Monday, August 18, 2014

That pie again♥and ♥things~

I shared this recipe with a link a while back..
I have to tell you..or humbly suggest to you that you make it.
I know it off by heart now.
Jacques always requests this one.
It's such a keeper..
I know the recipe by ♥ now..I'll write it at the end so you can know it off by ♥ also..

Sidestepping here..if I may..speaking of ♥s..

A little while ago..on one of  Marie's blogs..I won this ..Dreamfarm Clongs~
It's a nifty tong..unlike any I have ever owned..
Fantastic quality
Marie told me she would be popping it into the mail..
She lives in's quite a flight..
In so little time it arrived:)
But two boxes arrived from England.
 I was perplexed and wondered what was in the other box.

Well Marie remembered that I love the mini Bonne Maman jam etc jars..
I have a honey one that I put little bouquets in..but was on the search for a few more..on a wish list..
Wrapped all individually in a cute yellow teacakes box..tumbled out these mini Bonne Maman jars:)
A dear little greeting card..sweet ribbon..
Some of Marie's own cards from her own artwork..and two cute little cards I have put in my wallet that have her business stamp on the back..
C' must admit this girl is filled with talent.
Amazing to say the very least and in person..even more perfect if possible.
Charming and Perfect.
It is amazing to me that her work is not in stores..
She does have a CD available at Ooh lalacreations..

But I see a fully commercially marketed  cookbook maybe?
A whole little section in stores with cards and aprons and cookbooks etc..
First of all she could write her own cookbook with all her recipes..illustrate them..and then there would be this whole collection of cuteness to go with..
Helloo..someone should listen to me..
It is not unusual for bloggers to get to know each other and send little souvenirs through the mail..
In fact even Christmas presents get exchanged..
And birthdays..
Or we win something..

I don't usually post about these things....because to me these things are private..and it is not a usual happening..But I won a prize..:)
I think I have won 3.
Susan..Helene..and now Marie..
In 5 years:)
Probably because I don't enter giveaways..but if a blog I follow religiously is having one..I can't not comment ...
PLUS I feel her art should be shouted out from the rooftops..

And this is the perfect op!
Plus the little jars..:)

Because they are dear.
How thoughtful..
just thoughtful thoughtful.

Sometimes little things appear on a day..that was longing  for a little extra sparkle...

La Recette~

Pie Dough of your choice.

3 apples..Cortland or gala..(mine weren't:) )peeled cored..and sliced thinly
3 cups of fresh strawberies sliced(or frozen)
1 cup of sugar
2 tbsps of quick cooking tapioca
1tbsp lemon juice

1 egg yolk
1 tbsp milk

In a large pot bring the apples ..strawberries..sugar ,tapioca and lemon juice to a boil..stir delicately and allow to simmer 5 minutes..
In a 9 inch pie your bottom crust..fill with cooled with the egg yolk you have mixed with the milk..
Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for ap 40 minutes.
Let cool..serve once cooled or refrigerated.
I think it could win contests.

Courtesy of Ricardo!


  1. What a lovely, lovely post today! Just the perfect way to begin a Monday! Congratulations on your giveaway win, and thank you for sharing that recipe!

    I really appreciate your visits and comments to my blog!

  2. Bonne Maman jam etc jars? Do you mean the usual size jar? Of which I have "oodles and oodles"! I can't bear to throw them out. :-)

    Or are these, tiny versions of the usual jars? Betcha' they are! Have never seen these tiny ones!

    Oh her work is fantastic. Of course she should be selling it. :-)


  3. I adore these jars, but I've never seen minis. Marie is very talented, just like you are Monique. Your posts never fail to put a smile on my face.

    1. Hi Sam..they have some on don't ship to Canada but they will to you.
      Wonderful to tuck into a food basket as gifts too.
      For vases..salt and pepper shakers...
      I have never found them in Canada..Marie tells me she does come across them in her the UK..

    2. Hi Monique, lovely post and jars you are so talented!

  4. Thanks for sharing Marie's site. I have found so many wonderful blogs here and through other favorite writers on the web.

  5. Looks sensational, Sweets. I never would've thought to combine apples with strawberries. And would I have enough self-control to be around it. What a dilemma.

    1. If I remember correctly ..the first crust I ever saw with a made..More than 5 years ago?
      Miss you.

  6. The mini jars are very cute, I've never seen them. Marie is a talented lady, thanks for sharing it all!

  7. A lovely post as always. My nephew brought organic strawberries from Monterey farmer's market when he came to visit. I intended to make jam, but we ended up eating them straight up... No sugar required.


  8. I just visited Marie's sweet blog, and I am her newest fan ;o) I can see why you enjoy it. I've seen the Bonne Maman jars at an inn that we stay at, and I think Joe might have one in his collection. That pie sounds wonderful, and you know how I like Ricardo also. Have a good week!

