Sunday, January 26, 2014

C'est Moi qui l'ai fait~and yes it's still cold outside~

Oui c'est moi qui l'ai fait avec l'aide de..With..this tidy little package's help~
This is the .com version..also available at .ca.
The stamp is trop cute..small ..smaller than a silver dollar.  maybe..or just about that size...The book? Cute and small..but  I think only 2 recipes are suitable for the stamp..the other recipes in this little book are as varied as a cookbook..a tiny one.. .I did use one of the recipes for these savoury cheese crisps.. an appetizer we both like..I mistakenly thought the whole book was to be used with the stamp..a bit of a shame I find..
The book really does not go well with the stamp.
I had to use more butter than the recipe suggested.. or else I was left with a dry crumble..
But they are tasty..and worked very well with the stamp.
I think the details of the box should specify that the recipes are not meant for the stamp.
I have many recipes for stamps so that's ok  ..for me..  but if you   want more than the ways of many stamped recipes..this isn't the case..
Keeping it though..:)♥
And working on my favorite ornaments that come from here~ This is the third set I am working on..have enjoyed every one.This particular ornament is from the set The Night Before Christmas..I must tell you..I buy the digital downloads..for the patterns..and then buy the materials..
So some of my felt colors are not Alicia's..because they are unavailable to  me..
So go see hers:-) to see better:-)
A pleasure to do♥

La Recette  for the savoury sablés~
Courtesy of...
Pascale Weeks
C'est Moi Qui L'ai Fait~

Parmesan,thyme and hazelnut sablés

100 gr semi salted softened butter
100gr of flour
25 gr durum wheat semolina(in the book ..semoule  de blé dur) I used  some semolina flour I had.
1tsp baking powder
75 gr freshly grated parmesan cheese
2 tbsps of freshly chopped thyme
30 hazelnuts

Place all dry ings in a bowl with the exception of the hazelnuts
Add cut up butter and mix with your hands ..then mix with mixer..until a ball froms.
On a floured surface..roll into two logs ap 4 cms diameter
Cover with plastic wrap and ref. 30 mins
Preheat oven to 180C
Cut each roll into 1 cms coins and place on baking sheet..
Place one hazelnut on each coin and press gently.
Bake for 12 mins
Let cool..

My Notes

I didn't top or use hazelnuts as I wanted to use the stamp..
I needed a bit more butter.
I stamped..and then used a cookie cutter to make clean edges..
I didn't refrigerate the dough after stamping as the dough was still very chilled..
If the ambient temp had been warmer I would have chilled I find that normally to keep an imprint the dough must be refrigerated after stamping..normally..:)
I do have a few recipes that require no chilling.
I used dried thyme and a bit less..

Also just wanted to give some of you a head's up if you are anything like Jacques and I.
One of our favorite shows..if not the favorite is Call the Midwife..
Jan 28th have the double CD soundtrack available..I have pre-ordered it..I think it is already availabe at .com..
My husband loves the music.. says it's all from "son temps"~

I don't think there is one episode..where we don't have tears in our eyes~ Do you watch it?
I love how nice the girls are..all those cute babies..the nuns personalities..Always touching.


  1. Bonjour,
    De délicieux biscuits à manger en toute circonstance :)
    Des biscuits bientôt aussi chez moi eheh.

    Passez un bon dimanche,

    1. Elle est de la France Mme crois.. elle a un site web..un ne savais pas!

  2. Look delicious!!! love cookies! Hope you can be warm in this weather you have now!xx

  3. I love it when you make imprinted cookies - they look just like the ones in the book! Perfect.

  4. Love the stamped cookies, the ornament and Call the Midwife!! It is very cold here as well.


  5. I always love your stamps and imprinted cookies. They look so professional. Along with the others, I hope you are able to stay warm and comfortable despite the weather. This year may set record temperatures in a lot of places. I will definitely look into Call the Midwife. it's new to me.

    1. I even think M will Sam..l enjoy is heartwarming to say the very least :)

  6. Cutest ornament ever, Monique. I love that show. I always have my pen and paper at the ready, to write down the profound words of Vanessa Redgrave. Love it. Chummy is my favorite.

  7. And I love her voice.. what a great idea to write down words from a show one loves..
    I actually love everything about Vanessa Redgrave:)
    Chummy is Jacques's favorite along with Cynthia..
    I just can't pick:)

  8. You always have something so fun to share. Love these sables and thanks for the tip about "Call the Midwives" - someone else suggested it, now we have to check it out. I know if someone who loves Apple Polish lipstick recommends it, I too will love it :)

    1. What a great and thoughtful meory you have Chris!
      Oh YOU will!

  9. Just beautiful! You surprised me! Love the stamp!

    1. :)

      It's true you usually hear about every baking endeavour same day..:)and even before!

    2. Hahahaha...i love surprises!

  10. You find the cutest things for baking, M! These are so charming. Sables always get my immediate attention :)

    Oh, Baby, is it ever going to be cold here the next two days! I just read that this has been a winter of the most sub-zero days in 20 days and we're not close to finished yet. Baking is perfect for cold days.

    I missed that series but I just registered with and can watch some of them on my computer or tablet. I will! I love shows with English accents :)

  11. Trop adorable & I love how you keep away the Cold Winter Blues!!

  12. Susan.. you will have tears.. all the newborns..the births..the friendships..the loves..:)The sorrows..the joys..
    I know..I always ask Wisconsin like us?:)
    Our library rents the series..yours must!

