Monday, October 21, 2013

A Perfect 10~

 A perfect 10~

I know I have said that before..but I do ..only when is a perfect 10..
Without any notes on my part..
This recipe..has a small  note..I added vanilla sugar and cardamom:)and used the apples I had on hand..Honeycrisps..
That's it!

I don't think halving it counts..
and even if it does..?
Well.. it halves perfectly:)

You will find the recipe here..for these fabulous Apple Cake Tartlets...
Bonus travel pics!

Try this recipe:)
It is undeniably perfect.
The next day if you leave your tarts  sous cloche they will have softened..but the exquisite taste remains.

The weather is hanging in there..still more leaves to fall but a lot of our garden chores are coming to an end..Amazingly some things I am cutting back..well it seems downright sacreligious~
Nepeta Catmint is full full and blooming..hated to snip it off..Some roses.. nasturtiums..Those I am still saving..and I brought in some geraniums to see if I can overwinter them.
More mess..I seem to look for trouble with wintering my plants.
But I get attached to each and every plant I grow indoors ♥You care for them and watch them all progress..
We have 2 huge Ficus trees I will finally let go of after 30 yrs:( They are too big and too messy with their sap.
The room will look bare..This coming Spring..:(

I wish my daughter's friend still lived where that view is....So sweet.
My friend Nancy came for lunch..She is in Paris as I type..she brought me roses..and carnations.The roses reminded me of the color of apples..the outer peel that lovely shade of red..and the inside..creamy ...
From a very cute and popular  Tea Room she visited  when she lived here.
Need I say I miss her too?
That's the thing about  certain special  people that move away ..physically..
When you see them again..all the warmth is never goes away.
And it makes you wish they had just stayed put...
We had macarons when she came ..  for dessert that is..and I had bought them..
But I think she would have fancied a little tart also.
Pretty soon all the leaves will have fallen  and things around here will be quite monochrome..
A black and white movie instead of technicolor~
The heat went on for the first time this AM..

To every thing there is a season~


  1. Your tarts look delicious. I think I have some tart pans that I could use to make them. I always love a crumb crust. Our fall has been beautiful. The other night a full moon almost stopped me while I was driving. It was so stunningly huge and beautiful. Have a wonderful day. Joni

  2. Deliciosas, deliciosas,... Me encantan los postres de manzana y con estas fotos tan bonitas están de los mas apetecibles.

  3. The tarts look does everything else. I almost turned on the heat this morning but I put on my robe and decided not too...but i see it going on this week for sure, just to take the chill off.
    Now I am singing that song in my head...a lovely one at that! Turn, turn,turn....
    Bisous xo

  4. Beautiful tarts, and if you say they are a ten . . . well then, I know it's true! I was going to make another recipe with apples this week, but I think I'll do these on your recommendation. ((hugs)) So nice that Nancy came to visit you. :)
    I bowed to the cold mornings and evenings already, we have used the fireplace and heater many times in the past month ~ maybe it's the California-roots in us . . . we never get used to the cold. But I really do love the crisp air.
    Lovely post, it's a wonderful way to begin the day. Merci! xo

    1. I've always been a chicken w/ cold..
      Even when I xcountry ski part of me is wishing it was 60F and I know that's not possible.

      The thing I loved about these tarts..the apples are good:) and the crust is just tapped in's definitely a pâtisserie dessert.

      The moon certainly has been full..I know because I sleep even less..
      My friend Derek was like me for that..

  5. A perfect 10 is the beauty of the life that you share here! Such goodness, apple tarts, good friends, autumn and gardens...If more people could live as you do, there would be peace & harmony in the world...

  6. I love your Apple cakes tartlets look beautifuk and of course your shots beautiful!!xo

  7. It's funny how when we see good friends only occasionally how easily we pick back up, just as if we'd seen them yesterday. Your apple tarlets are gorgeous. Honeycrisps are my favorite apple and thankfully we can buy local ones. They seem to bruise so easily.

  8. Wow! Your apple tartlets look amazing!! They are beautiful to see in your gorgeous photos ;)

  9. Oh Monique, I have quite a collection of old birdhouses, and I'd die for that one. While reading this post, I am scratching out a list of to do things, like clean out the gold fish pond (before it is too cold to get in). Bet you didn't think you'd inspire us to close up the gardens before winter.

