Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Une Jolie Gelée De Porto~

This is so pretty! And Easy..Remember that beautiful blog I mentioned to you a few times?

La Casserole Carrée?

That's where I found this little treat that had my husband's name stamped on it..
He is a lover of Porto~And Bread..And Cheese..and Wine~:)And some Ales~..

And I..just loved the look of it~

The above is after a sliver had been removed:)

La Recette~

Courtesy of the above beautiful blog~

1 Cup good quality Porto

1/2 cup raisins
1 1/2 tsps gelatin.

In a small bowl.. combine the Port..and raisins and let the flavors meld ap 1 hrs..

Place all in a small saucepan..
Sprinkle the gelatin over..and let it bloom for a few minutes..
Warm over low heat until all the gelatin is dissolved..
Remove from heat and let sit until it becomes room temp.

Strain through a Chinois....very very fine sieve..

Reserve the raisins..

pour the Port mixture in small molds..
I made 2 of the small molds that I showed you here..

Perfect size..

Place in refrigerator for ap. 3 hrs..

To unmold.. moisten the mold with warm water..

It will pop out~

I made 2..

Slice thinly upon appetizer presentation and place on a slice of baguette or crostini.. top w/ a strong delicious cheddar or really any delicious cheese ..

It's really very good..

You can also add the raisins..the Porto raisins:)I found mine chewy and sticky..I think a light chutney would be better because of my poor raisins:)

I will make this again~

With a home made's even better..add beautiful French Flair background and foreground..and le tour est joué~
C'est vraiment beau et bon~


  1. I have never heard of this;comme c'est beau! The secret is to find a really good Porto; I will keep this for a lovely repas pour 2. Merci!

  2. Je n'y aurais jamais pensé ... une bonne idée! Tout comme ton mari, j'apprécie le Porto... bien frais!
    Belles photos... comme toujours!
    Gros bisous.

  3. No doubt that homemade baguette makes it even better. You are amazing! It al looks gorgeous.

  4. This all looks so awesome....I have never heard of it but like the idea of that combination. Love your beautiful photos...I will look at her blog in the morning.
    Have a good day!
    Shel xx

  5. How beautiful Monique. Looks like a jewel. I just happen to have a Chinois too. I'm off to check out Carree now.

  6. Your photos are beautiful Monique - and how pretty to serve this little treat to a special guest.
    Your blog always inspires me.
    I hope you have a wonderful and safe week. xx

  7. Please tell Jacques that I am a porto lover too! This sounds delicious and thank you for the tip on the raisins. I will save this for a special occasion!

    Beautifully photoed :)

  8. You make the most delicious looking food and always present it in the prettiest ways!


  9. How very beautiful Monique. Your pictures as always are exceptional! xxoo

  10. Hello Monique, the Porto Gelee sounds wonderful. I'll be making easy and pretty. Of course, the photo is stunning.

  11. turned out beautifully. This reminds me of a Puerto Rican dessert that I was introduced to: fried dough, quince jelly, and cream cheese. Sounds weird but it is sooo delcious. They eat it for breakfast too.

  12. Good morning..I hope you all like it who try it.. doesn't sound weird at all:)

    Have a wonderful day everyone..By the way the lovely watercolor..Is African Tapestry..Ronelle's beautiful work..

    I sent you to her new Gallery on a previous post..I know she is here in's less showy:)

  13. such gorgeous pics, i love the day lily tossed in too, rich, warm and sensual pics ...

    oh i am blushing!

  14. Beautiful composition regarding photos. Wow, what a rich deep red/burgundy color...just luxurious.

  15. Couldn't be easier, could it? Great snack to have with cheese and bread and much easier to make than quince jelly. I see why you feel for it... gorgeous snaps too!!!

  16. C'est parfait! And I LOVE a good Port too!
    Karen ~ Lavender and Lovage

  17. Have a great weekend..
    Harry Potter glasses are ordered..more gouache..and a new journal:)

    Every item..under $10.00 :)

    And the glasses my daughter found? Free shipping~ My girls are professional shoppers:)

    Karen.. so nice to meet you~

  18. Oh my! That is so appealing, Monique! We'd love that with some cheese. Lovely photos and many thanks for the link to the's gorgeous.
    I'm going to try this when my kids are home in August.

  19. You are soooo amazing! It looks gorgeous.

  20. It's no me.. It's not my idea:) But thank you:) have a great weekend~