Monday, December 8, 2008

Auntie Bernice And A Shortbread Medley~

Today was dedicated to shortbread baking~

Shortbreads have always been my favorite Christmas dessert.

I tempt fate and try new recipes.
Some work some don't.
Some are keepers ..others are not.

I like molds..and presses and cutters..

I even love newfound recipes with brown sugar..that taste like Walkers:)

But even now..almost 35 years later favorite shortbreads.. are from Auntie Bernice.
As a 20 year old bride in 1974..I didn't know where to begin for Christmas desserts..
Shame on me for having had no interest when the time was right..

But thank goodness for Auntie Bernice's Shortbread Cakes..
I know the flowers are ..corny..but everything I wrote in the 70's had flowers or hearts~

After all these years..they are still a favorite cookie of ours here.And I am glad they are from Auntie Bernice:)

I keep them in a tin..her daughter gave me.. for Christmas quite a few years dear childhood friend..Jojo:)

Lots of shortbreads here complaints..
They keep well ..and always taste great.


  1. Your cookies are wonderful but I love the memories shared. I also love your 20 year old handwriting with the flowers. It is such a joy to come and see what you have posted each day! I love the background - Jain shared it with me too but it didn't work for me as I have a wide layout.

  2. Thanks M.. You're so sweet!Your blog is such a treat too!

  3. Thanks so very much for your recent visit. I hope you will come back again soon. Your shortbread cookies are lovely and bring back wonderful memories of Mom's Christmas baking.

    Buttery shortbread and a cup of tea are my favorite Christmas treat.

  4. Shortbread is on the top of my favorite list of Christmas cookies too. I love the recipe - and flowers and the sunlight on your cookies. No sunlight here today - snowflakes.

  5. how sweet sweet sweet! i love your original recipe and i didn't know auntie was jo's mom, to cute! i hope you give jo your blog addy, she would love to watch all your prettiness~

    love your xmas look~

  6. Shortbread is my favorite!! I love the lore in this post too.

  7. Aw, M, super post...lovely shortbreads and great story. I'll use Auntie's recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Absolutely lovely M!

    I love the story, the handwritten recipe, the molds, the tin, and the cookies. Beautiful.

  9. I LOVE shortbread. THese look so good and I love the simplicity! Do you grease the pans?

  10. Monique, what a beautiful memory ... The handwritten recipe is priceless. ... All of your shortbread cookies look lovely.

  11. Monique, that is so sweet, and they look delicious! The recipe I use is almost the same..I think it has a splash of vanilla..
    I love your M.E. tin and so special it was from Auntie's dau..
    Food..memories..very nice!

  12. Hi!
    Thanks for the comments!
    Cakespy I LOVE your charming!Unique and adorable..
    I will look at all your blog..the photos look so inspiring!
    Let alone the art:)

    Lori.. every yr..I try a different method..they are not foolproof those pretty molds..

    The BEST way.. although the design is less intense..I have found is to bake them OUT of the mold..

    If you are a breath shy from fully baked..and it is hard to see..the middle can stick..
    The trick I found last to chill your molds..
    and press your dough in the greased slightly floured!

    then hold the pans perpendicular and plop out gently on the cookie sheet face side up..I's different..and the design is not always as sharp..but no missed cookies..
    Or ..gamble:)

    Gambling works also.

  13. I had never been a big fan of shortbread until i made my own. It tastes so much better homemade! Come check out my holiday cookie list and enter my giveaway!

  14. There's nothing better than a deliciously simple shortbread. Just lovely!

  15. A great holiday gift to hand out in batches. We don't know one person who does not like shortbread.

  16. I am so lucky to have found your wonderful blog!!

  17. That looks good. Excuse me while I go get a piece of short bread.

  18. after some 40 years of baking (15 of that professionally) i can safely say that this is simply the BEST SHORTBREAD RECIPE. EVER. thank you for sharing it with the world!

  19. forgive my ignorance but the recipe says to prick with a fork and flour, so does that mean you flour the fork then prick the dough?
    I am going to give these a try I am not a baker and have never made good shortbread...

  20. Now I just want to make shortbread, and tons of it. :)What a lovely story and your handwriting with all those cute flowers are so pretty. It made me smile.

    How sweet to have kept a hand written recipe for so many years. I can imagine what other treasures you have cherished.

    And such gorgeous moulds you have.