Monday, October 7, 2013

Snippets~ Before the Frost~And one of the attics~ No ghosts~:)

A few more glorious days of sun .. vermillions and golds..
 and then  the the skies opened..
On the first telltale hrs of  a gorgeous weather change..impending..I started  chopping off all my perrennials heads..I picked the last Clematis. ... Huldine~..and the last Fairy Roses..truth be told..if we have no frost soon..The Fairy roses will be blooming their heads off again~..♥
They are my very favorite roses here in my gardens in QC~

We had some  pomegranate scones.. yet again..Sunday.. that I love so much..(still hate arieling them:)

and may have found  a tool on Amazon..but will wait until I buy and try to share~
I have posted these before..and cannot find my post anywhere~..
Try them..I vouch for them over and over again..and make over and over again~♥

That same clouding over day..I went in the garage attic..I knew I had boxes up there w/ clothes my daughters wore..

I found a few the embroidered dresses I made them..etc..
and thought of Jana~
I have posted about her before..from edible curly haired blonde beautiful children~
My daughters have great friends..
and each one has her.. (or his..Chris)..little comfy..funny..honest..warm..brilliant personalities..
But I had the opportunity to work with one before I stopped working..  Jana..and well...I loved her too:)

So when I thought of the kilts and saddle shoes and Polly Flinders dresses and hand knit sweaters..jumpers..etc..all these girl clothes.. w/ my 4 alphabet boys..
I though of Jana and her 2 Nordic looking blonde darling daughters:) Clémence..and Astrid~♥

So they are washed..pressed and off to 2 new little girls more than 30 yrs later:)

BUT..I aslo found half of the Barbie clothes collection..a neighbor's mom had knit for me to give to the girls from Santa.. look how beautiful:) All kinds of hand knit perfectly knit little intricately made outfits..and she had made the hangers too.
I am keeping those for now..
and may buy myself a new vintage Barbie:)
I found the very first Cabbage Patch doll too~

Enjoying these small trips down memory lane..while the ABs..make new memories  for me..

The muffins are delish..Karol..a client of mine  served these to me when we worked together..
Here is her recipe~
So good~

La Recette~
Les Muffins De Karol~

2 cups plain yogurt
2 tsps baking soda
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
2 extra large eggs
1 cup canola oil..
2 cups bran flakes or all bran
2 tsps vanilla
2 cups flour
4 tsps baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup frozen small fruits.. blueberries..cranberries or mixed..(fresh works for me too!

1~ Mix yogurt and soda
2 ~Add brown sugar eggs and oil..Mix well..
3~ Add All Bran and Vanilla..Mix well
4~Add flour..baking powder and salt..Mix well..
5~ Add the fruits..Mix Well.
Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven 25-30 mins..
Toothpick test:)

My notes..I halve ..and they do it well:)


I love visiting my cozy slipper blogs..the ones I look forward to every day..
The unfortunate thing is..sometimes you may not get to hear me dropping by..
It's that spell check ..prove you're not a robot thing..

Once ..twice..three strikes I am out.

Sometimes I think..oy I'll never get past this one..and I have 20/20 close up vision..
and it works fine.. other times..I think do I even try? No one could make this out..and I get a home run..
But quite a few times..all looks good and ..3 strikes I am out..
even 2 strikes  .. I find ..well.. it can get to me..And my middle name is Patience.
So please never think I am stopping by without trying to say:" Hi! How are you? Looks good":)Pinning..!

It's just that the welcome mat gets tugged back by the spell checkerooythingy.:(..I am going somewhere or seeing small boys..or doing something downtown..etc..
My apologies..
I do try~!
Not because I have to..but because I want to..drop by.:)


  1. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    J'ai admiré chacune de tes photos, je suis aussi allée me promener dans les petits adorables billets que j'avais manqués également... J'ai donc gourmandé agréablement... J'ai capturé avec magnificence les petits trésors que tu nous offres...
    Je te souhaite un bel automne...

    Gros bisous

    1. J'adore la façon que tu ėcris MA.. De la pure poėsie.

  2. My mom used to sew little clothes and knit tiny sweaters for our Barbies. I am sure she still has some of them.

  3. Monique, a recent cleaning out of some of the boxes in our attic yielded my own walk down Memory Lane with a collection of beautifully hand made doll clothes that were made for my dolly when I was a child. They are little works of art. No little girls in my life, so am keeping them for now too. Adorable little hand knit pieces in your collection. '-)

    1. I was very happy to find these as I am sure you were..yours ..being
      Hope we see some?

  4. I hate spam, but I hate the word verification thing more. That is why I would never put it on my blog. I know how annoying it is to cope with. Half the time I fail at it and I give up!

