Thursday, July 18, 2013


3 things I love together..I found a recipe at the  lavender ..Dijon..and a  nice marinade /dressing/sauce came up..
I had first tasted this dish..not this Gordes at Le Provençal..Poulet à la lavande..I could not get enough of it and ate it twice while on..bone in..delish..
I created one for Fifi's magazine which was good..
but this recipe  is 1-2-3..

I only made one change to it..
I added 1 tbsp of honey~

I marinated my boneless skinless chicken breasts is some of the marinade.. for about 4 hours..
Jacques grilled them on the BBQ..and I warmed up the leftover dressing and poured a bit onthe chicken/potatoes..
I am not a creamy or saucy person..this is like a vinaigrette and works very well for me~

La Recette~

1/2 cup EVOO
2 tbsps red wine vinegar
1/2 lemon ..juice of
2 tbsps Dijon
1  generous Tbsp Honey:)
2 tps dried culinary lavender finely ground in a spice grinder
(I used the mortar and pestle to make the whole dressing..starting w/ grinding the lavender)
3/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1/4 tsp fresh groud pepper
fresh lavender flowers to garnish

1.In a jar with tight fitting lid  combine all ings
2.Shake well

I strated going through things I brought back from that trip..some Le Provençal one.. some journal.
I would never go anywhere like that without a journal.
It was a gift before we went..a big thick blanks journal w/ a chartreuse green suede cover and tie♥

Oh  the eye candy was everywhere..the towns..the markets..the restos..the food.. the buildings..gardens co-ops)~
The placemat from the resto is in the upper left hand corner..shouldn't have folded it up~:)
Have a lovely weekend..~
I have but one small go see if my gentleman at the flea market remembered my vintage pan paints:)
Very early Sat.. morning if the rain stays away..before the crowds arrive~
My friend Nancy owned a deux chevaux when she lived in France:)~like the one in the photo above~
Her favorite car ever~
Bonne Fin de Semaine~


  1. Monique, this recipe will be one I try. I need to go to the farmer's market and buy a new tin of lavender. Beautiful images that bring back lovely memories of our time there. You always have a beautiful way of presenting. Merci!

  2. Delicious and lovely--a winning combination. I'm off to see where I can order lavender.


  3. I will definitely have to give this recipe a go .... sounds delicious!

    Good luck at the market ... there aren't nearly enough of those around here ... :-(

  4. Hope you all find the edible the should have no problem:)
    I hope my gentleman remembers too..thank you:)

  5. That does look yummy though I'm not a big fan of flowers on my food...or flowery foodie melanges

  6. Certainly an acquired taste:-)
    Jacques is just getting the hang of it..many just put the flowers to the side..or look at me and I supposed to eat this?:-)

  7. Ce doit être délicieux!
    La lavande est si douce et bonne, j'adore son arome, surtout en pâtisserie. Il faudrait que je l'essaie côté salé.

    Bonne fin de semaine ~

    1. Oui je suis d'accord douce et bonne..vous aimeriez je crois~

  8. Great recipe to try out for Eddie and I this weekend! Just don't think he will eat the lavendar flowers:-)
    Gorgeous photos and collage....makes me want to go on holiday there....
    Bon weekend

    1. :) the big sprig is fact is very subtle the taste..wonder if you don't tell hime?:)
      By blending in a mortar w/ a pestle.. many little dry culinary buds..whisk into everything..
      Enjoy Shel~ douse w/ more sauce:) after cooking..make sure you reserve some marinade.:)


  9. J'ai de la lavande moi aussi dans mon jardin, au boulot, tout juste fleurie. Je vais essayer cette petite sauce.
    Passe une bonne fin de semaine toi aussi.
    Bises de Provence

    1. Heureuse que tu aimes cette petite m'imagine ce plat ..sur ta table.. sur le patio..surplombant la mer:)Magique ta vue.

  10. Monique, I feel as if I've been whisked off to Gordes with you for a petite visit. The deux chevaux, lavender, miel, an early morning trip to the market before the crowds - all the things that they do in Provence villages throughout France. I will definitely try your chicken recipe. It's all the things we adore about France.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  11. St -Rémy is on our list if we go back because of you Sam..Everything you wrote..well I just know it is for us.
    Thank you for all those posts.

  12. One of the best things about travel is that we can enjoy the memories forever. I believe they just get sweeter over time. I have never cared for the taste of lavender until I brought home a little bag from the food hall in Avignon. Lovely post, Monique. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  13. Three things on my bucket list, frolicking through lavender fields in Provence; cooking a fine (almost too pretty to eat) dinner, alongside a creative friend. Learning the basics of gardening - and all of the above, preferably done with mon ami, Monique.

    Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

  14. Dear Monique,
    Everything looks so beautiful, thank you for an inspiration. The chicken marinade is absolutely perfect to me.



  15. Brilliant, just brilliant Monique! I would have never thought to pair lavender with dijon. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  16. How delicious that looks! I had to smile at the question of being edible :). I'm sure Ronelle's recent posts of Provence piqued special memories of a wonderful trip. I think the blend of lavender, honey and Dijon sounds so delicious on chicken and so Provençal :)

  17. It IS delicious..all soaked into the wee potatoes..:)
    Mind you Jacques does the grilling..i don't go near a BBQ .
    Ahh..Provence..vbefore going I always said I am not a traveler ..happy at home I am..
    Now I would love to go back!!
    C'estt tellemet beau!Ronelle brings me back there! yes.
    I am wondering if my weather twin Katrina is having what we are having..severe thundershowers power even yesterday 3-6..

  18. Oh Monique, it looks divine!
    It's a little different than the one we spoke of, as you shall see. ;) I think I like the looks of this version best, the potatoes and nasturtium put it right over the top (as well as Jacques' excellent grilling skills ~ it's done perfectly, nice and juicy.)
    I'm looking forward to trying it ~ Merci!
    And thank you for the cheerful glimpses of France, a very pleasant visit with you, as always. xoxo

    1. Can't wait to see yours..
      I finally received Villa Della Luna and although it is charming too..Pistoulet is still mon coup de coeur in the series..have not seen Circle of Kindness yet..
      Went to my market finally..but my salesman wasn't there..C'est la pluie!!

  19. Monique, that chicken looks fabulous. Something new to do with my lavender now! I love France. I have only been to the South West, but my heart longs to visit Provence. I have read so much about it and it is singing the song of my heart. Perhaps one day we will be able to go back. For how I just dream. xxoo

  20. You live somehwre pretty special too Marie:) Just made one of your desserts again for a visit I had this week..will post soon:)

  21. A friend gave me a great French recipe for quail with lavender that I am mad for... this looks divine! Lavender is perfect for hot weather.

  22. Already making it again for tonight.
    It's a glorious day in QC.
    Heaven on earth weather wise.
    Bon Dimanche!

  23. Such a beautiful meal, almost too pretty to eat, almost. Love your charming photos too, makes me crazy to go back to France!

  24. Delicious, Monique! Will definitely soon make this will be good! Oui, c'est vie est belle!

  25. Monique, this looks and sounds ambrosial. I can almost taste the flavors. On top of all that, your photos are gorgeous!!