Sunday, July 7, 2013

♥'s Pain A l'Ancienne~

Little ♥ breads~
I used a recipe from the book my friend got for me from a reseller in the USA.. Rustic European Bread in the Bread Machine~  Still..thank you...It's a great photos but the recipes are great for bread machines..baking OUTSIDE the box like I like to do..

 I made small ♥s  and a large baguette.. it's impossible what 3 1/2 cups of flour..water salt and yeast can produce:)

Just like tending's amazing what time spent in the garden rewards us with..

White Fairy Roses..(not sure of their real name..but same look..prolific like the pink one..and grows exactly the same way and blooms at exactly the same time..HARDY..)From Heirloom Roses in the Maritimes..yrs and yrs ago..I have a binder w/ roses and clematis..but I showed it to someone..(not someone.. a dear friend:).. to help with a choice of clematis and ...I cannot find that binder..right now..
Feverfew and Hostas..Henry Hudson Rose..And Summer Snow Clematis..
I wish I could remember the name of the vased white roses..they were suggested to me by Jodi from Gardenbuddies about 10 yrs ago..I still think of her and even more when these boom..very antique looking w/ a touch of spring green around the petals..they look old:)♥Vintage.. even a dusting of a brownish hue here and there..

Bon..La Recette~
Courtesy of the book..

3 cups bread flour
1/2 cup rye flour
 1 1/4 cups water
 2 1/4 tsp yeast
2 tsps salt..

This one is trickier as there is a resting time..IN the machine..But it worked for me..

In the bread machine pan combine  half the flours with all the yeast an half the water.Process on dough setting and let rest 6-24 hrs..
I did 6..
Add the remaining flours water and salt to the pan..again dough setting

REmove..form into a ball. cover..let rest 20 mins..

Preheat your oven and stone at least 30 mins at 450F
Shape as desired  this should make 2 baguettes..
Sprinkle a peel generously  w/ cornmeal..let rise until doubled..make deep diagonal slits..Mist w/ water ,,shake the peel to make sure the bread is not sticking..

Open the oven and shovel the bread onto the hot stone..Bake 10 mins misting 3 or 4 times..reduce temp to 375 and bake 30 mins more or unti bread is evenly browned..
REmove..Cool and store in paper bags..
You could use any of your bread recipes to make the ♥s I think.
I am just getting a kick out of trying new recipes from this book.

You can slice in half..and adorn w/ garlic butter to accompany Carbonara~ W/ Edamame and Pine Nuts~
Very quick dinner when you are ..
In And Out Of The Garden~♥
I even give it..*****
5 stars~
The books.:)
We are having an unusually murky summer here with not very much sunlight..but high humidity and thundershowers possible almost every day it seems..
Still compared to 5 months of long johns and flannels and socks and slippers..
Flip Flops are so much easier~ comparison~ For day in day out~

I rest my QC case~

PS I adorned with egg wash and sesame seeds.


  1. Love those pics Monique. I could live off bread alone. I also had an all white garden once, another time a red, white and blue one.

  2. Donna I could too:)
    Some cheese.. a few figs.. and yes a glass of wine..~
    I wish I was that much of a perfectionist gardener..I love all white..mine are all pink white and blue everywhere!:) except for pansies..calendulas..poppies..and red roses..
    I should have planned better..Never thought of it when I moved here and starte the gardens..
    Moon Gardens:)
    Going to see what you are up to..:)
    It's raining..

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you.

    I also loved The Art of Hearing Heartbeats!

  4. What sweet rolls....the shape, the sesame seeds...adorable and I know delicious. One of these days I will have to get a bread maker.

    I pretty much took July is nice to be back and to see what you are making!

  5. Only you Monique would make a simple bread into something so charming and fun! Always LOVE seeing your beautiful, grown with love, garden! You can honestly, see the love in every photo, it all goes together so well .............

  6. I think I need to find that book! I am so thankful I finally bought a bread machine last year. I love your heart rolls and beautiful fleurs blanches! I am enjoying more white in the garden too although mostly in containers. I have a binder too :)

    So humid here also and I think we've had enough rain to make up for the dry summer last year. My hair doesn't like it but the garden is loving it :)

  7. I forgot to ask what are the tiny flowered clematis in your last collage? Does it bloom all summer like Arabella? I would love a white one like that!

  8. The heart-shaped bread looks absolutely delicious!!!!
    Those flowers are scentsational ;-)
    That plate .... I absolute ♥ that plate!!!!


  9. have nice straight hair..
    I often think.."be grateful you have hair"..but mine is not of that California hair:)

    It is Janis Joplin:)

    I have a flat iron..but as soon as I go is 3 inches shorter..
    all all of a sudden..I am thinking of trying to let whatever grey I have..just come right in..

    I have hairdresserphobia..:)

    I just do not like that appt every 3 months..I am no longer an appt girl..for now:)

    Arabella..grows like a ground cover..up the roses :)

    The white one..I have is Summer Snow..and grows huge and rampant and covers arbors at the same time as Bettty Corning..maybe 1 week later..but Betty lasts longer..That one is Summer snow..

    but the one you asked about is ..Recta Purpurea.