    1. I get inspired by so many things..:) I had stitching from Alicia going from many of you was raining and I was so grateful for all the distractions!

  10. Great tartlets, Nana! Honeycrisp apples are perfect for baking and I love the touch of cardamom! Old friends are awesome, you can just pick up where you left off and not miss a beat.

  11. Such beautiful photography - and those tartlets - simply gorgeous to look at and I can just image how wonderful to eat!
    Mary x

  12. Lovely photos Monique, especially the rose and those tarts, wowsa wowsa! Looking good! I think there is plenty of beauty to be found in the Winter months although there is not much colour. I think YOU could take a photo of anything and have it come out beautiful! You are such an amazingly talented photographer! xxoo

    1. It has to be the computer screen or the cameras.You're very encouraging to say that.
      I don't consider myself a photographer at all although I love it.:)I am in awe of other people's photos..I take pics because there's not much I look at that I don't find some charm to..
      There is no doubt that a camera is a companion to me.Crucial to my little quiet quality of life for sure!

  13. I love apple taerts, Monique and these look so elegant, they invite you to bite into one..
    And of course...your photos, always a pleasure to browse through, to enjoy...that stunning rose...a definite 10!

  14. I love apple anything! Maybe I can make these tarts look as pretty as yours ;o)

    1. That's the other thing I love about the reeipe..they came together fuss free and lovely..
      You will add cute dishes:) And they will be even cuter:)

  15. Everything looks amazing Monique! I love how your leaves turn...your autumn has a fuzzy feeling to me.
    Love that rose...reminds me of my double delights.
    Your post....a perfect 10!

  16. Oh what memories you kindled...when we were on our honeymoon we bought a ficus. I remember saying that when it reached the ceiling he had to buy me a two story house with vaulted ceilings...time when by and we did buy the house and our ficus lived day, it had to move outdoors....there indeed was a large empty spot... I love the fall, the colors,your lovely pictures...especially the birdhouse... the foods...oh, the fall foods....the arrival of apple season...your apple tartlets look perfect!

    1. Such a cute story:) We will keep the ficus trees outdoors this summer and then off to a new family..did yours get very messy?:)

  17. Maybe I'll try the tartlets for our Thanksgiving dessert (in addition to our other desserts, since we're a dessert-loving people here). :) They're lovely.

    1. I hope you try them..simmering those slices..yum..
      and baking the tarts smell amazing..try and make them the same day:)
      I know I am asking a lot..
      But you are supergirl:)

  18. Supergirl! I will be sure to tell Mike to refer to me this way from now on. ;)

    I think I will try them Thanksgiving day. Stay tuned. . . . :)


  19. Love the idea of simmering the apples first since we will be making little ones. Love the small ones. Beautiful presentation and photos as always.

  20. Lovely post, and delicious dessert, I think the Apple Cake Tartlets are perfect sweet treats foe an afternoon tea with a girlfriend-)) Macaroons I adore, baked them few times, my son keep asking me to make more-) I love your birdhouse!

  21. These are so beautiful! I agree, a crumb crust is my favorite part. I have a whole tree waiting to be picked!

  22. J'adore, j'adore! même si je n'ai pas toujours le temps de laisser un commentaire, j'avoue que je viens souvent me faire plaisr: plaisir des yeux car les photos sont sublimes et plaisir d'apprendre de nouvelles recettes et ça c'est le must ! Merci pour ces partages!
    Je te remercie aussi beaucoup pour tes visites sur mon blog ! , cela me fait plaisir donc merci encore!
    Bonne fin de semaine, Cath.

  23. C'est un plaisir pour moi aussi de vous rendre visite:-)

  24. Yummy!! Those tarts sure look good! Thanks for the recipe and stopping by my blog.

  25. I've honey crisp in the fridge, so I can make these tomorrow. I like small, individual servings. ;-)
    Sorry to be late visiting. It's been another busy time for me. Trying to catch up tonight with a few visits.

  26. Delicious tarts! Wish I can have one with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

  27. I can smell these baking as I type.