    Loved all the pictures and words here today. Two generations of Armed Forces families means that I have very little in the way of memory keepers. When you have to carry your house on your back like a turtle not a lot gets saved. I am sorry for that. I wish I had saved some things. :-(

    Thos muffins look fabulously tasty. I am bookmarking them! Love you much always! xxoo

    1. I have read about you missing things..I have very little of mine..these were my daughters..I think they are C's as I remember M..having hers:-)
      Everything we had in childhood..mean a lot to many of us..:-) sorry for both of us Marie:-) x

  5. O no ! i am hungry now.....happy week darling....delicious !!! from me x !

  6. I've been craving bran and dreaming about the bran rolls my mother used to make, of which I have no recipe. And voila, here you are to the rescue this morning with bran muffins.

    Merci Monique.

  7. I just love your blog. I check blogs when with my first cup of coffee and yours is always so wonderful to wake up to. Like a breath of fresh air. Merci, Clara

    1. That's so nice of you to say.
      Blogs are my morning too..long gone are newspapers:)

  8. I had to back up and looks at those sweet dresses again. Embroidery is the one needlework that I remember from childhood and can do. Alas, I've found no patterned things to do and have no talent for creating my own. Now, to back up and check out those muffins.


    1. On Etsy there are many:) I bet you're good at it!
      My poor husband wore a ean shirt I embroidered for him.. about 35 yrs ago..I think that was called Love Is Blind:)

  9. Wonderful photos, Monique. I love the sweet little dress you made for your daughter. Way back when I hand smocked to little dresses for my girls and I still treasure them. How did I ever have the time to do such a thing with 3 little children. I must have managed my time better than I do now. There isn't one single flower left to pick in my garden.

    1. I never smocked..Polly did the few I had..have.. I'd love it if you showed us..
      I know..I only had 2.. and didn't work until they were both in grade 1..

      I can tell you I didn't cook and bake as much though..Although I liked it..I didn't know very much..:(

      I loved having the girls.. Such a great time..
      I think I was playing house:)
      Thanks Cathy..

  10. Sweet Dresses ~ how generous of you to give such precious things for special someones to share and enjoy. But I'm not surprised ~ I have come to learn that is your way. Bless you. Monique, smocking is fun, not especially difficult ~ you would be so good at it.
    Cute Barbie things, (and the tiny hanger ** <3 **) I think you should get a new vintage one. :)
    Both recipes look divine, perfect with a cup of tea (and especially on these cool mornings...) Pretty Fairy Roses, too. Thank you for sharing. xo~m.
    P.S. I'm with you on the word ID... #1, they are a pain to work around, and I sometimes have to skip leaving a comment because the same reasons. I have found that if you apply "moderation on only after 2 weeks" in your blogs settings it eliminates 99% of any spam comments. At least, that is what has worked for me.

    1. The moderation is new to me..Thanks..I'll look into it..
      so I took off the newer mattress topper yet again..
      Waiting for below zero I think..:)
      If ever a little girl happens upon us..I'll try smocking..
      I was with an expert smocker in her days yesterday:)

  11. Love this post~ my boys wore similar smocked sets for special occasions ...such reminicing..
    I still have theirs too!
    Your muffins and scones look so lovely
    You are also MY morning paper!!
    Have a good week further

  12. Yum, yum. I've had to change my way of eating as I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol and close to being a type 2 diabetic. I've lost about 10 lbs. but still have a long way to go. With that said, on one of my "cheat days" I plan to make these scones. Can't wait! :) I hate word verification but I hate spam more :\ You seem to get through mine though and I always appreciate it. Have a blessed week. ~Bev

  13. J'ai beaucoup de soucis aussi avec les anti-robots ! Malheureusement, il y a sur nos blogs de telles attaques de spam que je suis parfois tentée d'en installer un aussi. Mais bon, je résiste, pour l'instant, parce que je sais combien c'est agaçant quand il faut recopier sans erreur un truc tout à fait illisible ... Et puis pour le moment, c'est plus calme Aucune attaque massive ... ;o)
    Sinon, tes scones sont superbes. Tes muffins aussi. Et j'aime bien quand tu vas chercher de vieilles choses dans ton grenier ... Quelles jolies robes ...

  14. Love the muffins. The pleating on the little dress is just wonderful.

  15. Always love reading your posts, such lovely photos, & the adorable smocked dresses, what a lovely gift to give to your friend. The recipe for triangular scones are a must to try, they look delicious. Scones are not one of my baking success's, they usually end up rock hard, my sister makes lovely light scones, she said it must be because I handle the mixture too much ! do you make them in a mixer or with your hands ? Do tell as I'd love to succeed.
    I haven't a clue if I have one of those spell check thingy's on my blog, !! I just fumble along, I don't do those '' I'm linking with so & so's party today '' because I don't know how to do it.

    1. Hands:)This one..hands..
      And you grate super cold butter into the mixture.. and cut in 8.. then place at least 1 inch apart on baking sheet..Barbara if you follow her directions..the link above.. they will work..hardly handle at all:) Notrock hard..You made me smile:)
      You just reminded me I've left a watercolor pad outside..I painted before chopping some gardens..Speaking of rock hard scones..
      Ugly watercolor..:(

  16. The muffins look so goooood!! I have to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing! Always love hearing from you and visiting your wonderful site!


