Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rainy Days~

It's been raining cats and dogs and  it's been  ccchhhhillly these past few days..
Not ANY gardening going on at  all except to look outside and think ...waning...
And what's up with that area? NEXT year ..I will put this or that..:)

Always my head for a better garden come  Aug ~Sept.Actually Sept would be ideal to go to garden doesn't need me..
I'm not going..just saying.

Yesterday I had a sweet surprise in the mail
I don't usually show and tell..but I won something..and she sent me something I didn't win too..that was just so sweet..
I will show you later when these clouds dissipate.
Watched a couple of good movies..

The Butler(The Movie Channel)

The Book Thief (Netflix) ..had read the book twice..that girl..Love her..Sophie Nélisse  watch for her!I had seen her in a French movie made here in QC.. Monsieur Lahzar..she is amazing.
Both movies..tears.
Les Vacances du Petit Nicholas very last minute at a downtown cinema with the boys and their parents.
I love movies.
Would like to see the  The Hundred  Foot Journey.

Did some baking..and they are good..
I found my inspiration here..
Chocolate filled cinnamon donut muffins..
I made half the recipe.
Make your chocolate filling way ahead..mine took FOREVER to firm up.I think I should have used a heavier cream.Or less cream..or more chocolate.
You could also use Nutella  for a quick fix..yet different taste..
They are GREAT.
Donna ..stands to reason right?
Bon Weekend~


  1. I just love Donna Hay recipes. They always turn out well and they are pretty healthy too! Well, for the most part. I wonder what those muffins would be like with a truffle in the middle? Something like a Lindt one. They come in all flavours! My mind is racing now! We are going to watch a movie tonight. I think it's called The Guilt Trip with Barbara Streisand. It looked good and was cheap so I picked it up with my groceries. I can be so naughty sometimes. Love and hugs. xxoo

    1. I liked the Guilt Trip because of her:) I love her! Diane Keaton..etc.. favorite.
      Actually these muffins taste like cinnamon toast..the butter on the outside..with the sprinkling and the bons!
      I love your jam filled ones too. cracked me up:)

  2. Oh seeing films... Fun...

    I have 2 showing here, right now, that I want to see... "The Hundred-Foot Journey" and "Magic In The Moonlight"... Ahhh yes... Pretty, escape, films!!! I love 'em! :-)

    Oh your baking! Oh my! Luckily I can't eat gluten and need to ration my chocolate. :-))))))

    Bon Weekend to you too!!!


    1. I'm a salt liker better... much better than sweets..I shy away from sweets but my husband loves them and I like baking very much.So much in fact.
      I do take this case I sliced off a quarter and So nice!
      Like cinnamon mom made me.:)

  3. Oh boy, this recipe looks divine. I will be trying these some rainy day. I've spent the morning baking in the kitchen on this rainy day so now its's time to kick back and watch a movie. Your photos are beautiful. Deb

    1. Thanks's still 90% gloomy here..been a long stretch..of garden break..

  4. Another beauiful blog! Those muffins are too good to resist! Congratulations on the win!

  5. I wish that I was inspired to bake, your creations always look so -- yum! We saw the "hundred foot journey" this past week. It was the BEST. Hugh loved it too so not just a chick flick. Wonderful acting, gorgeous French scenery and beautifully filmed FOOD. Oh, and romantic too. You will love it Monique, so you! Hope the rain lets up so you can hang on to the summer awhile longer.

    1. Thank you Gail..I love when someone I "know" can give me a thumbs up!
      Will go see quiet day when no one is around:)

  6. Monique, we could use your rain and your chilly temps. We are into hot dry days again. The garden isn't getting much attention from me either other than some hand watering because we are on water conversation restrictions Stage 2.
    I watch a movie with friends every Thursday. The Butler and The Book Thief are two that we've seen this summer. Both excellent! This week we watched Little MIss Sunshine. Lots of laughs, which is good. We've been revisiting some lighthearted comedy of late.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hope you see some blue skies and sunshine.

    1. I watched Little Miss Sunshine January 2010.
      I will never forget..
      Such a cute movie..Abigail Breslin..
      We watched it at our daughter Caroline's home...
      I hope you get rain soon!

  7. Those muffins look yummy. I love your measuring cups. So pretty they can be on display especially spring and summer. We just saw The Hundred Foot Journey. It was very good. Helen Mirren and Om Puri were great. You would enjoy the food too. I would recommend it.

  8. How lovely post Monique!
    Love the recipe!
    Have a lovely day!

  9. I'm totally serious - my mouth started watering as soon as I saw your muffins and then I could almost smell the wonderful aroma! Amazing!

    1. I think you and yours would like Chris..that butter coating makes the cinnamon sugar taste divine.

  10. Hi Monique - I saw The 100 Foot Journey and enjoyed it very much. I know you would like it as well. Wonderful cast, beautiful photography and inspiring cooking. It was fun to see all the copper kitchen equipment. I have a salt tooth too instead of a sweet tooth and can't leave a bag of opened chips alone. September is a perfect month to go to France.

    1. September is a good month..nothing needs our dire attention here at all..and after Oli's more summer celebrations..
      We go from Feb to Sept..early Sept..and then no obligations for celebrations..
      Funny we both like to bake:)

      When we did go to Europe it was we both know it's the ideal month for us..

      One day..just not this Sept:)
      We may go see it tomorrow..weekends are busy..:)
      I see many of us enjoy movies.

  11. I am just about to decide what to do on this gently rainy afternoon. I find inspiration from you....I loved the film The Book Thief & the actress & Monsieur Lahzar too. I'm now listening to the book on audio. Very beautiful. This is the 2nd Petit Nicholas movie? I was disappointed by the first, I LOVE those books sooooo much but the movie felt mean or something & the irony & magic seemed lost. Such wonderful writing & illustrations in the books. PS They don't translate well into English, in my opinion, but they do in Polish...You got me going...I will email you soon, Monique...Bon dimanche!

    1. I agree Petit Nicholas.. ..but we were with the boys and their parents and quite frankly I would sit through Godzilla to be in a cinema with them:)
      Un Ete En Provence was a jewel..Petit Nicholas..not..
      Bon Dimanche dear Rita!

  12. Rain or shine, always so lovely your visions.

  13. On ne peut pas faire grand chose dehors avec la pluie mais en contre partie on peut cuisiner et faire de bons plats ~Yuum

    Bonne semaine !

  14. I have been reading about all of the rain from Washington to the East Coast! Some sad flooding stories. We have been getting 'pop up' storms here the past week. Nothing on the radar at all and then suddenly the little storms form and appear on the radar. Our grass and the garden has needed it, though, so I won't complain.

    I think I would love The Hundred Foot Journey and also those chocolate filled donut muffins! They look so good and chocolate is my weakness :)

  15. Everything looks wonderful ,as always...those muffins...ooooh lala! Fabulous!
    Tried to get to see the movie this weekend but to no avail. I might go with a girlfriend this week...
    Very Fall like weather here the past few days...even the light seems different...
    Bisous xo

    1. The light is SO different.It just feels like we skipped a couple of weeks of summer:(

  16. Cute cups and fabulous muffins!

    The weather has been very autumn like all summer...

    Thanks for the lovely comment! Your kind words touched me....



  17. You certainly know how to make the best of rainy days Monique. My husband can't resist chocolate filled muffin/ donuts.

  18. we need some rain-that sounds like a perfect day-we never get rain in So. California these days. I love those measuring cups-where did you get them?

    1. At Michael's..on sale..
      Do you have a Michael's there?
      I was perusing stocking stuffers..
      I wish you rain~