Sunday, July 21, 2013

Galettes De Framboises~

Marie's Raspberry Buns..  J'aime~
 One of Marie's dolls came to bake in my kitchen again~ I dressed  her in a sleeveless  gardening dress and cropped pants.. She decided on Raspberry French I call them Galettes De they remind me a bit og thick galettes cookies..
You probably have everything you need on hand..  self rising flour would be good..I think I started buying that again because of Marie..Only mentioning that because my daughter asked about it..but the rest? You have it all.
I had made them before so I knew they would be enjoyed..Maybe I even posted once before..
Noah was coming for lunch with his mommy and I had decided on letting him make our pizzas..I prepared the dough ahead of time and he made 5 small ind.pizzas..
For dessert I had made these galettes..he LOVED it..and his mom said mmm..part cookie/part scone..exactly I said!And she asked for the recipe..
Always a good sign..

You can find this keeper recipe at the Marie's Blog..
I used bought jam which was a tad dark..I found..after baking,
I am starting to make fresh jams again this season in small quantities.. so next batch will be with some of  that.
I am sure you could use any jam at all:)
In La Ferme De La Huppe..morning ..w/ the beautiful light..having breakfast outside overlooking the grounds and pool:) (Ohmygosh..really..♥)..they would bring along with the fresh Bodum Coffee.. each our own Bodums:) a basket filled with croissants,brioches etc..and a few home made jams.It was exquisite.
I have not been many places and I am not a fancy was just luck that got us to that beautiful place.And a recommendation from a friend's son.
I may never again experience such a charming place..But I will never ever  forget it.

The paper dolls are Marie's creations.
I ♥ them~

Meanwhile in le coin des petits marmitons..
Noah was busy with his pizzas.
His mommy took the pics..if you think I take a lot of photos..well I think my daughter beats me:)

He wanted to be handsome to come over and wore a tie:)

He is usually a superhero but was very Mario Batali ..with his long madrass shorts and polo shirt:) he took the tie off when it came to the sauce..he didn't want to get it dirty..Nothing else getting dirty bothers him:)
He really is his parents son..the other 3 alphabet boys..are all different and different.. this one is the spitting image of his parents..but then again I find the parents look like brother and sister:)They're not..
He is a little Alain   and a little Mylène~

If you love art.. and would like to learn..I had fun at Paris Breakfasts..  Carol had a tutorial..and I loved may enjoy it also..
Speaking of art..I treasure the art I have received as gifts over the years..this was so long ago!
At work we always had a gift exchange..I was so touched when I was given this by Claudia.
It was many many moons ago..but I still have it and love it~

It was of me gardening:) so darn darn darn sweet of her....♥
The weekend will soon be over..Today was glorious outside~
Have a good week~


  1. Delicious--the cakes and the memories! I even have self-rising flour in the pantry. I do not have such a "charming" helper in the kitchen as Marie's doll.

    Love young Noah. He reminds me of our youngest, Stefan, who loved to help in the kitchen. He's all grown up now and a wonderful cook.


  2. :)
    Bonnie you can find that flour everywhere..
    I had a tendency to say self-raising~ Now I know:)
    Love the name Stefan~

  3. So sweet, it makes tears come to my eyes to see Noah work so earnestly on your pizzas! Had to chuckle about 'no tie' when it comes to working with the sauce *grin*... adorable!

    Thank you for sharing Marie's Raspberry Buns, they look wickedly good ~ cannot wait to try the recipe. And the paper doll, I used to love them when I was a girl ~ I think 'Betsy McCall' was my favorite, but Marie's are so darling too. Brings a smile when I see your pictures. And how sweet of Claudia for such a gift... cherished always, I'm sure.

    Going now to check out Carol's tutorial... thank you for the heads up. Have a happy week ahead, Mme. Magical! xoxo

    1. Loved Betsy..certain my mom got McCalls for me:-)
      I know you will like those buns Mary:-)
      When I see 1997..I think..6 years ago:-)
      Where have all those years gone?Flew by!

  4. Que ricas tienen que estar, me encantan las frambuesas. Te quedaron fantásticas .

  5. Replies
    1. Pam..Marie sells them..PDF ..go see..they bring out the little girls in us..maybe I should add a link..
      I have 2 dolls:-)

  6. Of course you know that Noah steals the show :) I love the polo and tie and superhero!

    The cookie/cakes filled with preserves look delicious and even sweeter with your little friend :)

    I recall the painting :)

    1. I've been going down memory lanes:-)
      I have fabulous tulips always on display:-)
      He's a show stealer for sure nana2:-)

  7. Oh, this post is filled with delights, the goodies, the sweet paper doll, and then the darling images of your baker. How cute that he didn't want to get the tie dirty. '-)
    Betsy McCall was definitely a childhood friend. I had a Betsy cookie cutter for years, but gave it to a friend when I parted with my jars of cookie cutters.
    Glad you are enjoying beautiful days. We are too. This has been a lovely summer so far........Sarah

    1. Oh ask the girl if you can ahve her back:)
      You have so many neat things Srah..priceless collections:)

  8. Oh Monique, that Noah. Just give me a spoon cause I could gobble him up. It made my eyes water with his little tie. Grandchildren are the best, aren't they?

