!
    We have never heard of that berry..what beautiful blooms too..
    it does look like red "blueberries".
    Your tart and jam look delectable!
    Have a happy week...
    how lovely to have a young neighbour :)
    Shel xx

  13. This is a lovely post. I had to google your berries since I had not heard of them. Now I will be on the lookout if I ever see them. I know you probably have been told this a million times, but your photography is just spectacular. When I have mentioned to photographers that I love food photography, they just shrug and say that it is too hard.

  14. Love post.
    Your little red riding hood...your flip flop with socks...just like me in Birkenstocks with socks, and yes...I do wear crocs with socks!
    I have never seen a service berry...but I looked it up and another name is suger plum. They do not look like the little sugar plums i see here.
    I also admit never to have made jam. I have the jars(love Weck) I have everything. Always afraid I will poison everyone...

  15. RAINberries!
    Love all your photos too much, especially the lemon curd tarte...miam

  16. I've never heard of serviceberries before... Wow, I bet they taste absolutely divine.

    Your jam and tartlet look incredibly luscious!



  17. Absolutely delightful every word and photo.

    Such a happy way to begin the day. I hope you enjoyed Canada Day weekend, and Happy Birthday to Noah . . . the time flies!

    :) Thank you so much for the kindness and all of the gifts you share. :)


  18. Thanks!

    Even a little laugh out loud here:)
    Have a great day~
    Eating some in my greez yogurt right now..just the berries..not the jam:)

  19. I love this post Mon all the reds and the tart..lucky J..your the bestest!Di

  20. Je ne connais pas du tout mais rien que de voir de si belles photos et de si mignonnes petites baies me donnent grandement envie d'y goutter!
    En reste-t'il une petite cuillère?


  21. Un petit pot pour toi..mais fais vite..Jacques en mange ..tous les jours:)

  22. I go to our blog whenever I need a picker upper. Your pictures are so lovely that they never fail to cheer me up. God bless you.

  23. I find myself behind again! Busy times. What lovely jam and the photos are precious - especially Red Riding Hood :)

  24. Completely unknown to me..service berries? It looks like a lovely tree, apaert from the beautiful berries. And the jam with lemon balm sounds delicious. Wish I had some!

  25. Dear Monique,
    I never even herd of these berries... hmm-)
    Your jam looks scrumptious, I cook a lot of jams also, something magical about making jams and baking bread, don't you think?


  26. Que tartaleta tan buena, tiene una pinta estupenda y la mermelada se ve exquisita.

  27. Yelena.. I am sure they grow where you live!
    Yes it is magical making jam and bread..I love those 2!

    Bisous viens tout juste de voir ta note!