    1. Debbie I don't know how Marie does it..she has 3 blogs!

  9. Monique, I'm in love with the mini Bonne Maman jars. Great idea to collect them! What a beautiful dessert with apples and strawberries, I have to make one. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I stopped by Marie's blog, she's an amazing artist too!!
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. You must read her recipe blog too:) You love to make special things~:)

  10. I need to try that pie! It reminds me of another favorite pie that I've made that uses tapioca as a thickener. I'll bet my boys would love it as they love both apples and strawberries. Such a wonderful gift! I know how often you have talked of Marie and made her recipes. She is so talented! Lovely little extra surprise she sent to you :)

    I just noticed OLM and N ♥

    1. It's an app Caro has for the Ipad of phone..Silverlight,it is called je pense.. I need one of N ..she is vacationing..when she gets back:)

      You should get the app:)

  11. Quelle tourte adorable, elle donne envie ~

    Bon mercredi

  12. That pie! Marie's artwork! The kindness of it all! I love this.

  13. What lovely post Monique!!
    And yes Marie is really a sweetheart and a lovely person!
    Is one of my favorite's persons!
    Love the pie too

  14. How special is that Marie?! I've been following her blog for a while, and agree with you that she should consider illustrating her own cookbook ... maybe some recipe cards to tuck in? I don't blog, but have been lucky to win several giveaways this year; so thrilling when 'fun mail' arrives! Congrats on winning the clongs.

    1. Super special..talented etc..
      She's got all her recipes..the illustrtor and writer talents..To's a win/win situation..Recipe cards would be a great idea!..
      Like books I love that have tuck-ins..!

  15. Monique, Marie's art is adorable. It makes me smile! So happy for you to be the recipient of this. The mini jars are adorable. I remember your mention of your love of these mini jars. I tried to find them here, but all I find are the large size. We eat lots of Bonne Maman jam, and I always save the jar. I have a box full in the garage waiting for some inspired way to use them. Love their little checkered lids and pretty shape.
    Thanks for the recipe. '-)

    1. Try have them:)
      N/A here..They are cuter than cute!

  16. How very clever to use little alphabet cutters to create vents in the top crust. I learn something new every time I come to visit. I have made many fruit pies in my time but I've never combined strawberries and apples. You have given me something new to try, Monique. Merci.

  17. On a des belles fraises cette année au marché. J’ai fait des confitures mais je vais copier la recette du pie car cela me semble bien bon ! merci.

  18. What a lovely post! How sweet of the tiny jars! i love how the strawberry apple combination sounds...Ihave tried blackberry apple but never
    strawberry! If J requests it must be grand!
    Bisous xo

  19. Monique, I was so happy to surprise you with this. Truth be told I was working on the cards for many weeks, but when you won the tongs it was extra impetus for me to finish them off and pop them into the post for you as well. I wanted to show you how much I appreciate and value your friendship and kindnesses to me through these past couple of years. I think blogging friends are special friends and I think that is because we each share little pieces of our hearts on each post. It is a personal gift and heart touches heart. I know yours has touched mine! Thank you so much for your kind words. Not sure I deserve them, but I will cherish them always!

    As for that pie! I need to make one for us. I know Todd would love it and so would Ariana. I must make before the years strawberries are totally gone! Love and hugs to you and J always! Bisous! xxoo

    1. The pleasure has been mine all these years Marie..and Jacques for all the treats he has eaten that the recipes have come from you.
      You are over the moon talented.They are blessings:)

  20. What a nice treat and oh that pie looks so delicious!! I first thought it said, "Praise" but then realized it said "strawberry" in French :) What a nice surprise from your friend and I first thought the watercolor art was yours, you're just as talented! :)

    1. You made me smile:)Praise.. I do get it from J when I make it:)

  21. That pie looks ever so classy and divine. An what cute cards!



  22. It is always so fun when something arrives in the mail that isn't a bill or an advertisement! How sweet of her!!!
    I love your pie with the cut out in the crust. That just looks mouthwatering!

  23. Monique, your creativity continues to amaze me. I want to make that pie just for the way it looks! How were you able to cut out words like that on top? And those pictures are amazing - I will be checking out her blog.

    1. Do you see the little letters in my collage?
      I use those metal letter cutters to cut the letters in the dough..
      I think you would like that pie Julia:) I do..

      Marie has 3 of food and recipes..I cannot tell you how many I have made and all successful..a friendly having tea together blog and her art blog.I don't know how she does it..
      The recipe one is The English Kitchen..
      She posts on the recipe one every single day:)

  24. The art work and your photos and the thoughts on gift exchanging and your expressions of appreciation and the pie with its name on it all make me feel very good. Merci, Monique!

  25. I will definitely make this pie. It looks so good and I love the cutout letters. The cards are just too cute. You are a world of talent. Have a fabulous weekend.

  26. Each and everyone one of your posts are so sweetly put together. You amaze me each time I stop by to visit.

  27. Today I am taking some private time, savoring strong tea with cream, and many of your postings. They are a feast for the eyes and food for the soul and I thank you for them all.



  28. You could definitely win a prize for this pie - it looks amazing and I LOVE the top!

  29. What a lovely post. The pie looks so yummy. The minis remind me of my childhood at hotels where they would serve jams at the breakfast table in those mini jars!
    Beautiful xx

  30. I really really favor the wee jars:-)
    Not surprised you do also!