Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Soap..perfume..room spray..talc..
A fragrance..and taste I love...Lavender..

I am  so sure it stems from my mom's parfumeries:)
Her bench ..with the make up area..(no make up..  )..but the round mirror and the carved front..a pale pale wood..I loved that set!!.The carvings almost looked like grapevines..Beautiful!
In the middle..where there was a flat space between the two sets of drawers.. she kept her Jergen's  almond scented hand cream..and  a Revlon Red lipstick.. Her eau de toilettes and perfumes.. her eyelash curler..( I have been doing thatt since I am 15!)..tis not true your eyelashe fall out:)

Oh lala..all this to say..Lavender and Yardley were featured there..

Our visit  to Bleu Lavande was a such a treat for me..Fifi..  putting some of my photos in one of her magazines..and  a few recipes..
I missed seeing it bloom in Provence..we went in September and the fields were not in bloom..
One day perhaps..
I've made many lavender cookies..but..
I found an older recipe from a 2009 post   at this blog..

What I liked ...was that the ingredients definitely said Provence to me..with the edible lavender ..the lemon zest and juice.
Ther are delicious little morsels.Tangy because of the lemon ..
The recipe was easy..the ingredients on hand..and my lavender..well let's just say I decided to transplant on one of the warmest days yet..3 of my plants..let's hope they still bloom and survive..
Luckily I still have my Bleu Lavande Stash:)

In their shop you could not take photos at that time:( I was told right away..
I did buy the cutest little tin of edible lavender and it seems to keep pour toujours..still fragrant..still delish.
I would like to go back there too..but honestly it took forever the day we went because of construction etc..so Jacques feels..once is enough:)
It WAS far.
Many artists had set up for plein air painting and I thought how lucky they were to be so brave!

But for me?  The long drive as a passenger was Oh so worth it..yes the apron came home with us..Have an apron love~

I said I would try and put a recipe to a journal page and was inspired by an older seed packet I

have of Marjolein Bastin..Inspired is a very broad word..I tried to COPY it..there are many differences and I am not out to market this:) I cannot reproduce any of her more elaborate work..but this seemed like it would be fun to try..:)
My KA is white..I made this one blue to go with the decor~

It was pouring rain and dark..Instead of using my newish light set up that still frightens me..I put it in my kitchen window:)
You can see right through to the previous watercolor..Oh well..c'est la vie~

They are really good..I would not even hesitate to add some lemon geranium chopped up leaves..That's how much I love lemon:)

La Recette~

Some footnotes..make sure you buy permanent ink  pens when you use them for watercolors..I thought mine were..but if you look at where I wrote:  Ordered David Dewey..  (thanks C)and tried to highlight..the black..shmeared..I know it's smeared..not a typo this time:)  It just really SCHMEARED.

But the cookies?
Perfect for cooking with flowers~♥
Footnote..The transplanted Lavender seems to have survived:)

I think I am crazy about lavender~

It is so pretty in little bouquets too..windowsill arrangements..smell so good~
Roses,Clematis and Lavender~

I hope it is not too obvious~


  1. It makes me want to go on a an adventure to our local lavender farm. They will be having a butterfly release in July for Hospice.

  2. I love Lavender to it is so evocative...and the description and simplicity of your mothers vanity table sounds wonderful to me.

    I love your recipe page too, I just put together a little recipe book too ,hand written with illustrations :)

  3. Jenni I hope we see it:)
    I still remember every moment I spent either sitting on that stool or more..watching her:)
    A butterfly release will be something to see Valeria:)

  4. Lovely and delicious! Your posts are always a delight!


  5. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Comment se fait-il que je manque autant de tes billets ?!!
    Il est vrai que ces derniers temps je vis à 100/h !!
    Mais c'est un régal aujourd'hui pour moi.
    J'ai pu aussi voir les petits bouts encravatés ! Ils sont géniaux !

    Toutes tes photos m'entaînent à la rêverie, au romantisme... et tes recettes, hummm!!! des centimètres de plus autour de mes hanches !... mais quel plaisir.

    La lavande chez moi n'est pas encore en fleur. Presque !
    Je t'envoie de gros gros bisous et pardonne-moi pour mon irrégularité qui risque de se poursuivre puisque bientôt arrive la période de mes expositions annuelles.

  6. Déjà de la lavande chez vous!
    Quelle chance et douceur pour les narines et le yeux. Vous devez vraiment avoir du beau temps alors.

    J'adore les délices sucrées avec cet arôme, un régal!

  7. Someday, I wish you would do a tutorial on water color painting. You make it look so easy and beautiful at the same time. I on the other hand do the opposite.

  8. I'm just as crazy for lavender, in everything. I've tried growing it, with little success. But I'm not done trying :)

    Dear Monique, your sweet watercolors remind me of Susan Branch's work. I've collected so many of her books over the years, mainly for her wonderful illustrations.

  9. The lavender festival in the TX hill country was a few weeks ago. I had planned to drive over, but had to change plans last minute. I've never been so would like to experience it sometime. Fresh lavender was for sale at the grocery this week. Heavenly! ~ Sarah

  10. J'adore lavender and saw huge fields of it in Provence. We've tried growing several different varieties in our herb garden, some with better success than others.

  11. I'm in love with lavender too! I have to try your lavender cookies, they look heavenly! You have inspired me to pick some lavender from the garden today and I will think of you....


  12. Monique, your photos of lavender are beautiful! And what a beautiful tea box you got for your flowers. Your watercolor illustration is so well done, wow! As always, I am totally inspired by your photos!

