Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I did it..I really really did it:) Them~

I was at Costco and ONE book called my name out loud..they had a selection of European books in cases w/ little baking dishes..or silicone molds..or 1 only Macarons book w/ all the necessary accoutrements..Could I resist?

I picked it up and knew I was buying it w/out hesitation..sometimes that happens..not often..not one split second of indecision..The original price was in Euros..I love their symbol..I think the cover got me..then the symbol..then seeing everything that came with it!

I love this book..It was the only one!!


I needed that. I need that.

I am so happy..they have feet..they turned out well..

I filled some w/ jam..some w/ dulche de leche..some w/ nutella..I didn't get carried away with fillings as I did not know I would actually get them right.

You know they're not my favorite cookies..but they're my favorite looking cookie.I was in Paris for a few moments..

Ladurée.. area.. up the street a bit maybe..but in my mind..when I saw them..done..I was IN Paris..

This is the little book and accoutrements..

Très Joli emballage!

Je suis emballée!

Thank you Costco for your little goodies once in a while!~
Made my day.

Footnote..I filled quite a few..brought some to my DD across the street and kept some.. 2 were left over.. the next day they had gone soft..glad I saved the rest of the shells they are fine unfilled..

Pretty little things for sure~


  1. HA! For once I beat the masses!


    oh boy, I wake up way too chipper.

    Nana, these are absolutely lovely.
    You realize your food styling is bar none. I've seen a lot of photographs in my time, you set the bar high.

  2. Enjoy waking up chipper beautiful!
    You just put a smile on my morning face:)
    Have a great day~

  3. those are so pretty in pink! i had no idea there were things required to make these cookies, what a fun book for you! i bet you loved them melting in your mouth :)

  4. Me too! I'm smiling and thinking about Ladurée. It's snowing in Paris ~ a winter wonderland! Thanks for sharing this beauty. I'm going to search for this book. Enjoy your day! ~ Sarah

  5. I can understand why that darling little book makes you happy! Looks yummy, Monique.

  6. You did it, Mmmmmonique!! :) And they are beau-ti-ful! So very pretty and dainty. In my favourite colour too. :) I cannot resist pink. :) How coincidental is it that I shared my Laduree calender on my latest post? You read my mind, or maybe I read yours? :) Enjoy your day! I am so happy to read this post, Nana. :)

  7. Oh, isn't it a thrill the first time you see those little 'feet'? They are a labor of love and I also admit they are not my favorite-tasting cookie but they are winners in the good looks category and yours are simply bea-utiful!

  8. J'adore Ladurèe macarons...... yours are perfect!!!Recipe please...... hugs, Flavia

  9. Ah les macarons ! Ils sont restés si longtemps dans l'ombre... Ils étaient devenus démodés. Puis il y a environs 5-6 ans ils ont été remis sous les projecteurs des pâtissiers les plus renommés de France. Lenôtre, Hermier...
    Sucrés ou salés ils remportent un vif succès. Moi je les aime tous...
    J'en prépare très souvent également.
    Gros bisous et merci pour toutes ces belles photos de vos macarons et livre de recettes...
    A très vite...

  10. It was perfect serendipity! Lovely!

  11. They are spectacular! I actually have that book but not the additional "stuff"...I have been afraid to try...
    Maybe I will...
    Yours are soooo beautiful!

  12. Wow! J'adore la présentation! Elle est charmante avec ses jolies couleurs qui font rêver. Caroline B. de Tomates cerises et Basilic

  13. SO magical and perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I actually tasted them in Paris a few years ago, they are pretty but not one of my favorites!


  15. Ginette I am so glad you shared that with me..you actually tasted a REAL one:) and they weren't that great.. I mean..they're edible and totally elegant and not too sweet...my husband loved them..he is always so nice with comments about my food..and my DSIL apparently liked them also...but I must admit they are not like a S'mores cookie:)
    Thanks everyone.. Flavia..for the recipe it's complicated.. not the proportions but the method and the right temperature etc..my book explains everything so well.. But in many photos etc.. I would go to Julia's Blog.. http://melangerbaking.com/2010/12/14/12-days-of-macarons-day-10-%E2%80%93-cranberry-macarons-2/

    I think it is such a great blog and her macarons are perfect everytime..
    It will be as if you had my book..I do find the book and accessories when I Google..on European sites..
    Many of the blogs I love have mastered them..But Julia's blog is often about Macarons :)And hers are perfect every time..I mentioned to her I was hoping she was in the box I bought:)

    Thanks for the nice comments..I think they are so cute too..they are not my last.. for little girlie get togethers:) Special occasions..gifts..They really are works of heart..I can't even imagine making as many as Julia.

    It's when the feet popped out:) And then..adding the sprinkles..it just all felt like fun to me.

    (Doesn't take much:) yet it takes a lot..)I know ..sounds funny~

  16. Nana, I just found your site. What deliciousness! Macarons are one of my favourite treats and luckily I can buy real macarons at our market today! Yay! Made by real French artisans. As good as most I tasted in Paris - maybe no gold like at Laduree.

