Thursday, July 11, 2013

Days of Clems and Mads~

I ♥ Clematis.. never was able to grow them.. before a group of very talented gardeners helped myself and  so many other people out~ the time..Gardenbug:)  on Gardenweb..and then  Gardenbuddies.. along with a slew of other avid gardeners and clematis connaisseurs..gave us tips and tricks  .
I learned about the importance of planting deeply and well..of groups 1 2 and 3 and their pruning times..I gave cleamtis as gifts and received clematis as gifts..
A dear client built an obelisk for himself his clematis got so big:)I was so happy my gift to them thrived!
Derek had one at this home w/ Marlene..:)
My neighbor has grown fond of them..and believe me it makes for conversation with walkers by:)
Some I lose for one yr..and they return the next..some I have lost Blue Bird:(
Some do remarkably well and others not as well.
Huldine has always been in ginormous..this yr ..she is not even here?
Betty Corning is full of little bells and a workhorse..hundreds and hunfreds of bells..the white fargesoides..blooms at the same time..and I have both on the front arbor on either side..well we can't get through the arbor..still..they thrill me:)
I have a frame that is actually a vase..w/ many little burettes..every yr when I pick clematis I give them turns to be the spotlight by the kitchen sink~
Handy little thing..
Some are quite fancy..some big..some small..some climb..some trail..Arabella trails beautifully with roses and hostas..My blueberry bush has a clematis through it as well as Thérèse Bugnet~
There is so much info on the net..:)

This is a great source of info..

Brian Collingwood was one of the experts that also taught me so much..
At one point he was kind enough to name a Clematis with my name..I kept the certificate:) Unfortunately I have not found her here.I am not being was simply one of the nicest things to happen:)
Brian named a Clematis after a wonderful woman I had the chance to meet..and her husband..I still tear up~ Marlene..

So I encourage you to plant a Clematis...or 2 or 3..or more.. Dig deep..  when you come home w/ the plant in the pot.. bury the full height of pot plus 1/2:) To me that works..I am in Zone 5..They love alfalfa pellets too..I must renew!Mine don't look fabricated..and disintegrate immediately..keep them well watered..mulch..Group 3's..cut very short as soon as you can walk in  the melting snow of late March..
Group 3's are the easiest for me..Go have a look and see~
Planting 2 or more together can be a wonderful sighting in your garden.

The list goes on and can see pink even in Garden Queen starting to bloom~

Food wise:)

My son-in-law came to give my husband a huge hand in building a deck to accomodate our outdoor table..It was SO appreciated..I made madeleines in the morning for him..And I thought if he likes them I will post and share:)

He had 5..that's a thumbs up for me..
I had the curd..I made it previously..and the batter you mix up and refrigerate overnight.If you have not made maddies before..her technique is no fail for the bump:)
I loved the idea of encasing a juicy raspberry with a dollop of lemon curd..
You can find the delicious recipe right here..
I use a silicone mold on a small stand..It was purchased yrs ago at a Christmas Tree Shop and cost $2.99 I think..
It works perfectly.You do  not always need top of the line things to get perfect little results~

Have a great weekend~It starts tomorrow:)

I know there is a lot of info here..:)
I hope it may be of interest?


  1. Monique , your Clematis are beautiful. My neighbour, Clif, has a number of different Clematis that I get to enjoy.

    The madeleines are lovely. I'm surprised he stopped at five.


  2. Monique, I am so glad for the info. I will plant multiples together next year and deeper. Thank you very much.

  3. Yours are so beautiful! Nice selection and so fun to see different ones. I so love Clematis... I guess they like it here. I could not grow them successfully in the San Francisco Bay Area ~ but here? I have to trim them back or they overtake everything planted near them.
    Your maddies make my mouth water! I love the idea of placing a raspberry ~ so pretty!

  4. Now I must go in search of all the blue ones...yours are absolutely spectacular! I have had luck with some and not with others. Thank you for all the info...I will certainly use it!
    The mads look delish!

  5. Gorgeous flowers! Their color is so pretty.

    I wish I could have one of those delicious looking Madeleines for breakfast...



  6. Those flowers are gorgeous! I can't even keep my little plant herbs alive so I better don't mess with flowers. I'll just admire whatever my neighbors plant. :) And these madeleines look so delicious. No wonder he can eat 5, they must be awesome!

  7. Such a gorgeous garden, you really do have a talent xx

  8. How I need you in SOuth Africa to help me with my clematis! It doesn't grow well here..I'm doing something wrong! My word your colours are stunning
    those madeleins look so yummy!
    Have a good weekend ,

  9. Dear Nana - how very, very special to have a flower ( and a beauty at that) named after you! Love clematis and all its whirls and extravagant vines - and the colors! Your madeleines look utterly delicious! My tins rusted, so will look for your silicone molds on the interwebs. Have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful flowers....enjoy ...x !

  11. I just love clematis. That 5th photo is just glorious.

    Don't you just love that Rachel Khoo? She is so darling. I have watch her on youtube many times. I am going to try her curd since it is a small batch. I no longer cook or bake for a large group yet I still like homemade.

