Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Coffee Mug Houses~

Rudolph!~Where's your little red nose?

All warmed up from Nana's Green Tea?:)

Last year when I saw Not Martha's adorable little houses..I knew I would try this year~

Hers are so perfect..I think we have more snow here:)

This was a fun little project..I will get new straight edged mugs.. white perhaps..at the dollar store and try them on that..seems all our plain mugs have curled lips..

You can get the how to's at her terrific blog..So many wonderful ideas.. endless resources..etc..

I used SOl's Gingerbread recipe..If you would love to have your proverbial Christmas Knickers knocked off..go see Memories In The Baking~Her Gingerbread did not spread..it stayed perfect..I saved her recipe too from last year..BELIEVE me.. she's good..Ace Of Cakes:)etc..

Eye candy galore at her blog too..A Christmas gift for you all to go see..Many of you have ..but just in case~

Holiday Whimsy~


  1. How adorable -- you are always trying the neatest things!

  2. How delightful, I saw these on another blog and want to try them!!! They look so adorable! Now I really want to make them....your photos are excellent!!!
    Have a happy week!
    Margaret B

  3. All I can say is Wow! I have to make these. Visions of reindeer and gingerbread will now be dancing in my head!!

    Your photos are, of course, just as magical. Thanks for the lovely start to my day.


  4. How lovely and cute! Ive never seen gems like these. so original :)

  5. Monique, your little houses are so cute. Great idea.


  6. Oh Monique, you are giving me Christmas inspiration again! I'm sure my 3 little godchildren will love these at their places on the Christmas table.
    Warm South African blessings
    Shel xx

  7. Oh my goodness, they're soooooo cute!!!


  8. Are the reindeer eatable, and what is AP flour?


  9. those are adorable, you are holding out on me...

  10. Good morning and thanks..but do go see the really pretty ones at NM:)

    AP flour is all purpose flour and the reindeer are non edible..the little houses are..like a gingerbread house..the royal icing may be a royal pain:) But the cookie is definitely edible:)
    Sol's gingerbread is so good.

  11. I know some lucky grandchildren who are going to love those :) What an adorable idea, M!

  12. Elles sont mignonnes comme tout ... Je vais essayer de les faire avec mes patients, cette semaine !

  13. I'm sorry for my spelling,I'm french from Gatineau,QC

    Thank you for your reply...

  14. I don't know how you do it, but every time I visit your blog there's something even more adorable. These are ridiculously cute!

  15. These are so so cute...and I'm sure delicious too...and of course, such beautiful photogrpahy..I would love a glass of home made ginger ale with a ginger biscuit..reminds me of my childhood - December in the summer.
    Thank you for always great ideas!

  16. You just gave me a Christmas present idea - going to buy white mugs and these lil gingerbread houses will accompany - present for a baker friend! Did check out Not Martha and Memories In The Baking blogs - both delightful!

  17. Je ne pourrais pas croquer de si belles choses.... Bisous

  18. They are so lovely and cute!!!Thank you, hugs, Flavia

  19. They are so lovely and cute!!!Thank you, hugs, Flavia

  20. can i come over? :) soo cute!

  21. So fun! I cant wait to make them and offer them for Xmas favors!

  22. Love the idea.....but I love the curser snow better. That entertained me for a couple of minutes! ;)

  23. Oh, Monique, I know I will always find something wonderful here when I come to visit. The little houses on a coffee cup are adorable. I'm on my way now to visit Not Martha and Memories in the Baking.

  24. Too Adorable perched on that mug!

  25. What cute little houses! As always, your photography is super.

  26. Absolutely adorable. I think I should try my hand at this.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. those are sooooo cute!

  28. So sweet Monique. Yours turned out wonderful. I remember seeing these last year and loving them. I am not sure I could make them as lovely as you have though! xxoo

  29. Genius idea! They look fantastic, going to have to learn the art to these babies i can tell ;0)

  30. This is great..I'm glad you all like them.. it's a nice way to spend some time with friends making them also..or family..And in a group too:) in Cannes:) And as gifts.. you just give the best ideas..thanks again.
    Hope to see yours one day:)

  31. ...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go...

    But there's no better place than Monique's Shop to get your eye candy.

    Monique, I promised Thumper I'd bake another gingerbread sculpture again this year, and I haven't even started it yet.

    But, those adorable little gingerbread houses have given me the inspirational push I needed!

    Messy bird coop, mon ami!

  32. What a sweet treat...
    So unique and different.
    Love how that little house nestles on the cup!...goodness.
    I will scurry over enjoy the blog too.
    Perfectly darling for a Christmas Tea..
    Holiday fun to you M and your Family...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

    Learning french is one thing...writting it, a whole new challenge!

  33. These are adorable. I love the little icicles on some of the corners too.
    This is a recipe that just begs to be tried and tasted!

  34. Oh, I get to be the 40th comment! Brava, Nana, brava.

  35. I know I've said this before, but you have a wonderful gift for finding the most enchanting projects! How generous of you to always share them with us. Thank you!

  36. OMG! Aren't they adorable! You have such a talent, Monique! I wish I could taste one :)

  37. If those aren't cute I don't know what is!!!
    Did you have guests for these? Did they go crazy with happiness?!
    I can't wait to go to those sites...
    bye now ;)

  38. Thanks so much for your comments..Really really sweet of you.
    They are for the adults at Christmas morning brunch..I have a cold room that keeps cookies etc..perfect from the first week of Dec till quite a while..
    The children will have mittens w/ their initials..

  39. Those are just so cute! I will have to check out her blog now.

    Thank you for sharing,


  40. Oh, le temps passe si vite que j'ai loupé cet article!

    C'est adorable, je craque, j'ai été voir le lien pour le tuto, cela n'a pas l'air trop compliqué à faire.

    Je vous envoie quelques bises de France, où il fait bien froid ces jours-ci, mais le soleil est là, et merci pour votre fidélité, Monique.
    Doux baisers, miettoune

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