Sunday, January 2, 2011

Soul Food #71~

Random Acts Of Kindness~
That leads me to this post to start the New Year in Soul Food~
I think almost 2 yrs ago this summer husband and I were at Costco..and we liked a mattress..a Queen size mattress.. w/ a Toyota car:)

We were pondering this purchase ..and another couple was also.. but they had made their decision and was putting it on their trolley.. we said we were interested but no way to bring it home.. she said she had a pick up truck and was with her son also..One thing led to another..some smiles ..some laughter..and they said.. we will bring one set home for you..

(we had never met before)..Found out they lived maybe 15 minutes away from us..but they had a busy busy day..yet took the time to do this..The gentleman and the son took the mattresses us..and she and my husband and I came back in our car..

we chatted briefly.. we looked at the gardens and they left.
I thought it was so genuinely nice of them..

They went to India last winter.. and we met this fall Costco..
Different circumstances.. but the same kindness..

We have kept in touch a bit via email this fall..and she shared this about the new year with me in an email before Christmas..
It was uplifting to me.. and I know that's why she sent it:)

So in résumé..for everyone..this is what it was about~

For 2011~

On Siesta Key Beach on the winter solstice day..there was an event to mark it will not happen again in 36 years..prefect alignment of sun and earth..
Which she went to~

It was the 21rst(3) of the 12th month(3) of 2010(3) add them up and it's 9~the next number is 1..

So.. 2011 is to be ..
A year of New Beginnings..a Year of Illumination..To let our insides shine and let it show to others through our actions..

(To me this couple is the essence of that~)
I think this is a nice foot to start the New Year on..For all of us~

On a tender note..I want to share this.. I think of my parents so much at this time of year..Today would have been my mom's 92nd birthday~That's why I am one day early for SF.
This is a beautiful photographic tribute to this gentleman's dad..the letter to his so poignant.

Days With My father


  1. What a beautiful post too start the year it touched my heart. Thank you; Wishing you and your family all the best for 2011.

  2. I agree with Rita. This is a very touching post Monique. It also reaffirms that there are kind and generous people in the world. Best wishes, good health and happiness for 2011 for you and your family.

  3. An absolutely lovely and touching message ... excellent Soul Food to begin the New Year.

    Thank you for sharing all that you do, Monique. All the best to you and your sweet family in 2011.

    Cherished thoughts of your dear parents, especially of your mother on what would have been her 92nd birthday. ((Gentle Hugs)) xo

  4. once in a while you meet some kind and warmhearted people in a world that seems to become cold. i wish you a lot of those people, monique. happy new year for you and your family.

  5. What a wonderful kindness and heart-felt post!

    Even though she is not with you, Happy Birthday to your dear mother. Mine would have been 95 in 2010.

    May 2011 and the new decade bring you and your every happiness!

    I will look at that linked post now :)

  6. pieces to the jigsaw, i didn't know costco was fl too, i had no idea you still kept in touch, i remember when it happened. and how you wanted barb there... sm universe, big soul~

  7. You always feed my soul no matter what day it is...
    Happy New Year sweet Monique...
    wishing you everything wonderful!

  8. Happy New Year, Monique. Good health for you and yours. We know that is the most important!

  9. I would so like to think this is the year the world gets it's bearings and love reigns... let's keep our fingers crossed for fewer Scrooges and more like your friends at Costco. Happy 2011... may your wishes come true!

  10. Happy New Year, Monique! This is a lovely post ~ stunning images and heartwarming thoughts.
    Wishing you all good things in 2011.
    ~ Sarah

  11. Touching post...emotional times. What a lovely, kind couple you met...

  12. a lovely n uplifting message for the new year! your story makes me want to be kinder too:)

    happy new year to you n family n btw, you take fantastic photos!

  13. Absolutely love it Monique. Beautiful post. Here's to 2011 and happy days to come. xxoo

  14. touching indeed Monique. Kindness is always remembered. Happy new year :))

  15. A touching post Maonique...makes me look forward to this year...and interactins with people...may we all adapt this way of being kind and gentle, unselfish, giving...
    I wish you many happy and content moments in 2011!

  16. I am so touched by them and that young man..I think I have watched his tribute to his dad several times now..

    Have a lovely day..Thank you~

  17. Qu'une bonne et heureuse année s'offre à vous Monique, douces pensées de France, Miette

  18. Happy new year.
    I hope 2011 will be as rich as 2010 for you.
    Share again all your nice pictures with us.

  19. Thanks for sharing, Monique. Reading the book made me cry. My dad is 90 and in failing health and the words really touched a tender and sensitive place in my heart.

  20. Beautiful post Monique, really touched me...thinking so of my parents too! ♥
    Much love

  21. Cathy..I can just imagine.. I hope I didn't make you sadder..I cry when I read it too..and smile..(he had such a sense of humor!)As Shel..and Jain and Susan.. and Mary.. and probably most of you.. it touches a sentimental spot in our souls..
    I think his dad must be so proud:)

  22. lovely as always Monique thinking of your mum and you missing her sigh....i feel that
    the kindness of strangers so lovely
    2011 i wish the very best and good health for you this year.

  23. A heartfelt post. I know you miss your Mom and I also know she is always with you.

    Wonderful story of kindness. It is the small acts that connect us as human beings.

    I wish you the best in the coming year and always.

  24. Kind serendipity...I'm sure it cannot help but follow you being the good soul that you are. What a wonderful story. I appreciated your observation regarding the eclipse on the 21st of last month. I knew it was an unusual alignment, but I did not put together the 12/21/2010! I am looking forward to this new year being a rich, happy one.
    P.S. You have my empathy regarding remembering a lost loved ones oldest brother would have celebrated his on December 31st. We remember with love.