Friday, January 10, 2014

New Baguettes..and a new Ricardo Soup~

Funny..I was looking through beautiful French blogs..many of them since I happened to follow someone who repinned something of mine..By chance..I saw that she only had food pins..and over 30,000 of them..
I got lost in Pinland for awhile..repinning many of her pins.
It was like opening gifts one after another..
I am assuming this..

One of the first things I tried was  this recipe.. that makes 2 small baguettes..if you use the bread machine as she suggests ..which I did..there is no additional rising time  after the machine..

If you use your KA it will require a resting period..
I will roughly translate  the recipe down below..
It is too good not to try.. and you can make it  while your guests are on the way to your home:)

You can find the link here such a beautiful blog..Chef Nini~

The weather has been bread and soup weather ..and crafting indoors..

I have always loved writing..I loved learning how with paper that had transparencies..and  atop the huge blackboards all the letters.. were displayed..I saw them every day in class..
I was excited to try and follow the letters perfectly:) All my life..I know exactly where I got that mom..she had perefct penmanship..even today I will pick up her dictionary and see her name:)
I used to try and copy it..not to make believe she had seen something she had not:)
Just because I loved hers..
Then I fooled around with calligraphy and was so honored when my daughter asked me to address her wedding inviations:)
With my job..I had to write more quickly than I would have you lose a bit of your finesse..
I thought I would use the old fashioned pens to see what happens when you cannot just keep going..these have no ink have to dip every third letter:)
This isn't my exact writing..I was trying to emulate some of the pre written words on my note paper..
But it is I found a good exercise to get your hand to write more slowly again..
When you go back to your own is indeed more cared for.
There is no rhyme or reason for most of the words and no hidden psychological meaning:)
I did find it see that at one point I simply wrote Je ne suis pas..

and later..intéressante..they were written at 2 different times as I wrote all over the paper back and forth up and own..
Anyway I encourage you to try writing with these kind of fun.
Now it must be pretty obvious how much fun I am:-)

So it must be best that I stick to recipes..old and new..found and gleaned..etc..

The Ricardo soup recipe part of this just a fluke.. a serendipitous one..I sent my friend a link to a recipe of Ricardo's that looked good to me.. a soup.. and she agreed..and sent back this one saying this looks good too..:)
I had not even noticed it..but in reading  it..I thought..I have almost everything..I feel like soup..and it looks so good..

And it is:)
And she is so right all the time..:)

Ricardo's Spicy Noodle and Pork soup~

It's so good!  The changes I made are noted in Italics after the link to Ricardo's Recipe~ Spicy Noodle and Pork Soup~
I halved the recipe.. added more can just tell when you are making a soup if it needs more liquid or not..and you take into consideration the noodles you will add..
For my half recipe..I still used the same amount of oils..sambal.. spring green onions..ginger..garlic and star anise..I did not use pre-cooked Udon Noodles I used noodles I favor that I buy at my asian store.. they cook quickly in the simmering broth....I used much less sweet potao and almost brunoised them..a bit bigger..a small dice.. and I think I would like carrot even more..I used chopped parsley instead of cilantro.
Definitely a keeper recipe..

Now for the 2 adorable baguettes..and you will find them adorable..

Here goes..

La Recette~

Gleaned from Chef Nini~

250grms flour..I used unbleached all purpose

4 grams of active dry yeast(which is ap 1/2 of a sachet of yeast)of some makes in Fleishman's sachet is 7 France 8 ..up to 10 I have seen.

150 ml water

1 tsp salt

3 oil packed sun dried tomatoes chopped

6  black olives chopped

3 tbsps Parmesan Cheese..
Place the water and salt in the bread machine..add the rest of the ings..

Chose Dough Cycle..I also chose 1 lb.
It took 1 hr 10 mins

Take the bread out..split into 2.. form your baguettes..I like to fold towards the middle both sides then join in the center..Roll into lovely shapes and slash..
Place a  clean towel over while your oven  pre-heats   to 400 F with the water in it..
Slide them in..I bake on stones..she recommends a parchment paper lined pan.
Bake ap 20 mins or until it gets a  nice deep golden color.
Let cool  on a grill..

I would not hesiate to add more black olives~:)

That's it!
Bon Weekend~


  1. So funny your story about writing. I felt like it was me talking. I've always loved beautiful writing and calligraphy. I used to stare at my 3rd grade teachers writing on the blackboard, it was perfect and I so wanted to write like that. I studied calligraphy many years ago ............. and addressed my daughters wedding invitations! Are we twins? We both had a soup week too! Your's sounds so good!

    1. You know that old adage..birds of a feather flock together:-)
      I guess that's why we enjoy each others blogs:-)
      I felt like it was me talking when you mentioned opening things..many months ago:-)

  2. I grew up in the south and was required to take a penmanship course in junior high school. I still use it today. The bread looks delicious. I don't have a bread machine though. I need to check out that delicious looking soup.


    1. You don't need the machine..she has instructions for the alternate way..if you wish..I would be happy to add that part:-)
      Say the word:-) my pleasure..

