Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's true about the peonies~:) And a new to me cake~

About the peonies first~

I am almost certain you are tired of hearing about peonies..they have finished blooming outdoors here..but I have some blooming indoors..♥
A little  while back at Debbie's Blog..she mentioned that we could cut off buds..keep in the fridge.. and then just take them out ...of the fridge ,place in water...and they will bloom..I saved 5... I should have saved way more..3 have bloomed ...2 to go..And next time I will leave them even longer in the fridge..who knows ?..."if we could wait until Christmas?":)
I would save some red and white ones~
Althoug pink might be refreshing in December~
Thank you Debbie for this invaluable tip.

Sunday was extremely hot and sunny ..No dessert left ..and I knew I would be over the stove for penne and didn't really feel like making an elaborate dessert..
Who came to the rescue?
My friend told me what she was making for dessert and sent me a link:)You can find Linda's Blog and the recipe right here..
It's so good..and whips up in about 5 minutes..You can use any fruits..:)
It is a keeper!
I used tiny wild red...berries.. what I thought I had planted ... raspberries.. turned the color of blackberries..
Go peek and see what Linda recommends.
I am sure it will be on your go to dessert list for summer with   our abunfance of  fabulous fruits~

You know by now that gardens please me..and this may be the summer I wish lasted forever.
I love this heat..the rain..(   a lovely new word for me..: Petrichor~  the scent outside after it rains~)
I think I would rather be moist and have the opportunity to cool off a bit inside..compared to always freezing in winter..:)
Never thought I would say winter is beautifull here.
 the gardens please me..and they are pleased to have a nice new little deck to bake on:)

And all the little flying insects are that much closer to me..nothing that bites..:)

My olive tree..(no olives yet..:) )..attracts special wings in flight type:)I see the flutter with my lens~

The herbs are the best they have ever been~
Mon Jardin..  :) full of memories..
The lavender topiary is  from one of my daughter's 2 Mother's Days ago~ It has moved to a bigger pot twice!
The Olive Tree ..from Nancy~
A Rosemary Christmas tree shaped plant in terra cotta ..from Nancy too..~

Nasturtiums..unruly~But I love them..

Tomatoes..small:)I just like to watch them grow~:) Like Lucas..and Max and Noah and Oli~

I have a few planters ..per say.. that are very dear to me..

One of the nicest young women..that I met in my career..could not bring her planters to California..and left me her blues..and some terra cotta.
Sometimes people leave such an impression on you..
I wish she had stayed:)~
Like  I wish summer could stay..~:)
I am sure I will find many things to be grateful for this winter..~
Have a good week!


  1. A pretty and yet nostalgic post... Wonderful summer shots. I *love* your garden sign in French! Enjoy summer while it lasts... Summer in Nice, France is muggy so far. Hope it improves soon as I plan to walk around quite a bit! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. C'est muggy here too..
      But compared to frost bite..:)

  2. I still have peonies in the fridge :-) I am planning to use them in September for a girls weekend and celebration. I'm glad you tried it!!

    1. I am really going to bring in a lot more next yr..thanks to you..anxious to see what Sept. brings forth for you:)

  3. I can't wait to get our garden, we move on Saturday :) I shall be coming here for all of my inspiration and advice xxx

    1. Please keep me posted every step of the way Rebecca:)
      That's a lot for you to do right now!!
      You can do it..
      But be gentle on yourself..and Baby:)

  4. Interesting to know about the peonies. I am making a cake for my daughters shower with a clear tea pot on top. I could put the closed peony inside with a layer of water and it would bloom inside the pot:D

    1. It probably would:)
      That gave me goose bumps Valeria:)

  5. What a wonderful tip about the peonies! I must remember that for next season ~ thank you and Debbie for sharing!

    As always, visiting your blog is always a very special delight, Mme. Magical. xo~m

    1. I can see us with storage compartments in the fridge..marked..peonies from here on end:-)

  6. How do you make a lavender topiary!!!??? I want one!! Also, wish I knew that about peonies a couple of months ago!

  7. came like that:-)
    It is now twice the size it was..but it was a topiary when it came to live with me:-)
    I winter it in my hibernates with me..then out in the summer..
    Hope you can find one:-)
    Didn't know until I tried re the peonies...

  8. If I had a peony bush, I would save a freezer full of buds. What a terrific idea! Your summer shots are amazing as always, Monique. I wish I could take such crisp, colorful photos. I will now look for a lavender topiary too. Such a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you! ~ Sarah

  9. I am glad you liked the cake...i am making one with apricots and raspberries tomorrow...the original is from Marian Burros and the summer fruit one is from Richard Sax...called the All Time Best Summer Fruit Torte.
    Either way it is the same just change up the fruit.
    Your Peonies look amazing...i had planned to save some in the fridge this year but had so few flowers.
    All of your garden pics look beautiful...
    Hope you have a wonderful week too!
    Bisous xo

    1. Thank you again.:)Next yr..we will remind each other!

  10. I have always wanted to try keeping my peonies in the frig. Maybe next year!!!
    Your images make me SIGH!

    1. I can just imagine how many you will do Yvonne..
      Your indoor home photos make me sigh:)You take excellent photos..
      Isn't it funny how we see things?

  11. What a brillian t idea!
    It is the fridge not the freezer right?
    Your garden is just so pretty
    Paint from your photos?
    Why not?
    The beeees!

    1. just have to watch for humidity..what I did was wrap in paper towel then cling wrap..
      Next year..I will be preapared..
      I tried painting my patio plants yesterday..even put the wrong date on..
      But I put the palette like yu:)
      My fave part.

  12. That does make sense that you could stall blooming by the cold. Florists do it all the time, don't they? Beautiful to extend a season just a bit longer on peonies. They are a joy of summer.

