Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mini Ginger Christmas Cheesecakes~

I love that little Norpro Mini Cheesecake pan..It makes miniatures of larger version heavier cakes..These are almost bite sized..refreshingly good during the holidays..

Served on individual spoons..they are an ideal little pass around~

La recette

Usual Graham cracker cheesecake crust..
1 1/2 c Graham Cracker Crumbs
1/3 c Sugar
1/3 c Melted Butter

Mix all the ings..and pat in little tin..I use the end of a lemon reamer to get a nice flat shape..
You could also make the crust with gingersnap cookies:) Even more gingery!

Bake at 350 ..8-10 mins then fill..Mine took a little less time as they are small..

This time I filled with Marie's Ginger Cheesecake filling..

*Little Ginger Cheesecakes*
Makes 12 small muffin sized cheesecakes

Delicious little personal sized cheesecakes flavoured with spicy ginger. Quick, easy to make and most impressive!

2 packages (250g each of cream cheese, softened (8 ounces each)
100g of caster sugar (1/2 cup)
2 large free range eggs
2 knobs of preserved ginger, finely chopped
1 TBS of the syrup from the ginger jar

I halved the recipe for J and I to test:)Great.. why should I have bothered testing a Marie recipe?:)

Beat the cream cheese, sugar and ginger syrup together in a bowl until smooth. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, on low speed just until blended in. Stir in the chopped preserved ginger.

Bake in the heated oven for 20 minutes or until the centres are almost set.

Cool, then place in the refrigerator to chill for at least 3 hours or overnight.

Go to Marie's Blog for her pretty..different version..

That everyone should..should:) Like~


  1. look at your cheesecake! How pretty!

  2. These are so precious... I can imagine them as a huge hit at a small luncheon... and not the guilt of a huge cake! Beautiful photos... just perfect!!

  3. Cute, cute, cute!!

    I'm sure they taste as wonderful as they are beautiful. Love your serving piece, too. :) xo

  4. A perfect bite...or 2! Beautiful presentation, which makes them even more irresistible. I like the idea of using gingersnap cookies for the crust, since I love ginger.

    And really, all we ever need is just one delicious bite.


  5. They're very lovely and look very pro. I love the plate/spoon a lot.

  6. they are so cute on the spoons~ i love my pans, thanks to you persuading me to shop :)

  7. Delightful bites! I just love little sweet treats in bite sizes. These look so delicate too. When I think of cheesecake I think of rich and heavy. Maybe it's the size, but these are just adorable.
    Your images, I think, are the best in bloggland. What camera do you use, and what setting?
    You have a naturally gifted artistic eye! Always exquisite.

  8. my my they look lovely and yummy!

    xoxo lylah

  9. Simply gorgeous! Your pics are sheer eye candy.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family, Monique.
    Shel xx

  10. I agree with Yvonne, your images are absolutely outstanding. I am always telling people to come here. I think you have the best pictures I have seen. I would love to know your camera and settings too. But besides that, I think you just have an amazing eye and sense of style.
    ....Those spoons and the holder are just wonderful. I have never seen anything like it.

    I also loved your little gingerbread houses on the sides of cups. I would love to try those. The kiddies would love that little surprise on Christmas morning! Monique, everything you do is wonderful!

  11. Hum... Il est encore tôt chez moi lorsque je découvre votre dernière publication. Je n'ai pas encore pris mon petit-déjeuner, mais je le troquerais bien volontiers contre une de ces belles bouchées...
    Je vous félicite pour l'ensemble de ces belles photos. Vous êtes une véritable tentatrice ma chère Nana!

  12. Monique, aren't those cheesecakes fabulous! Very tasty! I love the way you have presented yours. Put's mine to shame. Yours are so pretty and I love the spoons and holder! How wonderful!

  13. I always smile when I visit your pretty site because it's such a joy!! the little mini cheese-cakes look divine in the spoons.

  14. I love cheesecake...never eatean with ginger...I will try it!!! Thanks, love, Flavia

  15. Picture perfect! I love that you made them single serve :)

  16. Very pretty, could I ask where you bought your ornaments with the names?


  17. Good morning..I'm actually flabbergasted because I always find everyone of your photos so wonderful.

    I guess sometimes I get lucky.

