Wednesday, January 22, 2014

L' hiver au Québec~

Lots of tea~  not only in England:)Here.. in QC..a staple..:)

Lots of soup..s..all kinds..

Lots of fresh bread~

Lots of  hobbies..all kinds..

Street Hockey~ and television hockey~

Some Ice Fishing and Skating..

I love my little boys..We had pink snowsuits and furry boots,white skates..and skis..
I never pictured myself with 4 boys..
I love my little boys♥
(Oh my gosh ..he's right..he's been telling me for 40 years I tend to repeat myself.. well..I see in print..clearly..he is right~:) )
Oli was playing street hockey too but didn't seem to make my collage cut:)
Ooops..nana's sorry Oli♥

I love that the children play outside~
Noah's dad..took him ice fishing..
He is the skater you see and the little face in the shack..apparently Timbits were being served..indoors..
He is the perfect candidate..for any weather any outing..
Here..when the lakes freeze over..numerous little ice fishing shacks spring up and dot the shore little ice streets actually..My dad was such a fan!
Noah got to go for the first time..and seemed to love every minute..
He's never cold..never tired..:)
Trust me.
More energy than the Energizer Bunny..and if at all believable..more than his mom.:)

I love the above soup.. Won Ton..and I love it even better when I don't make of our daughter's gave it to us the day we watched the ice hockey..
So good..
From Les Saisons De older book we both have..
The recipe is below:)
I played with paints,and my Micron..the little indoor garden area..
The red metal paintbox stole my ♥ last year and I ordered it  from England..The Cotswolds I think.
Fun to try different paints..There are differences..even in my limited collection and  zero knowledge..
Big differences.
I've been baking bread.. every second husband loves to have small pieces of baguette to add to his lunches..
I was asked about the fig and walnut one I recently made..pictured above..
I simply used this recipe..I posted it January 10th..
And simply subbed the tomatoes and olives for figs and walnuts and added 1 tsp of EVOO..
Perfect..great little 2 baguette recipe~

La Recette~

Courtesy Les Saisons de Clodine..

Soupe Won Ton Maison~

6 spring green onions
150 g ground pork..partly lean
6 large shrimps deveined ,cleaned and chopped
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 beaten egg
2 tbsps tamari
2 tsps fresh grated ginger
2 crushed garlic cloves
1 lb of won ton wrappers thawed
4 cups chiken broth
6 very thinly sliced button mushrooms
chopped chives
salt and pepper

Chop 2 spiring green onions and thinly slice the others..and..
reserve seperately
In a large bowl ,mix the pork..shrimps..sesame oil..the egg,half the tamari,the ginger,garlic and the chopped green onions.
Place 1 tsp of this mixture on a wonton wrapper..moisten the edges  and fold like a wonton.
Press well to seal in the filling..continue in this manner until you have finished the filling..
In a large casserole bring to a boil your brothpoach the wontons 2 minutes and remove..
Add the mushrooms..spring green onions and the rest of the tamari..boil 3 minutes..add the wontons and simmer for 2 minutes.
That day my daughter didn't add the mushrooms  and the chives..

Still so good~ I'll be making a batch and ziplock freezing this week.

I didn't have home made stock on was delicious in Costco's Organic chicken good that stuff:)

I would have posted the new blueberry pear muffin recipe..but I have to give it another chance..sometimes pears taste PEARRY♥..and other times.. not even like a a bland.. although these muffins had the pear.. the taste was nowhere to be I will try again..and get back to you..
Tulips are opening..hyacinths growing....all indoors mind you.. and the outdoor air getting colder!
Trop froid..
The fire's going.. and indoor hobbies are a Godsend~
-20 F as I type~



  1. Monique I love this post and the pictures are amazing:))

    1. Si different from your area Gloria..The boys love swimming too:)

  2. Vous me donnez fortement envie de venir passer un hiver au Québec :D

    1. Tu aimerais je crois..mais habille toi chaudement:)

  3. This answers my question of What your boys do on a snowy day. '-)
    Darling photos, Monique. They are the cutest! Fresh baked bread every other day. I'd be eating my way though these winter days only to emerge as one big puff ball. Does sound delicious though.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comment. I'm thrilled my blog is now updating on sidebars once again. It's been frustrating.

