Saturday, November 6, 2010

I really really like making pasta~

Jacques had been growing a huge basil plant all summer and I wanted to honor it~

It's been the best one yet~
So I thought I would make Josée Di Stasio's recipe..

But I would incorporate Jacque's basil~
It turned out so well!

I made it early in the morning.. I dried it..

In quite an unconventional manner..A new clothes drying rack.. used twice:) It worked!I may invest in a pretty rack..:) For the tabletop.. takes more than the 30 seconds-1 min to cook..but nevertheless it was so tasty..
We adorned it with home infused pepper oil..pecorino cheese and lots of garlic..some more fresh basil scattered on top..

It is so well worth the fun of making~

It's as easy as just sitting back and watching someone make it for you~
All summer I wanted to use his basil..I am so glad this came to me~
I halved the recipe.. so 1 1/2 cups of 00 flour(Milano)~ 2 eggs..and 1 tbsp oil..I love making the well and mixing and kneading~♥
It is a thing of beauty..Like stained glass almost:)

An edit here.. you don't need a roller:) You can make pasta hand made..


  1. I love making pasta too Monique. I just dont love the cleaning up ...:P

    r pasta is like u ..beautiful!

  2. When we went to our cooking class in Italy, everyone there said, "Did I throw my pasta maker away?" The first thing I did when I walked through the door when I got home was to go to the basement and see, and luckily it was still here. I love homemade pasta especially in my lasagna! Last year for Christmas I got the Kitchenaid attachments! Santa was good to me.

    My basil got hit by frost. I covered it, but the wind blew it off and it was so gorgeous! Alas, but they have the wonderful living plant basils in the stores now. I will have to try this.

    The Bang Bang looked fabulous too.

  3. I have just recently taken out my pasta maker out of the closet. I intend to make more pasta before it goes back into the closet again :)

  4. We haven't made fresh pasta in years. But this post just might inspire us to get that pasta machine out and have some fun this weekend. ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend. ~ Sarah

  5. I haven't made pasta in a very long time. Pasta...fresh basil...yum! Coincidentally, my neighbor just gave me a lovely bouquet of basil. I think I have an idea. :-)

  6. love the basil, must have been fabulous~

  7. Looks amazing & sounds like much fun to make too. The thought of that beautiful herb growing in your yard all summer is lovely, Monique!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful Monique!! I remember you enjoy making pasta. It is time I get my machine out and make said before..what else are you than inspiration..?

  9. I always smile whenever you say 'Jacques made this' or Jacques grew that'! You are so lucky he takes part.

    My basil was beautiful this summer too. I don't know if it was our hot weather. I did make some pesto but now I wish I would have made some of this pasta! I bought a tiny basil plant at the farmers' market last month that is still alive - otherwise there is always the grocery store. It's just not as fun.

    Beautiful pasta!

  10. Monique, this looks so yummy, I love to make pasta!!
    Any secrets for drying so it isn't so brittle? Or do you freeze it fresh if you have extra?
    I would love to try this!
    Margaret B

  11. Margaret..I have simply made nests in the past to freeze.. and the method I showed :)

    But here is a nice little link..

    I have no secrets..I am a novice..I have made it maybe 6 times now..One I loved was this one..

    I will add a link..I didn't have a roller then..

    It was so enjoyable :) Even w/out.

    Susan you have the KA attachments from last Xmas right? I am still tempted:)

    One day..
    Jacqueline.. happy to meet aunt's mom Jeannette's sister~

  12. Bonjour Monique~ how lovely that pasta looks drying on the rack~ I've never made pasta but you make it sound so easy ~ I would love to eat my own hand made pasta!!
    Your basil looks so healthy.

  13. I am back! I would love to have you follow me. Actually I have tried to follow you several times but my picture was too big. I got a new program that could resize it (didn't want to be one of those faceless head things) and I am now your newest follower.

  14. You make it look so easy, Monique. I haven't made pasta in a very long time. I love the flecks of basil, so pretty.

  15. You leave your signature on everything, even on pasta hanging out to dry! ;) A dish made with TLC ... right from the beginning. Exquisite.

  16. I haven't made pasta,but I would love to try this, it looks amazing!


  17. I love making pasta, too! Yours is so beautiful, Monique. What a great homage to J.'s beautiful basil! I can imagine how delicious your basil pasta meal was. Yum - :D

  18. I already loved making pasta but now totally adore it!!
    U make it soooo beautifully ,loving every pic!!
    And the freshness added in!
    m glad to find ur blog!
    And the bang bang shrimp is simply superb too!

  19. Hum... les pâtes au basilic... Quel délice! (en ce qui me concerne je suis privée de telles bonnes choses, je suis allergique au gluten!)

  20. You have the patience of a Saint! I bought the machine, but only so Mike could try it for rolling the rugelach. That failed, too much butter!
    The basil looks beautiful! Mine didn't do well this year. Maybe the deer are into pesto! :)

  21. I adore really really adore Basil, I grew a wonderful plant at my last home and picked leaves nearly every day to add to omlettes, salads, just about anything oh and corriander, cilantro I think you may call it I love it just as much. Your pasta sounds delicious

  22. Hi Monique,
    I have never made or tasted homemade pasta before but you have made me want to try it. The basil would be a lovely addition I am sure.

  23. Monique you certainly honored that gorgeous basil plant! I had a beauty this summer as well...
    That pasta is making want to make some. I have not in a very long while,
    I am going to have to dig out my pasta roller and do some very soon!
    You inspire me!

  24. That's lovely, Monique. And just simply with some garlic, cheese and oil....divine. Exactly what I could eat every day.

  25. Fabulous. I love the photographs, always a treat for me to admire them. I keep telling myself to start making my own pasta, and now you have convinced me! It definitely looks like it is worth the effort. Beautiful!

  26. Thank you for coming to visit..Have a lovely afternoon~

  27. basil in the thats awesome!

  28. I haven't made pasta in a while. I have the rolling machine, but, like Zurin said, it is the cleaning up part that keeps me away. Thanks for the reminder of how good it is!

  29. That pasta looks fabulous. I have never made my own, probably because it is labour intensive and Todd hates Pasta . . . so it would only be for me. Perhaps I need to remedy that situation, I mean, I'm worth the effort right? xxoo