Sunday, October 27, 2013

Killer Pumpkin Bars~

I bought this little teapot..about 100 years ago..I fell in love with it because it was a  table,with the tablecloth and tassel..and tea set..all perfectly placed atop♥
I guess I never got over having my own little tea parties as a child (nothing like we see today mind you with tiara'd princesses and boas and linens and china and crystal).
I think I served them on my square "Cowboy motif in the corners" small card table with the 4 red metal foldable chairs must have been my brothers..Cause I wasn't the comboy type.But we were far from some things.. back then had to be shared.Like my bedroom with my brother for a few yrs..
My doll had a canopy bed.. (I want that thing back..still have a small wicker cradle though:))..wonder why a little table and chair set..wasn't around..
So anyways..guess seeing that tea set.. I just had to have it..and still do.
Which brings me to the purpose actually of this post..
I got sidetracked..
These Killer Pumpkin Bars~
My friend Linda asked me if I had ever made these..that her kids had loved them..(now big boys..)..I had never..and wanted a different little dessert for our Thanksgiving I thought ..:"let me try them"~
How nice is that in the first place..Linda's been absent from her blog in a little I feel like I have my own personal How To Cook A Wolf  correspondant:)
The link in Linda's name leads you to another of her excellent recipes..her Pumpkin Loaf..:)
But here are her..

Killer Pumpkin Bars~

La Recette

2 cups of sugar
1 cup of butter room temp
2 cups canned pumpkin  ( one 15ozs can)
4 eggs room temp
2 cups flour
2 tsps baking soda
1 tsp each cinnamon,nutmeg,allspice ginger, 1/2 to 1/4 tsp of ground cloves..(She only uses 1/4 tsp of ground cloves)
1/2 tsp salt.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Lightly grease a 15x10 1/2 x 1 inch pan ..a jelly roll pan.

This is the one I used.. it's 1/2 inch discrepancy made no difference.It's the first USA pan I have  owned and used..This one was a gift..and I am over the moon w/ the quality..weight..feel and performance of it~

Sift flour ,baking soda spices and salt together..set aside
Cream butter and sugar until smooth.
Add pumpkin and eggsbeat until smooth.
Add dry ings and mix until well combined.
Spread mixture into pan.Bake for ap 25 mins pr until center of cake springs back (mine too 30 min)
Cool completely and frost

3 ozs cream cheese room temp
1 stick butter room temp
1 tsp vanilla (I used vanilla bean the dots)
1/2 tsp of Orange zest..she didn't and I didn'y
2 cups powdered sugar
Beat until smooth

Add Brach's Candy Corn as a decoration:)  kids loves don't need them..

These bars are cake like..dense and moist.They freeze beautifully.
Thank you LINDA.
These are so good.
Perfect for the Thanksgiving dessert table:)
Or all fall with a cup of tea~♥
My peach Christmas Cactus is just about to pop..there will be pale yellow undertones to the peach..Unique:)♥
Easiest plants to grow..  they should bloom 2-3 times a yr for you.
Hope you give the bars and the cactus a try..
Some indoor joy~

The fragrance of the rose always lingers in the hand that gives it~


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the pumpkin are meant for sharing...we always pay it forward, those of us who love to cook and bake...with pleasure.
    Bisous xo

  2. I would have taken that teapot home too. It is adorable!
    Thank you for sharing the pumpkin bar recipe. They look like a great addition to a dessert table. We are hosting a small dinner party next week. I think this would make an excellent dessert to end the meal. Thanks for sharing, Monique.

    1. Hope you like them:) a little nut on top would work really well at an adult a pecan or walnut:)

  3. looks like you enjoyed these seasonal treats with flare.

  4. I'm a collector of pumpkin recipes and tea pots! Those are adorable new photos of the boys.


  5. Lorsque l'on te rend visite sur ton blog on ne peut être que ravie de voir d'aussi belles photos et des publications des plus très intéressantes, merci pour ces partages! j'adore!
    Bonne semaine.

  6. J'imagine fort bien les Tea Parties que vous faisiez enfant, c'est adorable :)

    Adorant la citrouille je ne peux que vouloir goûter à vos carrés moelleux, yuum!
    Bonne semaine!

  7. Killer pumpkin bars must taste divine and your tea pot is adorable. I would have definitely taken it home. As a child I had a very formal tea set and actually learned how to properly set a table with miniature dishes and silverware. I'll never forget my dad walking by while I was playing and turning the knife blade in to show me how's it's properly done.

    1. Oh that's so cute Sam..
      I vaguely remember having a silverware flatware set out of plastic:)
      I can still feel them in my hnads..there is so much we forget about our childhoods..yet some things are indelible.

  8. Such an adorable teapot, Monique! I collected a few, just don't have the space anymore to keep on with that hobby.
    Immediately copied the pumpkin cake recipe! Yum!

    1. No more collecting hobbies for me either Barbara:) To every thing there is a season..And my season has passed..
      Except for the odd cooking gadget of course..and even then I now look at somthing and often will I fill a cupcake or bake a giant cupcake:)

  9. I love your little teapot, especially the lid, & your story that goes with it! I am a fan of the simpler days, myself. The pumpkin bars are ADORABLE, & I can imagine just how delicious! Here is something fun: I STILL have my card table from my childhood & am still using it! My mother applied little decals of flowers on the edges, such a sweet souvenir. Bonne journée! PS Answered your palette question on my post today...