    1. I am glad too..I never knew if you posted anymore..until I would take a walk over and see..

      Being told you are at the door is much better!

  4. I found your post very warming even with the icy activities of the darling boys! It's a soup sort of day here and I'm off to make some.


  5. You inspire me in many ways. Living in the "frozen tundra" is one of them. When we move to upper Michigan this year (Lord willing) I will hope to be able to learn to do things outside during the winters, especially when the grandkids come up to visit. There's so much to do up here in the winter. Growing tulips in the winter is one of them!! :) P.S. You can repeat as many times as you'd like how much you love your boys. I know where you're coming from. I love my grandkids too! :) <3

    1. You are moving? Your sister must be overjoyed!
      I have to tell you when we visit Fl in the late fall or winter..we meet many people from Michigan and they are all so nice..:)
      I know you know :)

  6. Everything I love about your blog, a little bit of everything :) Your boys are so lovable, each doing their own thing, enjoying the winter weather. & you doing what you love most, cooking , baking & painting, I loved the way you sketched your indoor garden. I see that your palette is from Terry Harrison, I have some of his learning to paint books.Thank you for the encouragement on my photography. Thank heavens we now have digital, I delete more than I keep. but that's how we learn, practice makes perfect.

    1. I remember how many ruined films I had when I was younger.. this way has simplified so much and virtually has let many take phtographs they never thought they could take..
      My daughter took Noah' ice skating with a small compact inexpensive point and shoot..
      She's got a good eye..:)

      It is more difficult to take an outdoor photo in winter with all the blinding snow in sunshine..
      In winter mostly everything looks blue or monochrome..depending on the day.
      I am grateful for this hobby..
      It is from Terry Harrison..I pinned a tutorial I think and the woman mentioned her paints came from there..I looked on line..and tehre they were..
      It never said her talent didn't come with the box:)
      They are fun..
      To me it's like being in school in a class I love with no one judging..

  7. Your blog does not seem to want to let me comment today so just stopping by to say hello.

    1. I know our server has said that for up to 72 hrs we will have spotty reception and maybe no connectivity..

      Wonder if that affects you?


  8. Little boys are the best, just don't tell my daughters and granddaughter. Love to watch them play with abandon. -20? Can't believe it. It will be in the single digits here tonight. Love all that you're doing inside. I'm getting my paints out today, baked bread yesterday. Only thing is, I can't stop eating baked goods when I make them. All the tiny bites add up and it's gone. Muffin papers are the best I've ever seen.

    1. Hi Donna..

      Do you have a Marshall's?

      I found one set..many to a package in the US at Marshall's
      and one set here at Winner's..$2.99 at Marshall's in the USA.. $3.99 here at Winner's.
      25 to a cylinder..made by Robert Gordon Australia..
      I won't tell anyone what you just wrote..:)
      And I have a feeling baking in your new kitchen is lovely.
      Saw Dr Oz.. he had a program on Alzheimer's..well a segment..thought of your post~

  9. That wonton soup is calling me...perfect for a frigid winter day. The boys are simply delicious...each and every one of them. Love your little painting/drawing of the birdhouses...just beautiful!
    Bisous xoxo

    1. Like everything you make tempts me:)
      Cookie dough next:)

  10. The photos and stories about your grandsons are all so sweet M.

    1. I think it is because we have known each other so long..
      Like I have loved watching your children grow through the years..

      Amazing how long some of us go back..

      Way back~

  11. Hockey has gotten so much more popular in the U.S. than before. I hope Mack and Dane have a chance to try it one day. Not as many activities here except for making the occasional snowman and a little sledding. It has been so bitterly cold and always on our days with them! Love your photos :) And yes, repeat yourself as often as you'd like!