    For me, I just can't take the heat but love the flowers... more a spring and fall girl than summer if truth be told.
    Your photos as always are perfect. I am just back from seeing so many English gardens. Their heat wave usually hovers around 78 with 50's in the evening so perfect weather.... roses and lavender everywhere.

    How are your olives???

    1. Hi Deana..I will not get olives..As it lives in the house all year also apart from 2 months in summer..But I am amazed at how well it grew..twice the size at least.
      I am sure if I had this heat and humidity for months..the complaining would strat:)
      But so good.
      We waited a long time for summer this year..
      Hope your container gardens are doing well..
      English gardens are a sight!Never saw in person..but many magazines..books etc..

  13. I had read about the peonies a few years ago, but never remember to do it!

    I have fond memories of making that plum cake with my mom. So simple and perfect for this hot weather we are having.
    There was a beautiful breeze at the ocean yesterday. We were there with the 5 gkids. They are all water babies! Lily is taking jr lifesaving at the ocean, in a few more years she will be on the stand where her dad used to be! Where does the time go?
    Have a good week! Peaches on sale for .79 a lb, so I think it will be a peachy week!

    1. It does sound Peachy..I remember when you bought Lily her first LPulitzer dress..
      The boys here are water babies too..One just came back from Maine..but usually they are pool or murky water swimmers:)
      No ovean right here.
      How they actually get into the water I have no idea~Not for me anymore..I need to see the bottom.
      Lily will end up with a beautiful home in The Hampton' Diane Keaton's in something's Gotta Give:)

  14. Peonies should rule every garden! And I'm sure yours thrive just by the touch of your capable hands.
    I have quite a collection of peonies, which I often visit...via my garden books :) But I intend to save Debbie's tip in case goddess Flora takes pity on me and turns me into a gardener.

    Mon M, have you tried painting peonies? If not, you certainly should.

    1. I have.. I so far.. am useless at 3 dimensional anything..or life like..
      Mine are childish..kind of..
      I hope the Peony Goddess bestows you with a plethora of peonies.
      I get the feeling ..that you have quite a garden:)
      It's so hot here..over 100 in the sun..our little deck has shade and a we can certanly stand it:)
      I have collections in books too:)
      Take up no room..!

  15. Your photography is just breathtaking. I have to go check out the cake.

  16. Magnifique! j'aime ces clichés. Très joli post!
    bonne journée à toi! Cath.

  17. Another beautiful post Monique. I loved reading all of your words and the pictures, well . . . they are truly stunning. I caught a bee in flight the other day. Truly magnificent. I love these hot summer days. They are far too brief, and winter too long. I will enjoy this warmth as much as I can, now, I too, am off to check out the cake!
    Love YOU! xxoo

  18. That is so cool about the peonies, I had NO idea! I will be trying this but not this year sadly! You always have wonderful ideas and that dessert is a wonderful one to have in your bag of magic tricks for sure!

  19. It's a little keeper cake everyone:)

    Great for the bag of tricks..well said!

  20. I think peonies are so beautiful. That is such a cool tip about the We have never been able to grow them...a bit too warm here. I will enjoy them in your garden and arrangements!

  21. Your peonies are truly magnificent...sigh!
    I will have to go and peek at Linda's blog!
    Love her too!
    Shel x

  22. I think most people love friend Nancy popped by yesterday..with a florists bouquet of 3.. along with Lady's Mantle..I had never thought of the 2 together..Charming!

  23. Monique, so nice to visit your place again, it has been so long since I have roamed my blogging friends, too busy I am afraid. Such beautiful flowers and such charming words, I love to visit. And here we are in winter the colour of your garden is beautiful to me at this time

  24. I remember Debbie's post but somehow missed the part about saving the peony buds in the refrigerator! How sad there are no buds to save but I will sneak out tomorrow morning just to make sure :) Putting this on my calendar for next year! There are one of the most elegant flowers I know.

  25. What a fantastic idea on saving the peony buds in the refrigerator. They are such gorgeous flowers. Your garden is beautiful Monique. Summer is my favorite time of the year.

    1. You're so busy with your renos..thanks for the visit:)
      You get summer to LAST.

  26. Thank you for information about peonies, I did not know that, it would be great to have such a beautiful flowers for Christmas.

  27. Never tired of anything you blog about, the pictures are beautiful.

  28. I didn't know that about peonies, can't wait to save them next year. The dessert is going to be on the menu this weekend. With all the summer fruit you can't go wrong. Love all your topiaries, so pretty. I have them through out our miniature gardens, can't have enough. I'm in love with all your inspiring photos, they're fantastic! Thanks so much for stopping by with your kind comment, it made my day!


  29. You can never say enough about peonies, Monique. I love them, as I'm sure I've mentioned. Had not a clue about putting the buds in the fridge. Brilliant! Also would never have dreamed they would last long enough in the fridge for Christmas!

  30. Oh not sure about Christmas:) I am just going to try next year!:)So I should know in about 18 months!

  31. A wonderful cake! I am a big fan of plums/prunes and can't get enough of them.

    An interesting fact about peonies! Those flowers are intriguing.



  32. I am so glad, I found your blog, you have some wonderful pictures!

  33. A memory post...filled with lovely thoughts! I can relate...the lavenders, the olives..i saw the pots of oliviers in Provence and said to Hartman: "this photo is for Monique"..I still have to send it to you.
    I have to admire the peonies on blogs and other garden is only filled with plants to survive the heat and drought in summers...maybe I'll see your peoanies in December..that will be special!
    I wish I can sit with you in your garden,..non, ...walk with your through your Juillet or that will be specail!