  9. Your pictures are always beautiful. These Galettes De Framboises sound perfect for afternoon tea. You have a cute little helper in the kitchen! I love that. My kids love cooking and baking with me in the kitchen too. Your pictures really put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Your photos ..and your the same for me.:)

  10. Noah knows how to pile the goodies on his pizzas! Such cute snaps.
    Your raspberry cookie-scones look delish. No wonder they were a hit. (I love it when people ask for recipes!)

  11. Noah ..the more the better..he wanted the biggest:)!
    Thank you..

  12. What a fun, delicious post Monique! All I had to see was the word Framboises and my fingers went running as I'm so crazy about raspberries. That little dark haired Noah is just a darling! The tie, oh my goodness, how precious! I know you had many smiles watching him work, thanks for sharing your boyfriend!

    1. I even showed Jacques your 3 mini chefs:)

  13. Noah is so intent on making those pizzas. I had to smile that he took his little tie off so he wouldn't get it dirty. I can imagine how delicious your galettes are, especially with a nice cup of morning coffee. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

  14. I like the idea of a cookie that is part scone.
    And that picture of Noah. I love how focused he is. Perfect Pizzas.


  15. The raspberry buns look like cookies! So perfectly shaped, especially considering there is raspberry jam inside. Noah is so cute and focused! And the very last photo of the painting of you in the garden is so darling!

  16. Oh he is gorgeous with the tie!!
    Those cookies look delectable..yum yum!
    Perfect just perfect!

  17. Noah is adorable working on his pizza. So grown-up with his tie too. Beautiful cookies and always love your pretty drawings Monique. Your posts are always magical and this one is not an exception.

  18. Oh - I LOVE those cookies (yes, to me they are cookies)! Must make asap and will pin so I don't forget. Noah looks wonderfully serious - and the pizzas are making me hungry. Charming picture of your gardening, it reminds me of my enormous herb garden undertaking a long time ago, and a different place, surrounded by two small children and impatient farm animals. Lovely.

  19. Noah looks even more delicious than those gorgeous pizzas he is so intent on making. They look perfect...he looks so kissable and huggable...a strong, beautiful , boy!
    I love the look of those cookies...i can almost taste them! If it cools down a little bit soon, I will try them. They remind me of a Jewish cookie I make...i love anything with raspberry jam! I so loved paper dolls when I was little...Betsy McCall...what memories!
    Such a lovely post to start off a lovely week!
    Bisous xo

  20. The dolls arrive PDF..and can be bought through Marie..
    Don't know if they are in her Stay shop..
    I had them printed at Staples on heavier paper.
    They print up beautifully:-)
    Enjoy everyone..I think they are such keepers:-)

  21. Those cookies are wonderful and Noah is a really cute/handsome!



  22. Oh what a handsome boy your Noah is. I wish I could bake with my grandsons. What fun that must be. Your buns turned out just lovely. One of my favourites for sure and it made me smile to see my little Buttercup in her summer clothes helping you bake too! haha

    Love your little painting. Isn't it fun to be creative? I love it myself. Only one problem, there are never enough hours in the day to create all I want to create!
    love and hugs to you today and always!
    Marie xxoo

  23. Me parecen deliciosas estas galletas. Además me parece genial que se puedan hacer con niños :)


  24. Gracias~Thank you Merci!
    Noah appreciates all the nice things said about him:)

    And here is a direct link to Marie's dolls..seems a few of you have them on your wish list..
    It's the Bluebell and Buttercup page! Link at the top.

  25. Oh my, look at Noah in that tie! Precious , precious! We are glad you and your daughter take lots of pictures :-)

  26. Monique, I have a photo from Martha's Vineyard that I would like you to see since you have grandsons. I'll email it soon.

  27. Looking forward to it Debbie..I bet you had such a lovely time..Love that place.

  28. Oh, the photo's of your Noah just put the biggest smile on my face. He is so adorable with his tie! I am going to try the recipe soon, it sounds delicious! You are such an inspiration! xox Blessings,Selia

  29. Vive les enfants en cuisine ... et les petites poupée en papier aussi. Tellement ravissantes. Je te pique une de ces galettes en passant, tu veux bien ? Et puis je file travailler. Encore presque deux semaines avant les vacances ... Oh que c'est long ... ;o)))

  30. Je sais que tu travailles beaucoup que tu fais un travail important.. J'aime voir comment toi et ta famille profitez de la vie au maximum.. et que nous pouvons vous accompagner par photos splendides!

  31. Doesn't Noah look so, SO handsome! Seeing you with your grandchildren make me look forward to mine, but I am afraid I will not be half as food a nana as you..i will have to take lessons from you!
    Those cookies look delicious, it is my type of cookie/galette...
    It is so true that we have certain memories that are just a bit more special...I hope I never forget my special many of them actually, special each in its own way..little gifts, laughing moments, people, funny moments, special places with a special person..the older I get, the more special moments I want to have...memories...
    bisous mon amie

  32. Bisous à toi aussi chère Ronelle..
    Tu seras une mamie exceptionnelle.. je te vois déjà.. transmettant ton goût exquis pour tout dans la vie:)
    The special moments are what makes life treasurable.

  33. Ce sont de magnifiques galettes qui ont l'air si bonnes! Bon w-end!