    Pichets in Paris

  17. I was thinking of you today as I plopped my plain cookies on a plate for my post!
    Your cookies are so pretty and as always you staged them so well.


  18. Those macarons are just so pretty ~ imagine they even have their little feet !! I have tried to make them 3 times but unfortunately no feet and collapsed insides ugg!!
    Love your photography

  19. oh i love that too getting a book or cd even that comes with goodies and yes i think of paris now evertime i see a macarons they are so Pari....

  20. Bonjour Comme c'est beau ici.
    I have just discovered you through
    Savoring Time in the Kitchen .
    I just love your blog and hope you don't mind but decided to join you.
    I have always wanted to make macarons because they are so beautiful; your are perfect; just like the ones you see in France. Must go check out my Costco.

  21. Very pretty indeed! Feet on the first try? You rock :).

  22. Monique....exquisite! Something I always wanted to try my hand at, but think I will leave it up to the experts..you!
    Blessings from me to you.
    Shel x

  23. Bravo, Monique. Little feet didn't appear until my third or fourth try. You've photographed your macarons so beautifully. When I make a successful batch I feel like I've really accomplished something.

  24. Je n'ai jamais fait de macarons. Ils sont magnifiques.

  25. Cathy I remember yours also! YOu have mastered them!
    Helene.. cours vite au Costco.. :)
    Shel I just saw your fudge..it looks heavenly..
    Xiaolu..I had tried once before w/out this book and accoutrements..no feet:(

    This book was worth it to me..
    I am visual..I need to see:)

    Hi Rita..I will go see you~:)Thank you..

    Carolyn..nothing you do is PLAIN! That made me smile..

    Thanks very much.. Maybe I was lucky:)

  26. They turned out perfectly. I'm with you - not my favourite cookie but the most elegant. I love the sprinkles. How did you do that? Sprinkle on before baking I suppose.

  27. I SO love it when serendipity puts the perfect book in your path! Pretty, pink & perfect macarons :-)

  28. Yes I sprinkled before baking..on half..Because I did not know how they would be:)

    Thank you.

  29. I tried to make these for a Daring Bakers challenge. It didn't work out so well! But at least I tried. I'm glad yours came out well!

  30. I still haven't made these. I am ashamed of myself! Letting a cookie intimidate me.
    You did a super job and I do love the way you photographed them...beautiful.

  31. Absolutely exquisite! Your photo and presentation make my mouth water. I haven't tried these either, but you made them so lovely that it makes me want some right now. What a lovely, lovely post. I know, I am gushing!

  32. Quel raffinement et d'élégance!! Ton blog est Magnifique:)xxxx

  33. Your macarons are so gorgeous Monique..how I wish I could taste one? they are such a lovely color! I'm in Paris next week...I will think of you and gave one especially for you!!
    Gros bisous

  34. Magical Monique, they are little works of art!

    Me too, they are not my favorite cookie, but they certainly make my heart skip a beat when I see them in perfect form, as you have done... complete mit feet! :D

    Congratulations on your beautiful macarons ~ exquisite!

  35. Macaroons...
    Don't think for one minute I'm not listening...and learning!
    I've always admired the Macaroon...
    Look at little Oliver..Last christmas all wrapped up in your arms, this year so big!
    Beautiful...all of them.
    I'm so glad you had a fun time with your Costco discovery...One left just for you M.

    Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  36. Have a lovely day..~Ronelle..Paris next week:) What a treat!Yes bite into one for me..Kathy you'll be speaking French before you know it..

    Have a lovely day~

  37. Monique, your macarons are beautiful! Well done YOU! xxoo

  38. What pretty and dainty macarons. And those pastel jimmies are like jewelry. I have that book, too. I bought it last winter...couldn't help myself. I found that the weather affects the texture. My got chewy after awhile. I'm not sure how the French bakeries keep the texture so even. Maybe they never get a chance to sit around long enough :-)

    Fabulous job, all the way around!

  39. Wowee!!! "High five!" :) nice to see people around blogland accomplishing this dream...I need to jump in and try it! Yours are beautiful!
    we all
    meet in

    one day? :)

  40. Oh, no! You did NOT get them perfectly on the first try! A-MAY-ZING! But of course you'd do it, what am I thinking?

    I actually love macarons. They have no wheat in them! But I haven't made them successfully yet... I have several books, including another one by J. Marechal. Sigh... Luckily, there's a patisserie down the street that makes them. I can spend some of the calories on my way to get them!

    Thanks for posting these, Monique. They're GORGEOUS!

  41. That was serendipity! I love that it came with all the gadgets. Very clever.

  42. I bought that little box set at the musee des art decoratif!
    I am hoping to make VERY SOON
    I have too many books on macarons-over-informed and under practiced :)
    You did well the first go round!
    I will look at that book again