  3. Both recipes sound like something we would love - especially during the month of January, February, March, etc. :) I love the recipes you share from Ricardo - all winners. The bread sounds absolutely wonderful and I'm so happy I have a bread machine when I see recipes like these.

    My penmanship could certainly use some work. I am always in a rush to write, it seems, and the keyboard so quick that I want to write as fast as I can type. Doesn't look very pretty, though, like yours does. You still have beautiful penmanship!

    Off to copy two recipes :)

    1. 2 small baguettes:-)
      Perfect for the days you have the boys:-)
      I love your penmanship:-)
      Saved all your Christmas cards ..and bday ones:-)

  4. Oh the bread! The soup! Both look amazing! As i sit here sneezing and coughing I wish I had a nice big bowl of that soup in front of me.
    Funny...I am always writing words on paper with nice pens...i love doing that...sometimes when you see what you have written it is really funny...for no reason. I can attest you have gorgeous is becoming a lost art! I never studied calligraphy but have played around on my own for years...i do not have any dip pens, i use cartridge pens now for calligraphy. I am old enough to remember that we learned to write with the dip pens in school. I am lefthanded and always came home with ink all over the side of my left is amazing that my handwriting turned out to be ok...
    Lovely post Nana dear...
    Bisous xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Well la soupe is thanks to you:-)
      Not surprised you love writing..your penmanship is lovely..
      Try a dip:-)
      More difficult..but a try and learn..think..Downtown Abbey:-)
      You made me smile with the inky hand..
      That's one thing I often or paint on my hands:-)

  5. Monique, your writing with the pen & ink is such a nice style. My writing has changed so much over the years, I've never tried calligraphy, my grandson have nib pens & ink , maybe I can borrow his to see how I get on. I remember ink wells at school & I always made a mess of my writing books with blobs here & there on the pages, My teacher used to say it looked as if a spider had fallen into the inkwell and run all over the page. That recipe for the baguette sounds interesting, I'll have to print it out for Mr France, he was given a baguette baking tray for Christmas, he's been making plain ones, I assume he can use the KA but let it rest for the same time as he normally would. Do you always put a container of water in the oven when baking bread ? Just an extra tip I can give to him .

    1. Yes do borrow your grandson's pens with nibs..a fun thing to try again now without a teacher raining on your may find you are very good st it..after seeing your art..I would not be surprised that you get keen on this..
      No..I don't always put water..I will look at the recipe I think she mentioned a 2 hr rising period..
      I bet those trays are wonderful to use..
      Hopefully if your dear husband bakes them you will show us:-)

  6. Beautiful script made with a beautiful pen. I've always had the same fascination with letters and words. Still have my fountain pen from my youth. My fascination has led me to a small collection of ink wells too, being the obsessive collector that I am.
    Thanks for the recipes. The noodle soup looks like a dish my husband will want to make. '-)

    1. Have you shared your collection Sarah?
      I would love to see them..
      Your collections are always so beautiful and interesting..
      Would love to peek:-)

  7. ~Beautiful Monique as always...your so patient with everything you do...that's what I like about you...
    Have a nice weekend too!

  8. ah dear what nice and lovely post. I love frenchs blogs too always the recipes are perfect!
    I love baguettes and I will try this new baguettes recipes you share with us.
    ah Monique I love your blog:)

  9. Oh My Goodness!
    I can almost smell the baguettes!!! And that soup!!! **sigh**
    I don't know about you, but I'm hungry! :-D
    Good penmanship is a lost art .... I remember learning cursive in my catholic grammar school and it has stuck with me all through the years. To this day when an elderly person sees my signature they say "you went to catholic school, didn't you?" LOL
    Happy New Year!
    diane @ aug's blog

    1. I did:-) You're so funny Diane..and so spot on:-)
      All the best:-)
      Everyone seems so young to me all of a sudden..:-)

  10. Oh wow, the baguettes look delicious and the spicy noodle and pork soup looks great. Both are comfort food. I found your site looking for baguette recipe. Browsing your site was fund I enjoyed all the recipes and pictures. I am soon to return.

    visit my site sometime,

    Michael :-)

  11. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  12. OH so delicious! I'm swooning over the baguettes and that soup looks like the perfect dish for this weather!
    Mary x

  13. The soup sounds wonderful. Don't you love discovering new bloggers! I also love writing with those pens.

    1. I do's like finding a great new book:-)
      The pens are fun and you can just let your mind write whatever..I still love writing notes and look forward to doing so every time the occasion ..or not:-) arises..

  14. Your soup looks tasty...and with the lovely crusty bread what a delicious meal! In fact, it would be perfect on these cold days....