  12. I am sure they must do better in certain zones..
    I would love is a no go here for sure..Stubbornly I tried twice..
    Some bloom very early in Spring..then later and later and later~
    Katrina.. I think that is how I came to enjoy the web so much..The kindness of everyone was and is just so nice.
    I hope you find the tins Katrina..
    Rebecca.. when I was exepecting my first baby :) that was all I could think about..always excited just for the baby....gardening was not even in my mind..You are sweet to comment:)
    Take care everyone~

  13. I remember my mom's clematis , I wish I knew what hers were and if the current owner still has them.
    I have had only fair success with them. Many of them died, one year they turned black from the bottom up. I had no choice but to cut them down. They came back the same year and bloomed!
    Yours are beautiful! The cookies look wonderful. I have my mom's tin molds. Price still on the box!

  14. You have everything:)
    A collector..and so many people get to enjoy your talents..

    Look how your family has grown..My friend has one son..and now they already have 3 grandchildren.:)
    Yours has grown even more!.

  15. The clematis are beautiful and you give such wonderful tips I will have to try again sometime and see if I can get them to work for me, I never knew they were supposed to be planted so deep.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  16. Jenni I am sure you can grow one..pick the easiest..and a group 3..
    One thing I should have added..

    This is so true of Clematis..
    The first year they sleep~
    The second year they creep~
    The third year they leap..~

    We need pattience too..I forgot to mention:)
    Then you can paint them Jenni:)

  17. All those gorgeous blues and purples and then just the perfect touch of creamy yellow.
    Perfect color combining!

    1. OH I take that as the highest compliment from a color combination. authority..:)
      I keep Pinning your art:)
      I need to bake something with cherries soon:)

  18. Breathtaking doesn't even begin to describe your clematis!

    Monique, you'll be very surprised to know that I still have some clematis in my 'garden,' given to me by a dear neighbor, an avid and talented gardener like you. Her clematis always bloom proudly, whereas mine - persistent little lovelies that they are - struggle to come back every year.

    Needless to say, I love Madeleines, but I particularly like your berry idea; I'll be borrowing it you know.
    Enjoy your weekend mon ami.

    1. And I will keep an eye out for an old glove Lou Gehrig..or Babe Ruth may have practiced with.
      Your neighbor must have loved you :)Am I surprised?:)
      And your clematis are struggling to come back to you..that says a lot..
      The plants that want to leave me..leave..they don't struggle to come back:)

      Try these Sol.. they really are quite good..really good..I just love having the curd READY:)
      Then please show me your

  19. De superbes couleurs de fleurs, si douces et pourtant avec du caractère. Beaucoup de choses à dire et à écrire sur les fleurs...

    Les madeleines sont parmi mes mignardises favorites alors difficiles de ne pas aimer votre photo qui met l'eau à la bouche.

    Bon weekend.

  20. WE have clematis blooming right now as well Monique, and some which look just like yours. They are such beautiful flowers. Loved all the tips you gave here. Our garden mostly thrives on neglect. lol

    Love the Madelines. They look just perfect and the addition of a fresh berry and lemon curd to each? GENIUS! C'est ci bon! xxoo

  21. Everything you post is always of interest. May I borrow YOU for 6 months? A year? How I would love to grow Clematis and have you baking away in my kitchen :)

  22. I would never have thought to dig deep for a clematis. There are two in my backyard and right beside the fence, which is a questionable spot. I can't see them very well. Perhaps I just need an obelisk. I am such a lazy gardener. I never think to fertilize. Love those madeleines. Will have to try that recipe.

  23. It's really a pleasure for me to look after plants:-)
    Quiet fun:-)

  24. I did not know that there was a flower that blue. All that, and madeleines too...from where I sit on Lond Island, this is the stuff of fairy tales.


  25. I don't know..Long Island looks and sounds pretty darn nice to me..
    Many clematis are blue...naturally:-)
    I abhor fake blue flowers in bouquets but when they are naturally blue..gorgeous.

  26. This has been a spectacular year for clematis here also and yours are beautiful! Huldine? No where in sight but mine never was a strong plant. It was fun to learn about clematis back then - I bought so many! Some have died or disappeared too. Some never bloom vigorously and others, like those you've shown are prizes. One day I will find the white one - Paul Farges and replace one of the duds. I can't find a seller this year :(

    I love the idea of a filled Madeleine!

    1. Huldine appeared! She used to take over the back I expected her to be as bold..climbing through all the blues and mauves..she is a shy one this year and just staring to weave her web:)
      Dry dry dry here..always sound like I am complaining..but it's feast or grasses are starting to burn:( plants look like me..
      You can find him online ..there are 2 good clematis places and they carry him!
      I feel like a filled madeleine..:)Humidity makes me grow..not glow:)

  27. Madeleines are so delicious, perfect for a tea time. Yours look divine-)

  28. Oh my, Monique those Clems are absolutely spectacular. It surely looks like you live in Clem-heaven to me. It must be such a joy to wake up in the morning and look out the window. Then again, if I had a garden like yours, I just might park my pillow under one of those lovely Clems so that the minute I opened my eyes in the morning, I would be greeted by their beautiful little faces. And I would stash a bag of those Mads right close by too and eat them for breakfast while staring at the Clems :)

  29. You've been waking up to much cuter faces this week!:)Oh my they are delicious!