Wednesday, December 7, 2011


You may remember a post I did..about one of our very favorite shortbread/cakes..the recipe is from a wonderful woman..Auntie Bernice..
I got everything out this week to make them..and decided to improvise~

I decided to try and make them a combination of small shortbreads that I love..and her shortcakes that I love..I may still continue to modify ....this time..I replaced 1 cup of regular flour w/ 1 cup of rice flour..

Like a lot~

Just a touch flakier than with all regular flour~

And really appetizing in little square cake forms..

I received a beautiful tray as a gift a couple of yrs ago..and they just looked so nice sitting upon it~

Just go peek at the link..the recipe is there:) Just replace the 4 cups of flour..w/ 3 flour.. 1 rice flour..and "le tour est joué~"

If I have kept making these for almost 40 yrs.. they have to be keepers..and the little modification? Well works too..

I have put these in the same tin as always.. my ME tin..from Auntie Bernices' daughter~ "Jojo"~


  1. Sounds heavenly! I just love real shortbread - not the fake stuff you buy in cans! If you have been making them for 40 years they have to be amazing!

    I would never think to put in the rice flour. Fun to try that in several recipes.

  2. They have to be fabulous! Not sure we can get rice flour here. Love your pretty little sugar cubes! How perfectly sweet they are! A delightful post as always! xxoo

  3. Looks delicious. Would love for you to share this with us over at

  4. Modifications make cooking fun Monique. Looks delicious.

  5. That's just how I make my shortbread - with rice flour. I love the flakiness! I discovered the trick a few years back by doing lots of online research. I'm going to make mine this weekend :)

  6. Super idea to replace some of the flour with rice flour ~ I didn't think they could get any better! I love the bite-size ones, too. You are so clever, Ms. Magical!! xo

  7. I've never used rice flour but love flaky shortbread and am going to put it on my list. Love the idea of bite sized--one can eat two without any guilt!!


  8. Hmm, rice flour... who knew! Wonder if you could use brown rice flour... I love the nuttiness. They do look great on that plate... I love traditions, especially those involving FOOD.

  9. They look like heaven...
    I have a post prepared using that same recipe from my mom.
    Instead of the rice flour, I used does make such a difference...melt in your mouth....!
    Beautiful Monique..truely, I love your blog!

  10. They looks absolutely amazing Monique! I had a friend whose Mom always added some rice flour to her shortbread...I lost her recipe...
    I must try this one!
    Such beautiful pics...

  11. They look terrific and so tempting! I love the addition of rice flour.



  12. Wonderful sounding recipe and GORGEOUS photos too!

  13. Love the idea of making shorbrad with rice flour; they look so nice. I would love to try these.

  14. I have tried substituting rice flour for a bit of the wheat flour in shortbread and was also very happy with the results. I thought the resulting cookies had a finer texture. Lovely photos, Monique.

  15. My grandmother used rice flour in her recipe. I'll have to bug her this Christmas to see if she still has the recipe.
    I love your blog here. I want my blog to look like this when it grows up :)

  16. Love the idea of the rice flour - delicious
    Mary x

  17. Thank you...

    Yesteryum..You are so sweet..

    There is no place for growing up..Stay as you are:) It is refreshing....

    I hope you are all able to enjoy preparations of the season..and if you are on your own..i wish you a gentle knowing..that you are really not alone...and on your own~

  18. Hi Monique...Love your shortbread! I don't have internet since last week, will write soon, hopeful;ly after tomorrow when technicien leaves. I am on mobile phone...useless with it!

  19. Monique, these are so unusual! I've never used rice flour...what a great idea. And they look divine. I like the idea of making a shortbread/shortcake. Checking out the recipe now....

  20. I am confident re this recipe:) It's a winner..


    Take care~

  21. These are so beautiful! And wonderful served as little bites...and so pretty and festive! Perfect for the holidays!

  22. Il n'y a rien de meilleur que les shortbreads à la farine de riz ... J'ajoute quant à moi quelques gouttes d'essence de rose dans la pâte ... Ça donne un petit goût divin ...

  23. i love how everything you make is light and tiny :)

  24. I can imagine these would make a great gift - who can resist shortbread? Love the little squares - so dainty!