    Many soup days here as well. I have never made wonton soup and can't wait to try this recipe. It sounds and looks so warm and inviting. Your baguettes look professional! I need some lessons :)

    Love your hobbies too :)

  12. I am going to email you about the easy breezy breads..Your machine..and you..c'est tout:)

    I am making a batch of wontons this wekend..and freezing..we can do together?
    Linda's cookie dough too I think.

  13. I love winter and your pictures are so fun to look at. The children look like they are having so much fun. Joni

  14. I am so glad I "found" your blog! I love your pictures, your writing, and your recipes! Stay safe and warm! Perfect soup and bread-baking weather!

  15. Lucky Jacques to have pieces of homemade baguettes for lunch each day and so perfect with soup in the winter months. Stay warm and enjoy the indoors. Your grandchildren ice skating remind me of pictures of my husband at their age.

    1. Jacques relives many moments.. he told me the same thing.His dad had a grocery Mtl.. and he would deliver groceries by sled:)
      Thank goodness I don't suffer cabin fever.
      I am used to this by now and enjoy the winter crazily enough..:)

  16. j'adore te lire, et je vois un superbe post avec de jolies photos, merci pour ce partage!
    Bonne fin de semaine à toi. Cath.

  17. This lovely pot has brightened up my cold miserable British morning x

  18. I would kill for some of that soup right this minute!!
    No ingredients and Chinese near by ;(
    Drooling on my iPad...

    1. If you have a little day you can whip up a a batch and have some handy:)It is a soup I rarely tire of..
      A macaron after would be grand:)

  19. Have you ever done pen painting on plates Monique? Want to do a craft with my daughters and I am looking for food safe pens. Any suggestions? All the food looks wonderful but the bread is the best. Have to refrain, too many cookies this Christmas! Stay warm.

    1. Not with pen..Only with food safe ceramic paints ..on bisque or greenware with subsequent firings..
      Would be great..!Sorry I can't lead you to an answer..I Googled for one moment but that wouldn't be a knowledgeable answer..Good luck..It's something I would like..

    2. Do you have a particular food safe paint brand Monique? Maybe they carry pens otherwise thin paint brushes.

    3. No..they were ceramic pots..
      I used Duncan brand most of the time a nd enjoyed the ranslucent underglazes..

      I have also used Decor Art paints ..but it cannot come in contact with areas of food..The Ducan everything was fired in a least 20 yrs was safe..:)

    4. I just remembered to check your blog Monique, I got side tracked in a paint project (now that we are not working we have to keep busy right?!). Thanks for the information. If I can't find food safe maybe we will have to find another craft to do. Or we can bake some cookies which I am sure will make everyone else happy!! Have a good week and stay warm.

  20. My boys loved hockey too! We never missed a Red Wings home game. As I lived all my youth and most of my early marriage in Michigan, I know full well how wonderful hobbies are. It was something I missed when I moved to Florida...everything is based outside down here, not that it isn't a good thing, but I was a big hobbiest. (Is that a word?)
    Your loaf looks yummy, Monique.

    1. Had to look up the word..because I have certainly heard it..and used it LOL..seems it just have to add a y before the we both know:)
      Florida has such nice qualities:)

  21. Oh my goodness, Monique. I don't know how you survive the cold weather. But it is a good time to make delicious things in the kitchen and work on your lovely hobbies. The boys seem to thrive on the cold. I can't imagine ice that thick.

  22. Hello dear Monique, we have so much snow here, the school was closed, full house for me-)) Baking, cooking, fireplace, a lot of tea as well-) I love how you do watercolors, makes me go and look for my brush-) Have a wonderful day!!

    1. Yes get your brush..!!!
      Fire's going..

      Went into Mtl .. you can see your breath in the the elevators almost! Crunching ice..snow beneath our boots.. Oh lala..
      Unrecognizable pedestrians including me..Hats.. scarves.and more!.

  23. I love those micron pens too... something about their spidery look just makes everything better.. no matter what I write or doodle... Nummy soup too, in a dumpling frame of mind with the Creative Crew Challenge this month...LOVE dumplings.

