Monday, August 4, 2014

Kid Friendly~ and this and that.

Gleaned from this beautiful blog..I had a few smores bar recipes to try and picked this one.
I must say it was easy and Jacques really liked they are not only kid friendly:)
I confess..I took a few bites..♥

I used my small torch to get a bit of the campfire look:)
I don't know about you but I am AMAZED at the quality of blogs I find on my armchair travels..
Recipes..Photography..or just thoughts..travels..camaraderie.
All age groups.

It's all here..tried and our fingertips..with comments and instructions..
From all over the world.
And these young people who cook and bake and photo..
Impresssed to say the very least.
At their age.. Pillsbury crescent rolls..turnovers..etc..were my repertoire de choix:) all..♥
Speaking of kids..  well young girls..almost teens..soon to be 12..
Friends from California were here visiting their families and came to see us.
So nice to take time from their busy schedule..
I have mentioned them before..Here and here..and..etc:) .. a lemon loaf ..that I cannot find my link to!:(
Their soon to be 12 year old daughter..had an outing with her she did not come..but look at the bag she made for me♥ that her parents graciously brought.
So SWEET.I loved it so much I had to make a journal page..after this  photo I glued some of  the turquoise tissue to my page and added my California license plate they gave me years ago.
It was lovely for us to sit and visit with them:)
I wish they still lived here.

I love my son-in-laws bunnies..

This one..although not's wild and lives somewhere between my neighbor's home and ours...eats   so many of my things in the garden...he is getting less cute by the minute....mabe not...there you have it:)
It's a bittersweet love affair for me.


  1. That rabbit does look like he has 'scoundrel' written all over his face! I tried planting kale this year. Rabbits would eat it as the first tiny leaves appeared from the soil. So I put seeds in a large container on the patio and now I have kale growing without bunny interference :) I have the same love/hate relationship with chipmunks. And deer with cute fawns.

    What sweet and lovely gifts from your friends! I love the bag. We also have good friends that we miss dearly that used to live here (now in Georgia). Sad to lose such fun, entertaining people in our lives. We do get to see them again in September thanksfully.

    I think I know some small boys who would love those delicious-looking Smores bars. Maybe one big boy too :)

  2. Ce gâteau cookie aux flocons d'avoine est fort alléchant !
    Je ne doute pas que la famille ait aimé et qu'il aurait voulu "some more" :P

    Ce lièvre est si chou ! Vous l'aurez compris je suis fan des lapins ~

    Bonne soirée

  3. I love looking at blogs too Monique. I am just glad I haven't gotten into pinterest, facebook, instagram and twitter. I'm afraid I'd be at the computer for hours. That is a long legged bunny. I am battling deer and grasshoppers. I can shoo the deer away if I'm around, but the grasshoppers ruin everything and I don't want to spray poison on my vegetables.

  4. I think your smores bar would appeal to kids of all ages. The bag really caught my eye. What a nice thing to receive. That bunny really has long legs. We get them quite often, but now that we've killed the clover we don't see them as much. Our "garden" which is mostly herbs and tomatoes is built up and bunnies have no change of eating anything, but the deer certainly love our azaleas and hostas.

  5. Yes, the Internet & Blogging World is amazing!! These days I have to be mostly off line, but look forwards to returning. As always, your post makes me happy. That wild bunny guy looks great in his photo portrait. I guess you both like the same plants...
    THats a lovely watercolor, Monique!! Happy August, Rita

  6. The bag is adorable, but your sweet journal page is what makes my heart sing. I so admire your journaling style, Monique.
    So nice to enjoy special visits from far away friends. And yes, the bunny is not so cute as he eats his way though your beautiful garden. We don't have problems with bunnies, but the squirrels have done their share of damage around here.
    All the best to you, sweet friend………….S

  7. Oh!! J'aurais volontiers goûtée :) Tes photos sont sublimes comme toujours ;) xxx

  8. I love yours oatmeal bars look delicious! And love the rabbit so cute:)

  9. I LOVE online Wish book.. Recipe Book..Idea Book..
    :)Try it..:)

    We all have our rascals in the gardens don't we?

    Puts a halt on in ground things like kale and chard etc..I know..!

  10. Wonderful oatmeal bars. I can't keep the little critters out of our garden, but that's life. The internet is amazing of what we can find. We could spend hours just looking. Enjoy your week.

  11. Love your s'mores bars. I would have had much more than a few bites!

  12. Monique, those bars look just gorgeous. Maybe something our student would enjoy as a treat! Putting them on my to do list! I love all that you share with us. How lovely to have visits from old friends and what a cute bag their daughter made for you! The photo of the rabbit is just beautiful. You have such a talented eye there! Love you much! xxoo

  13. That little girl is filled with talent isn't she Marie?
    Summer is just flying by here..
    Not looking forward to the end..

  14. I haven't had a s'mores in ..... forever!!!!
    A wonderful post ... as always!

  15. Que bueno y que apetecible.

  16. Lovely bars! An addictive treat...

    That hare is so cute...



  17. Oh these smores look wonderful, love your pictures, especially that large rabbit, he looks hungry!!!

  18. Kids of any age would love the s'mores bar.