Friday, August 8, 2014


Did I say Prisamcolor?
Did I mean Prismacolor?
My favorite new coloring pencils when I was young?
No I meant Prisamcolor as in Sam:)
Sam..all her dishes are so just want to make them all right away..
As was the case when I saw her Chicken Orzo Salad~
We have been busy here and there..I knew we were out the whole next day..I had everything here.. mind you I did not grill le poulet..we had Costco Rotisserie poulet left in the I used that..
I added a few little things..because we had straight out of Fred's garden broccoli..I had cute little shoots..I love those..
I scaled it way down..  we had enough for our dinner..and enough for lunch the next day..
So you have to scale down to what suits you..
I love orzo...should think of it more often..
Should eat more colorfully..
Thank you Sam..
You can find her recipe here~
And all her other technicolor posts there too..Have fun..

Also the last you see that cute bouquet?
I wanted to send you in this direction..cutest things to add to photos..I love the name of her blog too..
We lived happily ever after~
You can find beautiful on how to use with Photoshop or PicMonkey ..
It is always fun to learn something new..

In the garden..I am watching some annuals thrive..
Perennials wane..
Still mourning my huge evergreen out back:(
Adjusting to more sunshine..
Feeling August in every fiber of my gardener's soul.
I can hear it too..anyone else.. hear August?

In the kitchen..
Making tried and trues like Marie's Raspberry bars..Jacques LOVES do I.
Shrimp Ceviche..I'll share it again soon..
A wannabe Tartine loaf of bread..
My young sweet friend  Lee Ann makes it all the time..she mentioned it to me..
I was keen on trying it..
More to come:)
Some easy little breads..will share..a not so great loaf of another no I won't fault I am sure!
So a few things..ready to share but thought I would start with the salad..:) friend..gave me a hydrangea bush one Easter and the first bloom appeared last's gorgeous.
On a different note..

I am again working on Christmas Ornaments....the link is to the kits..but if you feel like going on your own with her beautiful patterns etc..go here..
I have made A Walk In The Woods..

Ice Skating..

and this year..Night Before Christmas is my choice..I bought the pattern last year..I buy them ahead of time because I cannot resist them.

( this last shot...Photo courtesy of Alicia's website.. as mine are in progress..almost done though~)

How cute is her baby girl under the blanket?
I know I mention her blog a lot..but it was love at first sight with Amelia and all♥

I have other patterns of hers to get into..but I usually complete a set of 3..x 3..per year..
One set for each of our daughters and one set for us.
Sometimes I make an extra or two..if I think someone will like them.
Sometimes..they do..and I can tell..and other times..I think some prefer bought ornaments.
So I change it up a bit..
I buy Alicia's beautiful patterns and set out on a mission to find floss and felt and embellishments.
Sometimes hard to find the right color floss..etc..
I have only Michael's close by..
The right felt color is even more difficult!
I had to PAINT flesh color..on felt..
Oh lala.. is all worth it.
I love to stitch and see how everyone just seems a tiny bit different..

Imagine my surprise at seeing these for sale from someone last weekend.....

Four boxes of flosses..lovingly kept and numbered by someone who used to love  to X~stitch.
While she was x-stitching..we are the same age..I was creweling.~
She was moving and did not wish to keep these anymore.
I bought them.
I am attached to them already.
They will come in handy for little add ~ons..or a whole item outline..for different embroideries..hoop etc..

She was dear when I met her.
I hope she knows I will take care of them for her.
And then ..well.. I guess one day when I stop..someone else can have them.

