Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank You~ Merçi~

It's December..already.. So soon? Yet so long ago seems last Christmas..

I just wanted to start this month off with gratitude to people I have "Met" here..

The above little decorations were all made by the generosity of Miette's sharing..a new blogging friend for me this year..

It seems that we really do get to share wonderful thoughts..inspirations..ideas..friendships through this cyberspace..France,The USA,South Africa, Australia, Canada, Singapore,Malaysia,Hong Kong,China.. England..THE WORLD!
I cannot tell you how many nice people I have met including my NBF.. and newer friends.. This year..kindness has abounded in letters and notes ..and I just want to say thank you thank you thank you..For everything ,from the bottom of my heart~

We correspond with some and open up and share and learn and get strength..learn about Grace and Courage.. and generosity..

We also get to learn new things..The Graphics Fairy has been a source of such creativity for well as her followers who share their great ideas..

Like..Vintiquities Workshop~

There is still a lot to add to these...But I thought I would share in case you missed~

So you see..all are copies.. all are ideas from this fun little alone time world..

Un gros Merçi..cause we're not always baking and cooking and hands need to be busy~
I wish you all a wonderful month of December and the Happiest of Holidays..


  1. Thank you...for being here..with us!!! xoxoxoxoxo ciao Flavia...e grazie!

  2. i know you get back what you give, and in my opnion the whole world adores you :)

  3. Et un grand merci a toi aussi..tu es si précieuse!

  4. Gracias a tí querida Monique, for all the visual candy.

  5. I know I'm always in for something beautiful to look at when I come here, Monique :) You can tell it comes from the heart ♥

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful month of the excitement and happiness of being home for Christmas!

  6. Beautiful work and so peaceful, but are you going away or are you sick?

    I hope your Christmas will be blessed with hope, love and health!


  7. No no I am not going away..I just thought the song went with the little house so well:)

    And I just wanted to say Thank you..
    I know I say that a lot..but that is me in real life.
    I even say thank you to my husband.:)

    For anything.
    Thank you for the good wishes..

  8. These creations are so precious. I hope you're enjoying the beautiful season!

  9. Happy Holidays to you and your family Monique!!! I can't imagine blog world without you. Thanks for making each visit to your posts so special. I enjoy all your baking, crafts and beautiful photography and most of all watching our little grandbabies grow. Looking forward to everything you will share with us this Winter :) XOXO

  10. Je suis toujours toute émoustillée de tourner une nouvelle page de votre blog... Revenez-nous vit... Je vous souhaite un excellent mois de décembre riche en préparatifs divers...
    Bisous et mille mercis pour vos gentilles paroles laissées sur mon blog.

  11. Thank you so much for the inspiration you provide, great food, and lovely, creative ideas.

  12. Copy or always put your own Special Magic into each project. I, too, enjoy Miette and am so grateful she did not "hang it up" recently - glad she has decided to blog and share her goodies with us. Graphics Fairy is delightful and I download so many graphics from her. Just viewed Vintiquities Workshop for the first time; thanks for recommending this blog - her stocking pattern is already saved and ready to cut out tomorrow.

    You bring so much Joy to us - a Big Thank You in return.

  13. I would like to thank you Monique, because you are always a bright spot in my day. After I visit you I always feel peaceful and happier than when I arrived....
    I wish you and your family the most joyous holiday season...
    Much Love...
    Linda xo

  14. Merci for bringing so much loveliness to the blogosphere. It's always a joy to visit with you, mon amie.

  15. La période est propice aux remerciements, aux souhaits, et aux mots d'amour, rien de plus normal de le dire à mon avis, il ne faut pas hésiter à dire ses sentiments, car la vie est parfois si soudaine, que l'on a plus le temps de le faire.
    Alors moi-aussi, par ces quelques mots, je vous dis merci à vous, merci au ciel d'avoir permis notre rencontre.
    Je vous souhaite un très bon weekend,Miette.

  16. Monique, I don't even know how I found you, but I feel like you are such a special person in my life. I adore my blog friends. I know my family doesn't understand, but it is so wonderful to be blessed by the wonderful women of the world, and what a beautiful world of women it is. I too feel such peace when I visit. Your talent in so many areas is just astounding. I am off to visit Vintiquities. I love it when bloggers recommend each other.
    Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend.

  17. Oh, somehow I missed that these were yours! They are gorgeous. I visited Vintiquities too, what a lovely site. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Merci à toi aussi, d'être là parmi nous, à nous proposer des choses toujours plus belles !

  19. Yes, it's true.Internet connects people.I'm glad we met, even virtually.And thank you, Monique!

  20. Jain is so correct to say you get back what you give....and you give all of us a special place to visit that is beautiful, peaceful and full of inspiration and love.

    Merci, for all that you do and your magic. I hope the holidays are full of joy for you and your beautiful family.

  21. And thank YOU, Monique. You are a new friend and I so enjoy visiting you!

  22. Nous sommes bien heureux de t'avoir dans le monde des bloggers. Merci de partager de belles recettes et photos.

  23. One of the sweetest Nana I have come to know in food blogosphere... And to think that the elusive dots of fate have connected us in such magical ways... I am indeed mesmerized and thankful.

  24. You can count me as one who adores you! I am so happy that your beautiful posts are a part of my life. I echo your words of thanksgiving for all my friends throughout cyberspace. It is an amazing community of talented, generous individuals.
    Thanks for your friendship, Monique!
    ~ sarah

  25. Thank you to you Monique for all that you have shared and for simply there. You are cherished by so many and I am definitely one of them. Thank YOU for giving and sharing a precious part of your life dear friend. take care.


  26. Such wonderful inspiration in our world of blogging...I agree Monique.
    Most of all the most amazing people.
    xoxo Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  27. Have a wonderful Sunday.. the little stockings are filled and moving along.. They are fun I hope you try them.
    The little houses of Miette:)
    You're all just great.

  28. And thank YOU for sharing so much. These decorations are adorable. Have a great December.

  29. I wish I could find the time to do all these projects.....your lucky to be able too! Keep up the good work,merci!