Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend and 2 new keeper recipes~ along w/ old favorites~

Sunday aft..and the rain is pelting down in my little corner of the world..I kind of love that sound after  quite a few days of sunshine..
The weekend was nice..
Friday we  went to the market..Jean -Talon.. and Milano's.. we bought some goodies.. Blueberries.. cherries..apricots...corn..
It was a feast for the eyes..the market was alive with tourists..vacationers.. locals..

I had seen Heather Christo's recipe for a  Buttermilk Cherry Almond cake..and we were having friends for dinner~So for certain the cherries were coming home with me..

To me..this is a keeper recipe..So easy and so good..chock full of cherries..I may have added a bit more than her recipe called for..Un petit délice!
You can find her recipe here~
Save it.. when cherry season is in full force..for lovers of cherries and almond.. This one could be just right for you.

So many pretty faces in need to buy flowers for the table:)
My friends came with their hands full~

Cute cute packaging w/ wooden spoon and a Coffret Cadeau Cuisine /style that I appreciate so much..
Hachette.. 5 books..Macarons..Cocottes.. Verrines etc..Beautifully illustrated.
These types of books remind me of how excited I was to spot book gift sets..and in giving them..Remember Little House On The Prairie?I noticed my daughetr still has it:)
 These are for cooks:)♥Or  for people who love perusing coookbooks..
I had decided to make Kir Royales for my friend and I... Cassis.. w/ HT..
So cute to find macarons..with Cassis in the book when we came in and browsed..
They brought an appetizer..that we thoroughly enjoyed..I may make this for an upcoming birthday~

Caramelized Onion Dip~
From Real Simple~
I have to friend has such a gift for presentation..
No match was Real Simple's photo compared to  her presentation..Just wish my photos had been better.. but 4 hungry adults..:) You know how it is..I dove into that dip..:)
The caramelized onions..makes this dip a kick above the rest~
We had Gazpacho.. Overnight No Knead Parmesan Thyme Rolls,  Bobby Flays'  Thai Chili Lime BBq'd Shrimp and Scallops(his recipe calls for just shrimp..we like to add the large tender done this way.. I also marinated mine longer than they recommend..and adjusted the heat  factor..)..Rice with the preserved lemons.. there was corn..but we forgot to grill it..(I don't think it would have been fantastic anyways..:) ) the above mentioned cake ,and mini ice cream sunday tortes.

Have to take advantage of outside while so many pretty faces still abound..:)
They are happily soaking up this rain..
Clay pots and plants..these are a few of my favorite things for sure~
Have a good week~


  1. Le gâteau semble doux et délicieux ~ 

    Quelles adorables attention de vos amis.

    Bonne semaine et bon courage!

    1. Il est bien bon..Tu aimerais..j'en suis certaine..:)

  2. Wow,I really can't wait to try this Buttermilk Cherry Almond cake! Looks and sounds like a keeper, for sure. And love all these gorgeous flowers. SO pretty. I feel happy looking at your pictures, they really bring smiles to people around them.

  3. It all sounds like the makings of a perfect evening.

  4. It was nice Valerie..we rarely do it.. so it was..

  5. Oh, yummy on all counts! I love fresh cherries and almonds and have buttermilk in the fridge. A Kir Royal is always my drink of choice! The appetizer of caramelized onions sounds delicious as does every item on the menu. Oh, to be a guest at your table! Love those pretty pansies. Too hot here for those sweet faces. I'll have to wait till fall again. Thanks for sharing the beauty, Monique. ~ Sarah

  6. This cake will be baked by me this week for looks gorgeous and is right up my alley. I love this sort of cake. I think your Gazpacho will be here as well a the shrimp and scallops...everything sounds like it was delicious! I am, happy you had fun at your dinner party! The menu sounds absolutely delicious! I am so glad that your pansies are still has been too hot here for them and mine look just awful...
    I am hoping they will come back. Have a lovely week my friend! Xo

  7. That cake looks very tempting and I'm a big fan of gazpacho, no-knead bread as well as Thai flavors.

    Pansies are so pretty.



  8. Look at how pretty you have made the cherries look ;o) The cake sounds delish!

    I am a huge fan of Gazpacho....aren't dinner parties with special friends wonderful?

    My pansies are still pretty too...they are hiding under the hosta now.

    Have a lovely week! I have my daily dose of pretties now ;o)

    1. Debbie you are right.:)
      Thank you..I had mine at MV:)

  9. Oh lovely!
    Did you paint the cerises?

    1. I painted the pansies..they're in an envelope waiting to go in the mail:)

  10. I always love visiting you, Monique. Not only for your sweet photos, clever ideas and pansy faces, but your recipes.
    That old fashioned onion dip we used to make is so passe. Now, it's caramelized onions and what an improvement!

    1. Barbara my friend and I both talked about Knorr:) Or Onion soup.. dip..Yes..thsi is soo much better Barbara:)

  11. Cela semble bien joli et délicieux. Bisous

  12. Everything sounds so good I don't know where to start...probably with that beautiful cherry cake :)

  13. aah love your cherries and the picture look beautiful!

  14. It must have been a wonderful evening! Everything sounds delicious and the cherry almond cake a beautiful and delicious end to a wonderful meal with very thoughtful friends. Try brought wonderful gifts :).

    My pansies are gone :(. I wish they lasted longer. I love their faces. I'll buy more for fall.

    Beautiful photos, Nana!

  15. I admire those that have the gift of presentation. Your photos are lovely as usual. The clay pot & pansies always make me smile, and last but not least good recipes - wonderful.

  16. You must all try that cake..Thanks to that lovely blog!It's not finished and I wish to make it again..:)♥
    And thank you:)
    Some of my pansies are gone..these are the ones I expected the least from as they are in 3 small older clay pots that sit in a very old iron 3 spot holder..yet they have survived the best..the tiny blues are fading fast~~

  17. What a wonderful night! Gifts, Good Friends, Good Food and that delicious Buttermilk Cherry Almond Cake! Spectacular! Thanks so much for stopping by with your lovely comment! I did use permanent ink, but as you know nothing lasts forever outside...It's a good excuse to stamp more.


  18. Monique, you're so lucky to still have pansies. Ours are long gone with the heat. I love their cheerful faces. Your dinner sounds wonderful, how fun it must be to dine with you!

  19. Moniquenall look beautiful and love Cherry akmond cake!
    Always you have lovelt pictures!!!

  20. Thank you both..
    It's all inspiration from the blogs I follow:)

  21. What a lovely cherry cake- your pictures are gorgeous :)
    Mary x

  22. So much to love here today Monique. The cherries, the cake, the flowers, your thoughts. I always enjoy my visits with you. I think that cake is calling my name now. I must bake and soon! We had rain here yesterday, but today the sun is shining. I hope it sticks for our trip North this evening. I would hate it to be raining and cold as we will be sitting outdoors. Under an awning, but still . . . would like for it to be pleasant! Love you much. xxoo

  23. Lovely post. Nice to visit you dear-)

  24. Pansies, one of the prettiest faces in the garden, and boy, do they know it! :)
    And the ubiquitous sweet summer cherries have been nearly impossible to stay away from. I keep bringing them home, but they have a way of disappearing before I decide what to do with them, besides eating fresh. So I'm going to try your recipe before summer's over!