Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Golden Pond~
Golden Anniversary~
Golden Slumbers~
Little Golden Books~
Silence is Golden~
Golden Globes~
The Golden Rule~
Golden Quotes~
Golden Milk~

Already some golden days here.....
I cannot believe our maples are starting to change~
Our eldest darling daughter turned 39~this past Sunday..we gathered in the garden..
We had butter brickle for dessert and mini passionfruit cheesecakes..

Ate a little latticed squash tart for dinner one night~with bacon and French shallots fresh eggs cream and cheese..puff pastry..herbs..all in a square Fat Daddio's tart pan with removable bottom.
Made a Tartine wanna be bread..Took me 9 days to make the starter..and I have come to the conclusion that I am the messiest starter maker.
We had the leftovers a la garlic bread on the BBQ with dinner for our daughter's birtday..they loved the taste..and the night of the latticed tart...we had some too.
I will try again..but with my young friend Lee Ann's method~
Favorite Golden things above..
The songs still move me..
And I never ever knew how much I would love Katharine Hepburn even more all these years later.
Loved her then..love her more now.

The day I prepared this post I was saddened to read about
Dear dear Robin Williams.
It just made sense to add Golden Globes to me.
RIP dear Robin Williams.
Golden Globes


  1. Oh, Dear Monique,
    How beautifully artistic & golden you have made a bit of the world!! Golden, it reflects your spirit, I think, so full of light. As there is the celebration of your daughter's birth, there is the death of Robin Wililams. I was so shocked & then saddened too. But yes, RIP to him, because his soul was suffering in this life time. Maples turning already?? Oh dear, not quite time yet over here...
    PS That squash tart is the most gorgeous I've seen! And so healthy!

  2. And from my favorite musician, Joni Mitchell, "golden in time, cities under the sand. I lay down golden, in time,".

  3. You've brought a ray of sunshine to my cloudy and rainy morning. And, that tart is beautiful. I'm inspired.


  4. Golden days the time between the end of summer and the beginning of fall, i think it will be here soon too. Happy birthday to your daughter, it sounds like it was a good day with yummy food. So shocked and sad to hear about Robin Williams and especially that he was suffering, so sad.

    1. Can't stop thinking about him..of course like everyone.
      Funny how you can love someone you never met.
      So endearing.
      I could go on and on..x

  5. Que de mets colorés et dorés surtout, cela fait rayonner le soleil dans l'assiette ~

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. How nice to gather and celebrate in your garden. Robin was so special, and will be missed.

  7. The first photo ... so gorgeous, truly describes the golden days. Love all of the links.

  8. Gorgeous photos and that tart is just divine. I love the title Golden. Happy birthday to your dear daughter. Yes, losing Robin Williams is a very sad day.

  9. Monique, this is a wonderful list! I would add goldenrod, The Golden Bird, and a golden retriever. Love a good word game!
    Fondly remember Little Golden Books too.

    1. Great additions..I love words..too.
      Add away!

    2. I stopped by Half Price Books today. There was a Little Golden Book in the Rare Books room. Price $90.
      Wish I had kept my little library. ;-)

    3. Wow..
      It must be a priceless one!
      Like the small tea trinkets..they used to come in tea boxes..I bought a few this summer at our brocante/market..very reasonable..$1-$2..
      The gingerbread man is $15.00 and up..
      I will put mine in our Jan 6th cake ..too $$..the gingerbread man!

  10. Can you possibly have a 39 year old daughter? Where have the years gone you must be wondering...sounds like a lovely party.
    Just today I was looking at a few spots of leaves beginning to turn...just a few here and there. summer is fleeting...'these are indeed golden days.
    Sad day today...tragic loss.
    Bisous xoxoxoxo

  11. You've brought a lot of sunshine into my morning. Happy birthday to your daughter. I know she must have had a special day with all of your lovely treats for her.

  12. Love love love the courgette patchwork quilt effect!!

  13. The squash tart looks wonderful. I don't see a recipe. Can you share more details? Even after all these years I still need recipes. I can't believe your maples are changing! It seems we only began summer!

    1. Hi Terry..
      I sautéed about 3 strips of bacon I had chopped..added one French finely chopped shallot..and 2 minced garlic cloves. and 1/4 C finely chopped zucchini...until softened....set aside..

      this is a small square tart..ap 8 inches int.measurements.

      I use President's Choice Puff pastry..it fit perfectly in the pan..albeit a bit of overhang that I cut..
      I mixed
      2 eggs.. about 1/2 cup of grated cheese(your choice..) about 1/2 cups of cream..salt and pepper..herbs from my garden..salt and pepper.added the bacon and veggies etc...reserved.
      Then I mandolined a green and yellow zucchini and tatticed the top of the tart..next is a trick from Martha..when I first made this tart and where the original idea came from..you lift the corners and pour your mix under the lattice over the crust..brush the attice with Evoo and spinkle herbs..
      Bake at 375 until done..
      My measurements are approximate..to fit into my mold..I have made a few variations over the years..
      I originally made Martha's true recipe in 2009..
      In a long rectangular mold and followed her recipe..


      Maybe for your first time follow her instructions to a T:)

  14. Beautiful all look beautiful Monique!
    And Im soooo sad and can't stop think in him and his family.Is really sad more when a person go by this way:(

  15. oh sigh... everything... but especially that tart... oh sigh... :-)

    and yes, down here, in the upper north east of the us, it is beginning to take on a september look/feel... interesting...

    i love autumn, of course... :-))))

    but i prefer it, to wait, till autumn, to appear. :-0


  16. What a beautiful post, so nicely done!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to M! I can't believe my oldest turned 33 this year. What a beautiful tart! I need to make something of my humble zucchini that is producing a few here and there. I am so not ready for golden leaves! Your bread looks bakery-perfect and those sweet little passion fruit tarts. All lovelies.

    Poor Robin Williams :( And yesterday, Lauren Bacall, another icon, and golden girl. Sleep, pretty baby, do not cry...and I will sing a lullaby.

    1. I watched Awakenings..
      Amazing how all these years later..
      Whole new meanings..

      RW..kind man..nice to people..quoted in the movie..so true..
      I just want to watch all his movies all over again now..
      This gentleman..gentle man..is immortal.
      His movies will forever be with us.
      I want to watch Mrs Doubtfire with the kids soon..

      33 was one of my bestest years:)

      LB..A classic..

      Someone wrote..Bogie was waiting for her..♥

  18. Nice golden post. Sunny and pretty color. Definitely not ready at all for fall though. Your tart looks very appetizing! Have a great rest of the week!

  19. So many nice pictures and that bread looks so good, I'm craving it.

  20. Your posts are always so lovely and inspiring ..... thanks for sharing!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  21. Belated Birthday wishes to your dear daughter. My eldest son just turned 39 as well. Our lives are mirrors. Loved all of your goldens. That tart is singing my name. This time of year can be a bit sad in the garden and everything begins to look so tired. Such is the cycle of life. I suppose we would not appreciate so much if it was with us all the time. I enjoy all of your posts dear friend. YOU are gold to me. xxoo

  22. Monique, Robin Williams' talent was as big as his heart; the tragic news of his passing left many (myself included) in shock, and heartbroken.

    Happy belated birthday to your princess!

    And thanks for the beauty in your posts.

  23. Thank you for coming to visit.
    I enjoy all your company..a lot:)

  24. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter! Your goldens are exquisite!