    I have a few cameras collected over the years..
    Canon XSI,Oly E-510..and a Sony DSCH2..

    My first ones were the Nikon flips..I love them for macro..but not lower light..The Dslrs are the Oly and the Canon.

    SOOC the Oly is sharper..The Canon..I love that 50mm lens..:) It's so forgiving.

    I know nothing about lenses ,aperture, even less..I've tried w/ funny.. more work than it's worth here.. I have to shoot in natural light only.. I often use manual focus with the Canon looking in the LCD to get where I want the sharpest focus with the 50mm.
    Honestly though..I love all your photos..we are funny that way in life..appreciating others talents..that's makes us want to learn..

    Ginette..I found those ornaments at Zellers las year in between Christmas and New Years..I am never there..but happened to be:)

    I looked and looked for Max and luck..:)

    Maybe this year..

    Marie they ARE fabulous and they ARE your recipe..I made them..cause yours looked so good!

    Have a great weekend..
    And Thanks..there I go again..

  18. Stunning little cheesecakes and a gorgeous post. It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Perfect dessert buffet treat.

  19. Oh, mini cheesecakes are adorable. I want that pan!

  20. What an adorable way to serve the little ginger cheesecakes, Monique! Wherever did you find that?

    And I loved your last post....going to save that idea for next year. I actually went to a gingerbread house-making event last week. I really have NO talent. :( But I try!

  21. may I ask what kind of bake ware you used? they came out so beautifully!

  22. I used this pan..

    The quality is excellent..they are foolproof:) They work like a charm w/ their tiny removable bottoms..non stick too..
    Great great product.
    By the way I have had them for friend Arlene ordered them to the states for me and then she shipped them to me..

    You pay double in shipping..but sometimes the person has free shipping if over $25.00.
    When we visit the states..Amazon is such a treat for us.
    I find their customer service..pretty outstanding~.

  23. Everything you do is so professional!
    I'm always amazed :)

  24. They look amazing, delicious and beautiful! I have the same pan but sadly lost one of the wee round circles :(

    Love your ornaments!

  25. So cute.
    LOVE the little spoons.
    Please never stop blogging M.

    Making the organza necklace this evening....finding the process very rewarding so far..
    Thank You...I love to learn new things.
    Your a sweet one,
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  26. Nana ohhhh Nana..........ohhhhh
    these these are what I've been waiting all my life to eat!!!!!


    your little cheesekate.

  27. Cheesekate:)Genius:)And charming.

    Kathy I learn so much from more ways than one..
    I can't wait to see your organza necklaces..I am certain I will want to make yours~

    Susan..check your disks.. I have sometimes thought..maybe twice that I lost one..but they were together.. check:) I hope so..You know I bet Norpro could send you one..let's find out.

  28. Magnifiques. Ils doivent être appréciés de tous.

  29. ce n'est plus seulement un plaisir de venir visiter votre blog avec ces photos "appétissantes" mais cela devient un vrai délice, que dis-je une délectation !
    Un vrai plaisir que l'on savoure...
    continuez Nana c'est un ravissement !

  30. These little cheesecakes are adorable. Love the presentation, too.

  31. Hi!
    I haven't been here in a while...but see I need to refresh my sidebar favorites :o)
    You have an amazing blog!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and talents with all of us ~

  32. these are lovely lovely little cheesecake bites! I love the small size and a great idea to serve them on a spoon.
    As always...your phototgraphy inspires and the ideas even more...and those cute Noah and Lucas baubles..!

  33. These are so darn cute! I didn't know about the mini-cheesecake pan. I'll have to look for that.

  34. These are gorgeous!! Love the little "plates"!

  35. Oh mini cheesecakes! They are so pretty and I'm sure so yummy too! Love it!!

  36. Je me demande si je ne serais pas en train d'envier terriblement tes petits enfants ? ;o)))
    Bisous et bravo pour toutes les merveilles que tu nous offre avec tant de générosité ...


  37. These are absolutely adorable! Why is anything in miniature just....cuter?? Can I ask where you got our plate/spoons for those lil' minis? Your presentative puts them over the top. THANKS Ü