So cute n'est-ce pas?
I've rambled..
This is like a journal a bit for me..
It's amazing how sometimes you forget when you actually did something or tried a new recipe a few years back..and I have it♥

Have a lovely weekend~


  1. I a big fan of Sam's recipes. They are works of art! Love the ornaments.


    1. That is so true..her food IS always a work of art..

  2. I LOVE your journal here!! Health, noursishment, beauty, love: is all you need! Those threads, OMG, paintboxes of threads, and a good spirit of their former owner to go with them!!!! Someone bought a quilt my mom made at a yard sale years ago. I'm heartbroken today that I sold it, but the person who bought it did so with love & caring...
    Merci for getting me back to some blog posts.....After tomorrow's art fair we shall see where I'm going with it...
    PS I think I'll be in Quebec Ctiy for a week in November for a whole week!!! Might we meet? It will be a French immersion week for me & a friend/ fellow student of French... We could take the train to Montreal for a day trip, perhaps...

    1. Paintboxes of threads..Do you know how I loved to read those words?
      That's exactly right!
      Rita..when my mom went dad and I sold so many things..

      40 yrs ago..
      Still have regrets.
      I so get that.
      I will email you re November:)

  3. Such colorful food your eating, so perfect for summer. I love how you said you feel and hear August, its been different weather here, some days it feels like fall and then it shoots back up into the 90's with humidity, but its been better than past years :) I just love those christmas ornaments, I love felt projects during the holiday, can't wait to see what you make. And all of that colorful embroidery floss, Amazing, it's like candy.
    Have a great weekend :)

    1. If you love felt etc..I think a set has your name on them..:)
      You are so add your own twist on them..
      If you have Michaels close by..and a printer to print up the are all set Jenni.

  4. Love wandering with you through this journal post, from a dainty salad, to info. for recipes, then all those lovely felt decorations you're making. And then to finish with the boxes full of threads in every colour in so many shades looking like rainbows., enough to keep you busy for years to come. Look forward to seeing some of the things you use them for.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. PS I see we are both loving following and drooling over our art blogs:)

  5. Sam always has great recipes and photos. Love all the pretty colors here and that hydrangea is gorgeous!!! You just always have so much going on. :-)

    1. Not really Pam..
      Such a stay at home girl here.
      Maybe I make myself look busy:)

  6. Sam does have the most colorful recipes - not to mention delicious and healthy. I love your little broccoli shoots from Fred.

    I've never seen hosta flowers so beautifully presented :) Yes, thank goodness for the annuals right now. The daylilies are looking tired although some are still flowering. The clematis blooms are fewer and fewer. The hydrangeas are coming into their own and the phlox are flowering - at least the ones that the deer haven't devoured. Yours is a lovely shade of blue - something I've never been able to achieve here.

    You are always one step ahead - now with Christmas :) I wish I were are organized! Your boxes of threads and floss are a treasure. Love the Night Before Christmas and Walk in the Woods - charming, charming.

    1. I am a hosta flower hacker..
      I find them so unruly after a rain..I chop chop..there is enough unruliness n my cottage gardens..Nothing sleek and pristine and clean.
      Starting to look like a party that had no planning:(
      The same things are blooming here too Susan!

  7. What gorgeous color! I'm not good for x-stitch, so your projects are amazing!

  8. Everything you touch becomes a work of art Monique. Love the little shoots from Fred's garden in the orzo salad. It makes much too much for two people and a left-over Merci beaucoup for the kind words and my new name Prisamcolor - it sounds so elegant and pretty!.

    Oh dear, I wish I was as organized as you with your Christmas projects. I am a summer girl and don't want to think of when it goes away. Your hydrangea is so pretty. Our gardener cut ours to the ground this winter while we were away when the cold got it and of course it won't bloom this year, but we added a new cone shaped one that starts off as white and turns a pink/peach sherbet color. I can't wait for your Shrimp Ceviche.

    1. You're such an inspiration!
      Most of my ornament making folly started very early.. with a friend at the time we made ornaments to sell..One big craft fair..let me earn enough to take my real estate course:)
      That was over 33 yrs ago!
      These Alicia P's ones..are so much nicer than what I ever made.her creativity and sentiments shine in every pattern.
      Sometimes I make some the winter preceding the next yr..I just can't make them right before the time constraints would take the pleasure away.
      Slow and Steady and assembly line works for me for the sets..:)

      We have made many oops in the cut back dept in the garden here too..