    1. And I thank you.. and I just went for my little visit~

  10. Ah yes, the very 'famous' Killer Pumpkin Bars! It's been a LONG while since I've made them, they have had quite a reputation on a certain Foodie Board for many years and for good reason ~ they are delish! I'm so happy you have tried them (and I think yours are the prettiest I've every seen...) they have that 'Monique Touch'!
    Darling little tea pot, and sweet memories of childhood . . . xoxo

    1. You made them too..
      I was only ever on GB's and Cooking.. WFD?:)

      And then in 2009..well all this blogging happened..I think you girls are way ahead of me in the Foodie Boards..
      I wonder if they still exist?

      I know some have closed down..
      The Spookie Soup would thrill the Alphabet boys:)

  11. Yup Mary...these are those. From our friend Becky's Mom! Always a hit! My kids go wild over these...even now! :)
    Nana...a pecan half atop the bars look lovely or some finely chopped pecans or walnuts also fill the bill or the Candy corn pumpkins as well....

    1. I saw those pumpkins in Massena:) Next yr..

      Thanks again :)
      You girls.. I feel like I missed out on so much!!

  12. Yes, they look Killer alright!
    Mary x

  13. I too collect teapots but I do not have one as cute as yours! The pumpkin bars sound delicious...I think they would be great to have when daughter, Alison visits!!

  14. Look your adorable teapot set is a treasure. I fell in love with it already. BTW your pumpkin bars looks good.

  15. Only you Monique could have a totally elegant, totally beautiful Halloween table. I love it! These bars sound amazing and I could not do without the candy corn on top, that would never do. I want mine to look just like yours :)

    1. Like I wanted my pumpkin breads to look like yours:)

      Chris my daugter did a late TG ..and she hosted..her table was lovely.

  16. I am going to try these bars. Looks like they will work with my quarter-sheetpan. I miss Linda. I am so glad she is ok, even if she is not posting - I had just found her. I love that you posted a link to your bakeware. I am replacing mine. I expect them it to be the last time. I don't mean I am falling over, only I want quality and with quality I expect them to last.

    1. I miss her blog too..:) She knows that.
      Top quality recipes:)
      And nice nice nice..
      Madonna..if you get that will like it alot..Not flimsy:)
      BTW..I don't stand to gain anything LOL..just you having a nice pan:)

  17. MMM, love the bars and the pan... I have a pan I am crazy about but can't find who made it! It was, like yours, a gift. I would replace all my sheet pans with this... the best surface ever. I still have hope one day I will be in a cookware store and will find it... made the old fashioned way with folded edges and heavy, dark and easy to clean... like magic. Sigh... one day.

  18. Some are keepers you are so right..I think this one could work for you Deana..Linda appreciates quality:) Like you do.

  19. Thank you for another scrumptious pumpkin dessert recipe. Will definitely try that-)

  20. I saw your cute teapot before and I love it is adorable!
    Those little cakes look so delicious..they remind me a little of carrot cake..something I really love! And I agree, for the Thanksgiving tables..perfect. We don't have Thanksgiving here, but they will be welcome at my table too.

  21. Those pumpkin bars with that snow-white frosting look so good! Love pumpkin! And your teapot is stealing everybody's heart, judging my comments. :) It's stealing my heart too, especially the lid! We all want your teapot! :)

    1. I bet it will be in a garage sale one day:) LOL.. when I am no longer here..
      I think you would like them Julia~

  22. Oh Monique, the sight of that tea pot just made my heart tweak! How very beautiful! We had a red metal table and chairs when I was a girl. My parents didn't have a lot of money either and all things were shared as well. I shared a bedroom with my brother and sister for a long time and once we got a larger house with my sister for the rest of my time at home. I did not mind. Family is everything to me. Those pumpkin squares are so delicious looking. I love everything pumpkin and I love YOU! xxoo

  23. Well my brother's friend lived in the quadruplex..the next quadruplex building..they connected hoses to each others bedrooms so they could make noises or try to talk to each other..that was great fun for me:(
    What I loved about that room..and I remember vividly ..was being able to see my mom sitting at her arborite kitchen table..until I fell asleep.She had to..

  24. ah Monique I love yours pumpkin bars! look beautiful! I love the Little tea set in the tea pot is beautiful like one I had many times ago!!
    I love tea pots and china and collect them and hubby always say : Other tea pot? sigh! but the last I have he bought me!
    And love take tea in my teapots!!xo
    Love yours pictures!

  25. Now I read others comments I saw many of us Love your Tea pot and collect them!! ha! maybe we still are like girls lol

  26. They look terrific! Your teapot is really cute.



  27. I was going to make a pumpkin pie this weekend and you have changed my mind,Monique. How could I pass up a recipe that gets such glowing reviews. Your little tea pot is so sweet. Wherever i saw it I would think of you.

  28. As E Dehillerin will always be you to me:)

  29. Oh goodness....that's an awesome little teapot!
    Your pumpkin bars look very good....I love the inclusion of all the spices.
    What an awesome little costume in the previous post the handsome young one is wearing.
    Take care M
    shel x

  30. I love that teapot. I collected teapots for awhile. Now they are all sitting in a container ... in the basement ... awaiting a tag sale.
    I'm not a fan of pumpkin .... but these bars sound so dang good that I just might have to give them a try.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  31. The pumpkin bars would be a nice addition to our Thanksgiving dessert table.

  32. Any recipe that starts off with the word: 'Killer' has my attention.
    Btw, the teapot is almost as adorable as you.

  33. I made the Pumpkin Bars today...they ARE killer! I am getting plates ready to deliver....these are not allowed to live at my house!