Monday, July 4, 2011

Soul Food #97~

Coloring outside the lines is a fine art. ~Kim Nance

I just had to share with you these little watercolor pens..My Neighbor/Friend..Nancy..bought herself one or 2 of these..She is a true some of my blogger friends are:)

She showed me and I said:"Next time you go to your art store..can you pick me up one or 2?"..:)

And she did..

She does all kinds of art..she writes.. she does gouache,pastels,oil,watercolor,sketches..Adds fine papers.. I love her studio..Her easel..the way the light shines.. her works in progress..It's a treat for me to go in..
I like playing w/ my small Cotman pocket time I will make sure it has a little water bottle..

But look at these little marvels...the water is in the pen:)

I keep them in our sunroom w/ the travel kit.. and a new sketchbook..

I am a paint by number artist..I've told you that..
But these are so much fun..I encourage all of you who would like to try tarvel watercolor:) to get one of these..

Speaking of artists..Have you seen Ronelle's new gallery? She is African Tapestry..the Food Blog..and The Art blog,she's just been on a painnting trip to Provence..and has just opened up her own absolutely charming gallery..Go see here..In person would be so nice!!


  1. These are really neat watercolor pens. They look so practical and easy to paint with. Summer is great for sitting outside and painting nature--when it's not too hot, of course:)

  2. These are really neat watercolor pens. They look so practical and easy to paint with. Summer is great for sitting outside and painting nature--when it's not too hot, of course:)

  3. Watercolors.... aaaaahh! ;)
    Your posts are always a delight to read/see! Thank you for putting your soul into them.
    Sending hugs,
    Monica xo

  4. What a lovely post; I was not gifted with that talent, but really admire other people who share it with us.

  5. You are amazing. I think in my next life I will be blessed with creativity. I am envious of those with the talent.

  6. Monique those are so cool! I have not pulled out my watercolors in such a long time! I think I will look for some of those pens...wonder if Michael's would have them?

    Once soul is fed!

  7. These little pens are perfect for a travel case. I've never seen anything like them in the art store. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them, Monique.

  8. I haven't seen those pens, Monique! They are A Good Thing :) I must look to see if my favorite online art supply store carries them!

    I love your watercolor sketch :)

    I must see Ronelles new gallery - I love her food watercolors too.

  9. Susan..that's why I you all could get some..They are so nice even in the backyard..
    The above is about the extent of what I do:)

    Enjoy everyone..
    and yes Ronelle's gallery is so beautiful..a taste of France~

  10. What wonderful pens. Your writing is gorgeous too. I have been away for a while so I am catching up.

  11. Wonderful clever.
    Ronelle is also such a talented girl...would love to see her little gallery someday.
    I'm away at the limited access...was so nice to see your post pop up!
    Shel x

  12. Watercolor pens!!!!
    Music to my ears.
    Will certainly pay a visit.
    and Chocolate/blueberry Jam...a charming combo.
    Chocolate seems to make anything better!

    Have a wonderful summer week,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Thank you dear Monique,,!
    And yes...those are great little water brushes, they fit perfectly in a bag.
    how happy I am to see your painting...hope it is one of many we'll get to see!!!

  14. I love this, your creations are always so beautiful! I cherish a special one you made for me. *heart*

    I have never seen these pens, must go shopping @ the online art supply store.

    Thinking of you, sweet Monique. :) xoxo

  15. I know I can see something pretty everytime I come here. The painting and the pens are SWEET!

  16. I wish I could just casually draw like this...

    Just discovered your blog. Would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  17. Love this idea, Monique. I never knew there was such a thing.
    I can't even draw a stick figure! I think I'm hopeless.

  18. I must go fossicking in the shops to see if I can find these pens Monique - they sound like a great idea.
    Have a lovely week and keep safe. xx

  19. I can't draw stick figures either...They are just fun.. get a little kit of watercolors and these pens..:) Summer fun.Andrea.. hello:)

  20. simply fabulous!!!!...pure inspiration!

  21. Just look! I ask to see your work and here is one I missed. Sorry I've been MIA. Busy, busy here with little time on the computer. Then my computer had to go to the DR for a bit of work. ;-)
    But I'm back this morning catching up on all that I missed here. Big sigh! You know I find pleasure in all that you post. ~ Sarah