      It smarts at the time..then time heals the garden:)

  9. They were meant to be for you, Monique. You will no doubt make good use of these beautiful threads. I adore these little ornaments. Can't imagine someone not appreciating these delights. I've sent such ornaments to my sister for her tree since she has grands now. It's fun for them to decorate or rearrange the tree with "safe" ornaments. I'm off to see her patterns. Happy Weekend, my friend!

    1. I will..there is even such a pleasure looking at them..:)Like a fine collection some bequeathed to me.
      Yes every year..when an ornament unfortunately shatters on the wood floor..I appreciate the safety of felt..well said Sarah!

  10. The Christmas ornaments are such works of art!

    Here is another orzo salad recipe for you to add to your recipe file.

    1. I love honey in dressings Terry ..thanks! Looks good!

  11. I love your serendipity posts! Wishing I knew how to sew, seeing those rainbow colors:) And your salade looks lovely, like confetti! Summer is dwindling, I hear those crickets making their end-of-summer music, the goldenrod seems to have bloomed earlier than usual, or am I dreaming?

    1. Our goldenrod is about to start..and yes the crickets..the whole shebang.We are in for a lovely hot sunny weekend..
      I always know Aug 10th..because it is our eldest daughter's dates like that year after year stick in your mind.

      It seems early this feeling..but I am older and hanging on to warmth:)..

  12. The purple flowers are divine. What a lucky thing to aquire such a stash of embroidery floss. Reminds me of a fresh box of pastels! The orzo looks very yum.

  13. What lucky you find that stash of embroidery floss!
    I love embrodery too and love all these colors!:)

  14. Sam's recipe is a keeper! It is nice to eat with one's eyes and Sam are masters at preparing for both...sight and taste! Your ornaments are so cute. I enjoy handwork and appreciate your sharing your projects....your stitches are perfect! :-)

    1. Your pushed me over the edge to make it:)
      Not perfect:) But Thanks!!

  15. I love it when you ramble Monique! It is such fun. I am always discovering something new here on your page. I have those ornament patterns. I MUST MAKE this year! I simply MUST! Tres belle. I love the salad. Such a pretty salad. MUST MAKE! No surprise, I LOVE PRISMA COLOUR pencils too! I need to buy a new white one. Mine is missing and I cannot get along without it. Missing it so much but haven't been able to find just the white one yet. Visiting you is always a treat. You are such a special lady. Love you to pieces. xxoo

    1. I wonder where your white one is?:)
      I wish you would make an ornament or two..:)
      Would love to see your creative twist on them..:)
      Thanks marie.x

  16. I can vouch for Marie's Raspberry bars....we love them too. But like you say, our blogs can be like journals. I had forgotten how much we liked those bars until you just posted this ;o) My blog is like a journal (or diary) too. I like when you ramble! That embroidery floss found it's way to another great home. I was just thinking about starting a Christmas project the other day, and here you are giving me a gentle nudge. The hydrangeas are lovely, and I'll go check out the fonts that we can use with Picmonkey. Thanks for sharing!

    1. when you go to the barn sale..or the beach..I remember:)
      They are our journals..
      Fun to sometimes look back ad rethink everything..
      She's got great tutorials!

  17. My Hydrangeas came out really nice, yours also. I'll try the raspberry jam bars, thanks for the link.

  18. I love your rambling as you share so many little tidbits with us. I think it was meant to be that the threads were passed your way. Not only will you use them with love, but the items you make with them will be treasured as well….a circle of happiness. :)

  19. Your little ornaments are treasures, Monique. I love Posie's patterns and have put them on my to-do list for next year. There are so many wonderful ideas and inspirations on her blog. Did you know she is a Portland girl?