    1. Deana I was happy to think of you today..totally apart from your noodle post:)

      I am slowly(not his fault..mine..) reading Medium Raw..and he has lovely words for D'Artagnan..and it's founder/owner~

  24. Oh, such lovely pictures - and your very hardy boys! But what stole my heart were your paints and sketch - and that pen, which I must look for! It's been years since I found a comfortable pen for left-handed me that was up to my "artistic" writing. Stay warm, Nana! This time you've beat me in the below zero temperatures, sorry for you but thankful for me....

    1. Hi Katrina.. In this case I don't want to win:)
      In fact with age..I never want to win..
      But I know what you mean in the nicest of ways:)
      So ok..I win:)

      The Micron is not great for writing..I need more cushion and flow..But for any type of art..none have come close for me..:)

      Try them..I hope you like them..

  25. Your little ones have the most heart melting eyes in the world! Aren't they the most fun in the world?! You are such a fun grandma and I bet they love eating all of your goodies! It is certainly the time for bread baking and soup making! This sounds wonderful!

    1. Talking about fun grandmas:) I think you take the cake:)

  26. Looks like fun. Thank you for sharing all the photographs.

  27. I'd love to spend some time in Quebec! In winter it must look so nice over there... Lovely and comforting food.



    1. You would quite enjoy it I think and I also feel that you would feel at home and welcomed:)

  28. I love that bowl of soup! I haven't made wontons in eons. Great idea. Lovely pics.

  29. Love the flavors in your soup, it sounds wonderful but I think those little boys are even more wonderful - so precious. Your'e right there's something so special and unique about little boys. We have one out of 5 and I love knowing that he will be a man one day! In the meantime he's keeping us quite entertained. That picture with the fish is just too adorable!

  30. the soup sounds delicious - just the thing to keep the cold at bay! but I must say to DO love your first picture!!!
    Mary x

  31. Monique, I have enjoyed all the photos and your words Monique. We have had a very mild and wet winter here thus far. I would rather have dry and cold and snow. Snow is nicer to look at than rain, but we do need rain for sometimes. That is why we are so green. Loved the pictures of your little boys. So sweet and so boyish! Love the little glimpse of your painting also. Your house looks very bright and light. I am always thinking it is a beautiful place. The bread looks perfect and the soup also. I must make some soon. It is hard to believe we are almost finished with January. Where did it go? Sending you lots of love and Happy Weekend wishes!
    PS - found the notecard you sent me last year when I was at my moms last night as I was getting ready for bed. It made me smile. You are such a dear dear friend. I love it when these things happen unexpectedly. It was like a surprise hug from you!

    1. Time flies..and although winter is long when Spring will finally Spring up here..we will say..winter flew by..
      I am glad you saved the card.. even seeing the handwritings are special..I have your note too:)
      And believe it or not still a couple of Poachies..
      Why do I save things LOL..kind of like not writing on a calendar.. we each have our small quirks:)
      Your gardens will be beautiful before ours ever will be..
      Have a great weekend Marie!

  32. This looks like the perfect winter to me... not this muddy kind of a fall weather we are having here for months now. We usually DO have snow in Germany and I love it, but I don't want any now, I am ready for spring. But I do fear we'll get some late cold period, just when all nature is ready for spring, too. Just discovered a snowdrop in the front yard.

  33. wonderful winter, have lots of fun!

  34. I cannot imagine that kind of cold....bundling up for fishing followed by a bowl of and delicious!

  35. is cold there ....I'd love to experience such temps just once.
    Everything is so perfect , I love your pics of the young ones.
    That soup looks so delicious for your cold weather....
    Keep warm Monique and enjoy all the indoor hobbies.

  36. And you are an Energizer Battery of creative happy loving energy & I love that & thanks for sharing it!! The boys look adorable, what we think of as being typically Canadian childhood in winter. ( hockey is big here too). The little painting is charmant, truly, I'm so glad you showed it to us!!!!! Maybe lack of knowledge, but that doesn't stop it from being wonderful & sweet, &, I'm sure, fun!

  37. You are such a busy lady!! Thanks for sharing all your hobbies. Love your watercolor, so pretty!!