Friday, December 31, 2010

Star-Studded Holiday Granola Parfaits~

For Christmas Brunch..I served a few little "cakes gourmands"..with Holiday Salt. .. then at the table with the mimosas..I had made these Granola Parfaits.. to start.. I had a bowl of packaged yogurts for the small boys to chose and they could add their own fresh granola if they wanted..I have learned that little boys are their own food critics..and prefer simpler things:)
I made easy peasy recipe....added Greek yogurt..drizzled with honey on every layer..It was chilled..and hit the spot~

Nice and light before a French Toast Casserole an pecan praline bacon..
I could just eat the parfaits actually~I almost did just that.

The granola recipe is a mix of several..

Rolled Oats.. coconut,brown sugar,cranberries, cinnamon,butter, maole syrup..etc..

I really did improvise and mix 3 recipes up..Can't remember exactly which proportions either..except for the 4 cups of rolled oats:)

I enjoy Carambolas../Starfruit.. so pretty for the season~Did you know you can slice them up and freeze them? It works! They lighten in color though..not this crisp fresh green~

Nice little New Year's Day Breakfast also~

Enjoy your evening and let's all wake up to a fresh sparkly ,healthy and happy new year~


  1. you even make breakast pure art! i didn't even think to freeze the star fruit~

    when i was young and on my honeymoon with husband numero uno we went to hi, he had friends there with a huge tree in the front yard. GIANT ones, like how my lemons get, bright golden and beauitful, i have been in love with them ever since~ never cut them whie green, i like them deep deep yellow. yum i am hungry now!

    happy new year my divine miss m~

  2. You make me smile:) I have never seen a huge tree of these..Could you plant one?

    I know how your lemons get?
    Never seen anything like them~
    happy new Year to you too St Francesca~

  3. Monique, I don't even like cereal and I would be happy with your parfaits.

    Of course I would be happy with everything you cook.

    Happy New Year.


  4. Granola and yogurt are my favorite breakfast and you've taken them to a whole new level, Monique. What a pretty presentation. After this weekend I'll be back to lighter, healthier foods again. For a while anyway.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I've been meaning to make some granola...people love it!
    Your photos are as always gorgeous!
    Happy New Year Nana!

  6. Monique, happy new year. I hope that this one brings you all the good things that you deserve! those starfruit. Gorgeous!

  7. ★ ★ Lumière *. • best wishes˚ ˚ Paix•. ★ ★ Peace★ Joie *. °. ° * * ★ ★ • ˚Abondance ˚ ★ ★ New Beginnings˛ ˚ ˛ • Bonne Année!!

  8. Granola and yogurt is one of my favorite breakfasts! I love the Ain5 Aunt Melissa's version the best. How beautiful your parfaits look with their pretty green stars with the green of the tray reflecting upward too! What a pretty presentation! Your family is so lucky :)

    Noah's snowman made me smile! Love the 'hair'!

  9. Bon Bout d'An Monique - hope 2011 will be a great year for everyone...may our problems be small or none at all!

    Here's to a Healthy, Prosperous, Happy New Year...

  10. Monique... those pictures are just magical. I would often use star fruit for shoots because they make everything look so pretty... the light coming through them... well granola never had it so good~~~ Have a great New Year.. wish I could come to your brunch!

  11. Layering these simple ingredients into a beautiful presentation makes it so much more 'delicious' than heaping in an old bowl! Very pretty!

  12. A toast to you, my fairy godmother. Please continue to fascinate us with your magic in this new year. Happy 2011 to all at home. xoxo

  13. Oh my, the perfect breakfast Monique!! They look so beautiful. I am in awe of you and your talents! Happy New Year! xxoo

  14. What a lovely presentation! What kind of fruit is that star?

  15. Yummy, delightful and beautiful all in one Parfaits. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. Wishing you all my best in 2011, and I THANK you for your visits and friendship in 2010.

  16. Good morning ..the 1rst of the year..Jessica..they are carambolas..starfruit.
    All the very best everyone..
    Looking forward to another year with you~~

  17. Bonne Année Monique,
    Lovely way to have breakfast, you do make everything seem so much tastier and so pretty!!!!
    Hope your New Year is starting out with lots of joy and happiness, so glad we have met through blogging.
    You have influenced me in many ways and how I make and prepare things, I just wanted to say thank you and send a big hug!
    Margaret B

  18. Gorgeous Monique!
    I love how the starfruit look!
    I wish you a Happy ,Healthy ,New year....full of joy!

  19. Granola and Yogurt are my favorite LUNCH actually...
    Beautifully displayed with the star fruit M.
    Looking forward to visiting daily in the New Year.
    Health and Happiness to you and your lovies in 2011.
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. Everything you make is so pretty!

  21. The star fruits are so pretty! I must use them like that one day....n the parfaits look absolutely beautiful...magical Monique! happy new year Monique!

  22. how beautiful and delicious...festive this looks!!
    I hope you had a lovely time...but of course you had, I'm sure!

  23. I never like granola but your recipe sounds so good! These look beautiful :)

  24. Your photos...breathless...these just look perfect to waking up to!
    So refreshing,..oh, I really like coming here xxxx

  25. When I saw the bright shining stars and fresh green, I breathed a sigh of happiness.

    Thanks for the brilliant idea and the beautiful pics!!