  15. I used to have beautiful penmanship Monique. I think having a keyboard to use makes a difference and my writing is now sloppy. I need to practice more. I lvoe your idea of writing with a nib and ink. I did buy myself some penmanship workbooks last year and I need to dig them out and work on it every day!! I will have to give that bread a go! It looks just like bread I would LOVE! I will try it and let you know! The soup looks quite delicious too! I can get lost in Pinterest for hours and hours!
    It is a weakness with me . . . but you already know that, lol
    Love you. Happy Weekend! xxoo

    1. TRy and not cut off a piece as soon as it is out of gthe oven:) It's better to let a bread rest a bit LOL..
      You write beautifully!!
      Have fun with the nibs..Very DAish:)

  16. Good penmanship was a very important part of growing up in the south and I prided myself in making the letters look just like the examples. I had a good guide as my father's penmanship was superb. I haven't written with a pen and real ink since I was a child. Now to the bread - ah, the texture is perfect and the baguettes are just calling for a good soup. Your Asian soup with the noodles sounds perfect to me. Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

    1. From what I know of you Sam..I just know you exceled at penmanship..
      They don't seem to stress it too much in schools now..

  17. Nothing sounds better than homemade soup and bread this time of year. Your calligraphy is beautiful, Monique. I took classes at our art museum when I was in college and my professor became exasperated with me because I was left handed. He reminded me of the nuns when I was in grade school. They weren't fond of left handed students either.

    1. What a shame that there was a stigma .. I wonder why..maybe it made their jobs a bit more challenging at the onset..?
      The nuns could be quite strict..

      When my mom took piano..she told me there was a ruler used to smack the fingers..
      I know this is not all nuns:)
      Mine were great..:) I only had 2 through school and one was so sweet ..and very Flying Nun pretty.:)

  18. Ces baguettes m'ont l'air bien bonnes, j'en saucerai bien mon plat ce soir avec :)
    Bon weekend ma chère ~

  19. I often write my ink and old fashion pens; It's a real pleasure, for a while i think I'm living in the past , with plenty of time to write a letter or a poem.. :o)
    Have a nice sunday!

    1. That's how I feel..even if my pen is not old..I have an old one..must put my finger on it..
      Bonne Soirée~

  20. Soup looks delicious. Will have to try it. I am not a very loyal follower of Pinterest. I started then forgot about after about 3 months. I should go back and look again.

  21. LOVE your caligraphie samples.
    I studied it for a while...why can't i remember the name..begins with a C and the pen is weird.
    Not easy at all but a great discipline and like meditation doing omething over and over

  22. That's the word that best describes it..meditation:)

  23. What bread! What soup! And what beautiful writing - both the calligraphy and your actual text. You know there are so many blogs and sites out there, but yours is something special. You ar an artist, and it is a complete pleasure to read and look at your work. Happy New Year to you!

  24. Voilà un long billet qui me montre encore une fois que nous aimons les mêmes choses. j'ai passé des années à essayer de faire de la calligraphie avec des méthodes diverses et variées et des plumes en tout genre ... C'est vraiment ravissant. Des fois, dans les administrations, je vois des employés qui écrivent encore divinement bien ... Je les envie ... Tiens, tu me donnes envie de m'y remettre ...
    Quant à ta soupe et tes baguettes, voilà un bel ensemble. Le blog de Chef Nini est un excellent blog, tu as raison. Hier, j'ai préparé de la soupe au cresson (j'en avais acheté trop pour ma salade de Nigel Slater de midi) ... et je l'ai servie avec des garlic knots ... Délicieux aussi ... C'est quand même chouette, la cuisine !
    Bon, je vais faire comme d'habitude, c'est-à-dire remonter un peu le temps chez toi ... et chez les copines ...

  25. Beautiful baguettes. Perfect when served with your lovely soup.



  26. Pinterest is the most distracting thing to come along in years! I can lose hours there. But there are some great recipe finds that make it worth while.
    Really love the looks of that soup, Monique. We've got some cold weather coming this week too....

  27. It's my best filing cabinet..Takes no's all there waiting always..Great site!

  28. I love this post because it is appealing & diverse. I'n not a cook, but my mouth waters to see the delicious creations you present. And the calligraphy page, I ADORE it...I too am drawn to the old fashioned art of writing & I so love calligraphy & handwriting & dip pens. Your wrting is gorgeous & the photo too! So many things to practice, lately, but can one ever have too much inspiration? Merci, Madame Nana!

    1. I am happy to see your art:)Every time you post..Because I try and try:)

      And to have discovered Malyss:)

      I am really not a cook's just a hobby and a love of being in the kitchen..
      It is like calligraphy and stitching and gardening and painting to me..meditative..:)hopefully restorative..:)

  29. The bread and soup look wonderful. As for handwriting, it seems to be a lost art. My children will probably never know how exciting it was to get a fat letter from a friend dripping with the details of their life. My penmanship is just so so, but my husband's handwriting is excellent. Joni

  30. What can be better than homemade soup and bread in a cold winter day? Nothing, I just may add a cup of tea and pastry of course-)))

  31. I am a big Ricardo fan. I have to try this recipe. Thanks for the link, she does have a great blog.

  32. Love this post...for its plume et l' ta belle les le bouillon...tout!

  33. Everything looks wonderful. The soup and bread look so delicious. Your handwriting is so beautiful. When I have the time to practice with my pens, I'm in another world. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!