  17. Yes, the little sweater with the attached mittens caught my eye! I would be keeping those too. I kept my original Barbie, Midge and Skipper and have a little collection of clothes that my grandmother made me for them. So of course when I became a teenager I tried making some! What tiny little parts and seams. It was a lot harder than I thought - pure treasures.
    The muffins look fabulous, so perfect for the cooler weather. I am already putting on weight with more baking going on in the house!

    1. I wish I still had my Barbie,,Ken.. Midge ..Skipper:)
      I gave them to a little girl on my street when I was about 17..Sofia Soulis.I still remember her name:)
      Lucky you:)

  18. Fabulous scones and muffins! I love your flower vases.



  19. Your scones are making my mouth water this morning, Monique. Wish I had one sitting on the kitchen counter. :)
    What amazing knitwear for Barbie. Absolutely gorgeous and what a talent. So difficult to do small clothes...I tried when my daughter was little, but I don't have the patience or talent.
    And speaking of patience, YES! to your comment about reading those word verification things. Sam emailed me a way to prevent spam and avoid those. It seems to have worked.

    1. Many have now mentioned there is a way..Donna at Gather also mentioned on one of her posts a way..How nice of Sam:)
      I am sure it's good for our brains to try and decipher but frankly sometimes half the number is missing..?
      You would have to be clairvoyant.
      It is a shame that spam is even an issue..
      I wish that lady was still with us..I would be writing her a letter telling her again how wonderful I think her creations still are to me.
      She was in her 70's I think when she knit them.

  20. Don't you love pulling out all of the memories that get packed away? Seems as though I am finding the girls' board books, barns and farm animals lately....the little one and her mom are coming to visit, I am so excited.....I have pomegranates waiting for a recipe...your scones are lovely!

    1. Oh Kate..have a ball..You will!

      Hope you share a bit of the visit:)

  21. What a sweet, fun post Monique. I know those darling little dresses brought back a zillion memories! So bittersweet, kids growing up! Love those scones, I found a super easy way to do the pomegranates, there's a link to it on my blog post from 10/7. I don't hesitate to buy them anymore. I'm going to buy one today and try your scones!

    1. I'll go look now:)
      I have tried underwater etc.. then Is aw this Pom gadget but the reviews are mixed..
      Going to see..

  22. Je risque de m'inviter pour le goûter s'il y a des scones x)

  23. This is such a beautiful post....the scones look amazing! The muffins...I must get some bran!
    Those little dresses are so dear...and in perfect condition. I love how you iron and they must smell so lovely! The Barbie things...perfect! That hanger is amazing. I think you should get a new old Barbie! This post made me smile so much it hurts! I also can not stand the word verification...two times you are out with me too!
    Bisous xo

    1. That's know how I iron:)
      I assure you Linda..I only iron well for others:)Or naokins..
      Tablecloths..I am not great..and I've never ironed a shirt of J's..except that embroidered jean one LOL.
      I know..the sweet..
      Jana wrote..she's such a sweetheart..w/ a sense of humor..sent me a photo of Clémence wearing a kilt:)
      She prefaced it by saying she was opening an Etsy Little Girls Vintage shop:) See? Love her!

  24. many good memories. And I definitely want some pom scones....and your gorgeous muffins. The cooler weather makes me crave for baked good. :) And yours are exceptionally beautiful.

  25. I am delighted by these various snippets, such varied delicious creative parts of your life! Love those embroidered clothes & it's so delightful that they are going to a new generation. Oh, Barbie! I used to sew clothes for mine. Happy memories & day to you!

    1. I used to sew clothes for mine too..

      You've inspired me this week:)

  26. Don't get me started about those checking things. I hate them. But at one point, I was getting HUNDREDS of spam comments on the blog. It really ticked me off. I wish there was a better way. I am like you, I have often given up trying to leave comments. SOme blogs are worse than others, I have often changed from Safari to Chrome to write but... at a certain point, life is too short.
    THAT said, love the gorgeous clothes... they are classics. Great to pass them on to new little ones. So many kids only have throw away toys that are really just new junk. Your things are worthy for passing down to the generations.

  27. Deana..if ever you can think of boys toys that aren't throw away please let me know:)
    I find apart from the dress up clothes..and some Legos..the interest wanes so quickly.
    Seems we played with the same things over and over again until they wore out..and so did my girls..But there is soo much todya..
    too much..Just walk into a Toys R Us..:)Overwhelming.
    Have a great weekend!

  28. Quelles jolies images les scones et les muffins..d'licieux. C'est toujours une bataille avec les les monstres de spam aussi; on gagne pas.!
    J'adore ces petites robes, trop mignonnes;
    Je n'ai pas encore préparé le jardin pour l' faut faire bientôt..aujourd'hui on a de la pluie, froid..l'hiver n'est pas loin.

  29. I love Polly Flinders, I used to buy them for my nieces. Liking Nantucket Vines for the boys, have you checked their on line? They just opened here in Southampton where MCK Childs moved out. Even the wealthy people wouldn't pay those prices! :(

  30. Your blog is so alive, you are sweet person and wonderful artist! Scones are mouthwatering-) When can I come for coffee?