Thursday, October 3, 2013

When Autumn Leaves Are Falling~

A glorious week in QC~  A week that dreams are made of~
 Some trees already at their brightest.. some losing their leaves..and some not turned yet~ The light has changed so much even in the last few days~
We've been to Pine Lake to feed the ducks..the Yacht see the boats going to sleep..Broomstick caught my eye right away~:)We aren't members..we don't have a boat..but the season is coming to an end ..and we were the only ones there albeit managers..groundkeepers etc..and we just walked quietly around and sat for a few minutes by the beach..It's lovely there~
There's a familiar deck on Pine Lake..  I  am aquainted with the lovely owner...and had the pleasure of working with her husband many years ago..I always glance over.. I loved  the added touch of whimsy..the pumpkin..I see her potted mum fell over it was so windy~
Weeping Willows are first to show their leaves in Spring..albeit Forsythias..and almost last to lose~
It's a masterpiece out there right now.
Garden clean up starts now.. and it will last pretty much all month..2 hrs for one L shaped bed today and 2 trailer loads..OY.
First time that I can remember that we've had no frost yet in the garden beds..usually by this time.. the impatiens are gone..

Art classes.. Karate..Tae Kwan Do..the activities have started full force..~
On the menu  this week.. just to share a few..Marie's Korean Beef that I just keep making again and again.. I add szechuan peppercorns..a super red lentil soup.. I keep hoping my friend will start posting soon..:) and I would have her share it:)..  some delish Samosas bought at a newly found Indian Store..way better than I could ever make..Marie's Goat Cheese and Beetroot Salad....the addition of the marmalade was genius:)
Some Martha Stewart Tuiles.. Some dipped in Chocolate.  I could have left them in a bit longer..but last yr they cracked..still looking for the best best time in the oven..:).  the molds ..stencils I mean, were found through many years ago:) Thank you still..They are light and I bet calorie free:)
They always make me think of fall..And that great song..
 Autumn Leaves ~ Mr.Nat King Cole..(picked the first Autumn NKC youtube I found)one of my mom's faves..
Very mushy over that song am I~..♥

The last photo:) Are Noahs' lunch napkins.. he's Kindergarden this year..and his mom packs him a little napkin every day in his lunch:)♥ makes me smile.. she teaches French and he goes to French school..and we are French:)
Le tout..en anglais~)
Now that would get me through every day.. 5 or 75.The notes..

I am lapping up all these days.. because soon I will be in a monochrome world.. with no light to speak of after 4.
C'est la vie!

Bon Weekend~


  1. Your photos are magnifique!!! Oooooh, how crisp, how vivid, how happy, how filled with light! I can see that you are "lapping it up!" I'm curious if you live in the province of Québec or in the any case, how wonderful that you all are bi-lingual!! Here in Maine we are starting to peak with color...especially those maples...

    1. I am in a small town west of Mtl in QC.:-)
      Our town is on the water..
      And I feel lucky to live here..
      I love Maine:-)
      My parents were bilingual..I did most of my schooling in French..our families are bilingual too..:-)

  2. I love the photos and the thoughts you shared. The napkins are cute.

    1. And you have been here:-)
      She's so good to do those:-)
      It's been so nice here A..don't know what I'll post come the leak:-)

  3. Everything is so beautiful. I love looking at the world through your eyes....
    Bisous xoxo

  4. So much to love here Monique. First off the photos are stunning. Absolutely stunning. You are so talented. I love the photo of your little grandson on his bicycle most of all. How very sweet. I miss family times such as these living so far away . . . times and leaves are a changing over here as well, albeit ours are not as vibrant in colour, but autumn is autumn and each day brings huge changes. Like Linda, I, too, love to see the world through your camera lens. You have a beautiful perspective! Love you! xxoo

  5. It should all be in a magazine! You are so talented..
    the recipe looks great too!
    Wow wow to everything...
    your world is so colourful in many ways.
    Happy weekend! xxxx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Monique. I have to borrow the words of Paris Breakfasts - you do the prettiest posts.

  7. Your beautiful photos are like songs without words! Fall is all around us too. Yesterday on Chicago's Lakeshore Dr., the bridge was up allowing the boat owners to head to dry dock their vessels--a sure sign of fall.