    It is glorious..trails into the gardens..on a 3 ft obelisk..

    AND... ISO.. I found the white rose..


    Thanks for getting me searching for my binders~

  10. PS the one I call summer snow is actually Virginiana:)

  11. Your flowers are lovely and your bread - what can I say - your are just so creative. Thanks for the garden therapy. :)

  12. 'Adorned' with much love.
    do you ever make anything that is not gorgeous?

  13. Beautiful bread and flowers Monique, and that pasta is calling my name. I love summer and all that it brings to the table. It is far too short . . . I think summers need to be longer and winter's shorter. What do you think?
    love and many hugs to you.

  14. Your white garden is stunning Monique. And I love the adorable little hearts you made out of French bread dough.

    Summer is my favorite time of the year, despite the heat. We've had nothing but rain, rain, rain in Florida as well as in the mountains. But I can't complain compared to the weather out west.

  15. Such pretty little heart rolls! But mostly, swooning over those beautiful white flowers - and yes, even the snow picture. Our weather much the same - hazy, hot, and humid with rain. I am getting used to going barefoot again, so hooray for summer!

  16. The two photos of your chairs in different seasons made me smile. Makes one appreciate summer even more!
    I adore those fairy white roses. I've seen them and often wondered what they were actually called. As a member in good standing of the garden club, I ought to know! :)
    Adorable heart rolls, Monique. Just the right size with your salad.

  17. Those little bread hearts are so adorable! and the white flowers are beautiful and must be lovely in the evenings. :)

  18. Heart to heart photo is sweet, as is anything and everything created by you mon Monique!

    You know, we're suddenly having the same type of weather you're experiencing, minus the breathtaking flora. Sigh. If, by chance, you have any overstocked fairies, please send them my way.

    1. Fairy Roses?
      Or my real fairies?:)
      You must have fairies everywhere your home.
      Beacuse it is always magical at Memories In The Baking~

  19. C'est adorable <3
    Magnifiques photos!

    Bonne semaine ~

    1. Moi je trouve que vous.. êtes adorable:)
      Bonne semaine..

      Je m'en viens vous visiter..

  20. Como siempre unas fotos preciosas y unos panecillos ideales.

  21. I love how you take the simple and make it so breathtaking. Your cooking and gardening are magical. I hope a little sunshine is headed your way, flip flops are way to go. Hope all is well!

  22. So pretty! Love the photos :)

  23. The little heart rolls touch my heart...i love white flowers...white roses...clematis.
    What a lovely post! I do not have a bread machine, but the recipes will work without one...
    Bisous xo

  24. Monique, you make everything so special. Those little puffy heart rolls are a perfect romantic touch. The mosaic of white blooms makes my heart sing. What a magical post!

  25. Delicious bread Monique filled with love.
    Everything you do is perfect...
    I love the shades of white in your garden...
    what a contrast to your winter ones!
    love your heart plate xx

    1. Such a difference:-) and today the sun is out..good luck She'll..your dish looks delicious and so prettily presented:-)

  26. Pretty little rolls! I'm sure they taste amazing.

    Your garden is so beautiful and inviting. It looks totally different now (winter VS summer)...



  27. Thanks for you nice comments..just thought you might want to make little hearts..or how some winter hardy plants..
    It,s amazing what you can grown when you think of our sub zero winters here in QC.

  28. Beautiful photos. What a lovely way to start the day. Merci beaucoup, Monique.

  29. Bonjour ma chère Nana,
    Des petits pains chauds... Hummm!
    Ce week-end je vais faire du pain que je cuirai dans le four à pain dehors... je vais essayer toutefois ta recette.

    Les photos qui accompagnent tes mots sont toujours aussi merveilleuses.
    Gros bisous et merci pour ce bon moment.

  30. Delightfully enchanting. Just like you, Monique. xoxo

  31. :)

    Have a nice day.. hope it's summertime where you are today ladies..we're back to murky here..
    une belle journée à vous aussi..M~A

  32. Everything is so lovely here, the bread, your gardens and painting. Your gboys are getting so big! One reminds me of our Declan.
    Your cookies look wonderful! We have a lavender farm about 45 min away. I will have to go next year.
    Thanks for stopping by...can you imagine that house being over 19 million? Amazing!

  33. It's a high $$ tag area:)

    Loved all the family scenes etc..
    I think you are getting more zealous as the yrs go by,...good for you:)Admirable.

  34. Those little puffy heart rolls are so cute! I love white in the garden too :-)

  35. Lovely post, white and pure-) And bread is outstanding looking!

  36. I simply love white in the garden..all these beautiful blooms in your the evening they just light up a garden!
    and your pains...far too adorable to munch on, but I can clearly see they are delicious and would be perfect on the noel table too..or hanging from the sapin..