  13. This is such a gorgeous post! Your little paintings...the mixer
    Is fabulous! You do remind me of Susan Branch...i have her calendar every year.
    I would love to take that trip to the lavender farm...I remember wen you went. It would be a lovely trip...
    I am not great at growing lavender. M killed one plant that came back and did well. I have one plant that has survived our heavy clay like soil. I found a spot it is happy...
    Smiling...this was a very happy post Monique!
    Bisous xo

  14. On Monique we are two of a kind for sure, twins from different mothers . . . as you know I adore lavender too. It is one of my great loves. I am hoping it will not rain today so I can get out and pick some to dry. I have so much I want to do with it this year . . .

    My ex boss used to have a huge lavender arrangement in the conservatory of dried lavender that she refreshed each year. It stood in a pewter bowl with moss about the base and was just beautiful . . . some day, some day . . .

    Those cookies look delish and I adore your little painting smudge and all. I am sure Marjolien Bastin would be flattered. ANother love we share . . . MB.

    I am still wishing for a kitchen aid. I would love a blue one or a yellow one, but would just take any one gladly.
    love you much

    PS keep meaning to say your fairy dust sparkles always delight me

  15. Marie..with all the Kitchen Aid giveaways I see on the web..I am surprised KA has never offered you one..You BAKE so much and constantly..every day new recipes.. 3 plus blogs!
    Mine was bought over 20 yrs ago refurbished..
    And it is still my workhorse..
    Maybe KA will get wind of you:)

    Linda..my lavender is not like in the photos that's for sure..:)

    I love Susan Branch too..I should have bought some of her books..I think I have a baking one..
    I love her site..her homes.. everything!

    Have a lovely day everyone..guess what it may rain again:)
    Oh lala..tis really our wettest summer yet!

  16. So many touches of nostalgia...
    Jergens lotion!
    My mother too had a wonderful dressing table I use to linger over when she was out. I broke a little china cat (from the dime store I found out later) and hid the remains under the porch. Of course I got found out. One does not get away with these things no matter how entranced..
    See what you've done?

  17. My favourite too:) the colour, the fragrance, the delicate blooms!
    The biscuits look wonderful...I can smell them...
    I love your little paintings...gorgeous Kitchen Aid one too...
    Its cold and raining outside....your blog and this post is winterlicious and comforting for me :)
    Love Shel x

  18. A delightful post...I love how you made an "L" for your Lavender and lemon on your photo. What a wonderful way to keep your favorite recipes...in a journal that is hand painted.

  19. Oh now you ahve brought back memories..my mom had some of those and I wish I kept them..there was a store on Queen mary rd. in Mtl.. 50 yrs ago..plus..that sold china things and they were that price..the one I remmeber most taht she had was a pretty girl w/ 2 small poodles on chain leashes..Thos were the gifts I gave her..
    You made me smile at hiding it..if life was as simple as it was in our minds back then:)
    Shel.. stay warm..and paint:)

    Karen..I don't journal all my recipes like this..this is the first:)
    Wondering if you are at the orchard or at the tomato field:)

  20. Now I feel an urge to go find a lavender field. Another beautiful post Monique. Lemon and lavender are a great combination. Your sablés look perfect!

  21. A beautiful post and your watercolor journal just delights me!

  22. This is all so lovely. I have no talent, but I am tempted to purchase a paint set and some pins.

    I was really happy to see a bee - we are having a bee crisis in the States.

  23. Madonna.. do it..there are very reasonable sets at Michael's..Amazon.. I think you would really enjoy~
    Marsha.. I am happy to renew visits..
    Nancy..I am trying to learn from you~:)
    A long long time ago..I started learning from you.

  24. I thought my lavender had died it was so pathetic but I have flower buds right now thankfully! I can't even imagine fields of it! What a heavenly scent that must be.

  25. Oh ,just look at your lovely lavenders..the art work, in the fields, your home..everywhere. Kindred spirits!
    I love this post ancd indulge properly..ca me fait du bien,si joli, touts.
    So happy your lavenders survived..how can they not, they feel the love..
    such an inspiring post..makes me want to go out and paint...

  26. Hope you are having a splendid day. Thank you for the good wishes for the 4th. I wish you the same for Canada Day. Hugs ~ Sarah

  27. Dear Monique,
    This post is one of my favorite so far. Near our house in Bucks County we have a Lavender farm, beautiful fields of lavender flowers and many different animals. I have plant 5 bushes of lavender last year and they come out gorges! I was looking for a perfect cookie recipe with this amazing fragrance, and yours sweet treats - just heaven. One more thing: I had exactly the same tea Paris from Harney & Sons, and you know what, I still have a tin box-)))

    Thank you for your lovely post and I wish you very good evening!



    (sorry for a grammar)

  28. So pretty and fragrant! The cookies must taste divine. I have a lavender bush on my balcony...



  29. Yeleana..I am not surprised that you kept the tin:) I love them..Paris is one of my favorites in that line..they have so many!
    The Chocolate mint and chinese flower very nice also.:)
    Peddlars Vilalge in Buck's County will always hold a special place in my heart.. we drove to Brigantine that year too:)
    Rosa my daughter gave me a lavender topiary.. 2 mother's days ago..It is thriving..I bring it in though..it is a perfect patio plant as you mentioned..
    Ronelle your recent Provencal lavender phtos are out of this worl.
    Un jour!:)
    Susan..mine were looking quite pathetic too w/ the transpalnt and all yet they bloomed..I am going to read up on them a bit and see when to trim etc..

  30. Que de couleurs, que de senteurs! Un magnifique appel au charme authentique du midi ^^

  31. Beautiful post, Monique. I had to have my lavender hedge removed this spring and didn't get around to replanting. I do love the fragrance too. It reminds me of my grandmother. My mother told me the same thing about an eyelash curler. I believed her.

  32. Ohhhh I love lavender and would so love to go to one of those fields.
    Your paintings!!! Ahhh!!! So nice!