  13. What perfect sable biscuits you make. Those stamps give such a professional finish., thanks to your adaptability to the quantities.
    Call the midwife is such a lovely series and all the characters are played by such good actress's. The babies they use are so life like. I saw a programme on how they make the babies, it was very interesting.

    1. We read they use actual newborns..not more than 2 days old..Is that what the special said?
      They are so reallifelike newborn....most shows show.. 3 month old babies..
      Yes ..all the actresses are amazing!

  14. Cold days are made for baking. Your cheese crisps look delightful. I love your stamped cookies and now, crackers!

  15. Call the Midwife is one of the best shows ever. I can't get anyone here to watch with me. I prefer it to Downton Abbey. I also love Doc Martin and The Blechley Circle. Sunday night has turned into the best TV night.

    1. Same shows we favor:)TBC is finished here:( Mr Selfridge will be gin soon season 2..:)

  16. Love these cookies with the writing!
    Gorgeous photos as usual.

  17. The most darling cookies/biscuits! Think of you often with these temps, which have softened this morning - but with the arctic air moving in this afternoon. Not much option when the air is frigid, but I do miss my walks when it is minus 17. I love Call the Midwife, but often forget to watch it. Stay warm, February is almost here!

    1. A friend just told today how she misses her walks in these was blow me away wind..when the car door won't even close for the wind ..where our parka hoods fly back..visibility not grand either.
      Why do I still like winter..
      I think it's called not going into work every day like before.
      And the crispness and magnificence of it all..
      A postcard this morning Katrina..

  18. Lovely cookies, cute stamp and gorgeous tulips!



  19. Me encantan las galletas saladas, que buenas y que bonitas.

  20. The cheese crisps look wonderful! That is disappointing that the recipes aren't all for the stamp or at least a lot of them, but they sure turned out nicely! I think I just got the other stamp you recommended in the mail today. I was busy when the mailman brought it to the door so haven't opened it yet, but am excited!

  21. Yum!
    The cookies look scrumptious!!! Perfect with an ice cold glass of milk ... yes!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  22. I really like the colour of the tulips. Your cookies look perfect.

  23. I liked Call the Midwife too, Monique. It's no longer a series, is it? I think I watched it on Netflix.
    I adore that pillow in the first photo.. would send it to my sister! What a terrible winter you're having, but when I lived in Michigan back in the 50's and 60's, winter was like this all the time. Always amuses me that they are now naming the storms.
    Stay warm!

  24. Not sure Barbara.. we have seen Season 1 and 2 and season 3 starts March 30th here on PBS..Perhaps in England the series is finished? I know they are way ahead of us re DA..
    Pity if it is:(
    The pillow is perfect for cold climates:) Today it's 3 F and we find it balmy.. well not quite..

  25. I do want to try this recipe Monique, and I think I will make it with the hazelnuts. You find the most charming little cookie stamps. It can be difficult finding recipes that don't stick to the molds and that keep their shape as they bake. I hope you are able to stay nice and warm in all the frigid weather.

    1. In the house is fine.. we had to go out yesterday and with the wind .. it was almost comedic to see me trying to get in the car..with the force of the wind..
      The visibility was bad at times.. but we are home..and warm again..
      Lucky us..
      I pity the homeless in QC.:(

      I hope they work well for you..they are pretty with the hazelnut on top:) make sure you get a dough..I had to add a bit more butter..must be the different flours..France and Canada..

      Take care Cathy..can't wait to see the kitchen:)

  26. I just might have to try making those parmesan crisps, I love something savory and they sound delicious. Those felt ornaments are adorable too, something fun to make during the winter. I think I will check out call the midwife too PBS shows really are the best. Spring tulips, oh I can't wait for spring. Hope you are staying warm.

  27. Your cookies are wonderful and I'd love to have one now. Call the Midwife is great, just wish there were more episodes of it. I didn't know about the soundtrack and will be checking it out. Thanks for the info and keep warm!

  28. Love the cookies and how pretty they look stamped....I have to check out, "Call the Midwife". Always love seeing what you're working on!!

  29. And I've had nearly 1200 hits on my blog page for those little hot dogs! Funny!

    1. And it's non stop:)
      I must make them soon for the boys..having a sleepover soon..I just might!

  30. We have a very cold weather also here this year, and I am feeling "under the weather". Your house is so clean and light, I wish I have a white sofa too, but with two kids and cat only brown for now-))) I like your hazelnut sablés, they look scrumptious, would love to try one! Have a wonderful evening and stay warm dear Monique!


    1. Hi Yelena...I hope you feel over the weather know I hesitated for years about the white loveseats..I only wish I had bought them sooner..all slipcovers..they go in the machine..:-)
      I understand with kids:-) and a cat..
      I am sure your brown is warm and cozy..sure sure sure..

  31. Thank you for your wonderful and kind words....just coming here made me feel so much better. It's so beautiful and bright!

  32. Beautiful cookies - love your stamps! And I love hazelnut cookies - I usually make lots of those over the Holidays. :)

  33. As always so much to love here Monique. Savoury biscuits that are just lovely looking, with your special touch of course. Christmas ornaments. I have not started mine yet, but have the same patterns . . . and Call the Midwife. One of our favourite shows as you know. All so sweet and special, just like you! I need to use my cookie stamps more. I need to find some recipes they would be good with. I am on a search! Lots of love and hugs coming your way! xxoo