  8. I am so happy I can now receive your posts via email...
    Just beautiful.
    Autumn is my favorite painting month.
    J'adore les peitis croquis sur les serviettes... l'amour.
    Et la nature..les couleurs..j'attend avec impatience..

  9. I think we all visit each other so ofteen..that we are familiar grund:)

    It's funny my daughter spoke of one of her friends children..and she said there's a little light about them..I said that's because you see a little light in your friend..she almost said it same time as I did..she agrees in a way~
    I think we all see lights in each other :)

  10. It all looks so wonderful, the essence of Fall, I wish it didn't go by so fast. Those napkin drawings are adorable :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  11. aaah! Monique what beautiful and lovely are always yours pictures, I love them, Hope ypu have a nice weekend!
    (I poe to finish my new post in the afternoon) Now I can't!

  12. Monique, such a perfect post. Was that Ollie on the training bike? Though it is 90 degrees here today, our first cold front is coming tomorrow YAY! I'm glad you said what was in the bowl, because I thought that can't be chili. Our friend from Toronto said chili was an abomination - they don't eat it in Canada. I don't know if that's true or not, but I have seen a dish with french fries and gravy and other stuff layered together that is much loved in Canada. Just can't remember what it is called.

    1. It is Oli:)

      And I love Chili..most of us do..isn't that funny? Maybe where she lives ? Qui sait?
      the dish your friend refers too is Poutine..fries w/ gravy and cheese curds on top.Just the look of it turns me off..super popular,and in NYC too:)
      Just not for me.. a good fry yes!

      Enjoy your cooler weather I know you will:)

  13. Oh, how lovely your pictures are - especially the leaves in the water, which glows. I share your joy these last few weeks, we have had the same weather. Today is rain, which makes the turning leaves shine all the more. Love that Halloweeny boat!

  14. Your photos are beautiful, Monique. Crisp fall days are my favorite of the year, especially when I think of all the grey days that are ahead. We are working our way back into our routine as well with tae kwon do and dance classes and less daylight. It is so sweet that Noah has little messages from his mama in his lunch each day. What a wonderful memory that will be for him one day.

  15. Ha ha-)) I love witch on a boat-)) So funny-)
    Cookie looks so delicate, very good job Monique!

  16. De si belles photos, vous êtes si douée! La lumière est toujours parfaite et chaleureuse <3

    Bon weekend

  17. Thanks for reminding me as I sit here in the fall in the north country!
    Those napkins are absolutely the cutest idea!
    And a witch on a broomstick? Made me smile this morning!
    Have a marvelous weekend, Monique.

  18. You know how to capture Fall! Such sweet, beautiful photos ~ the water, dock, colorful trees, cute fairies (mine are put to bed for the winter already), yummie food, boat, the gull, cute boys ~ I love how soft your photos look. *sigh* I'm so glad you're still making the stencil cookies... no calories? I like that idea ~ and I love the 'twist' you've shared; cooling them over the rolling pin! Enjoy your colors now, but you'll have these gorgeous photos to warm you all winter. :) xo

  19. Ooops, and most importantly ~ so sweet, the napkins!!! I used to leave little notes for my son in his lunch, but never ever anything so clever... and all the things a little boy would love! Such talent in your family Mme. Magical!! ((hugs))

  20. It is all lovely, Monique. The illustarted napkins are especially sweet. :)

    Your daughter teaches French? I have begun (re-)learning it the past couple months. Spanish was the foreign language I studied the most (nine years), but I did a year of French ages ago and am determined to become fluent by the time all's said and done for me. :) Once I've had a proper review of the basics, I should join a local French conversation group.

    Enjoy your weekend, :)


    1. She does..
      Enjoy's great you are doing that:-)

  21. I love the leaf tuiles - they sum up this time of year so perfectly!

  22. Monique, amazing photos! I love that first photo of a leaf floating in the water. And those leaf-shaped cookies - I want them in my house! :) What a true Fall treat!

    1. They are Ateco.
      I bought mine at Chef Tools-so many years ago..Thanks Julia.

  23. Loved your fall images, they all look lovely and peaceful.

  24. A mouthwatering dish and lovely tuiles! I love October. Here the trees are still quite green and bushy.



  25. I wish it lasted at least 41 days:-)

  26. You've captured the magic of autumn perfectly! The tuiles are beautiful and now I'm craving them. Another wonderful post:)

  27. I'm in love with all your breathtaking photos...Thanks for the inspiration!!