Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving..Bit of this..bit of that~

One of our daughter's hosted Thanksgiving..both girls and their families are sweet to have taken over many of the holidays.
Up until about 5 years ago.. we did the holidays..and then they stepped in..Christmas eve was first I think..Caro   and Fred took over....Mimi and Alain did Easter and we did Christmas morning..we seem to have developed a nice routine..Birthdays are there..and there..
Last TG the boys were we skipped it..
This year Mimi did it.. turkey and all the trimmings..from apps to desserts.
We each bring something.It's a great afternoon with the boys running wild the older ones starting to keep company with the adults much more..and it runs late into the night..
I know the brothers and cousins will always always remember these fun times..
Makes it all so worthwhile.
The adults will remember too:)
So I chose dessert..
I wanted different than this one..and this one..but what?
A roll? A Beeautiful one?Or the Pumpkin Pecan Praline cheesecake?
Or Linda's Pumpkin bars I love so much?
Something Thanksgivingy..:)
I have discovered I like decorarting cakes..with things that are pretty to start off w/ without a huge amount of icing..Seeing a whole lot of icing actually makes me not interested..Unless it's a cream cheese icing or the best buttercream ever..
But overly sweet lots of colors icings..nope..
I knew I wanted to add special to the dessert and chose Ferrero Rochers for the top.
It's not a FR cake thought..It's Fine Cooking's Triple Chocolate Cheesecake..My family loves chocolate and they don't get that from me..
The recipe is there  on the link if you wish to make is very good..It did not crack or stayed perfect..not even baked in water.Gotta love that.
We like it chilled..I have to tell you even the small children ate it.I think I had 16 pieces one was left..mine.
Not sure if anyone ate it later as I know I was still picking at the turkey and stuffing around midnight.:)
So I baked this cake the day before..and chilled it..the next day I melted a bit of chocolate and added the FR..Previously I had baked tuiles..knowing I would add them as the final decoration.
The tuiles softened..I must say they were never totally crispy..Noah ate some leaves..don't know who else..But they are a very pretty way to decorate a cake..Use you own tuile recipe..
Reserve some of the tuile batter and add cocoa powder..Mix and place in a ziplock and cut a fine fine hole in the end..Make sure there are no lumps at all in your batter..Draw veins on the wet leaves..
I used my form the leaves..
Make the shapes..with the white batter..then paint the veins..
And bake..drape over something round while warm for the curve..
You can find the recipe I used here..such pretty little cakes..I only did her leaves..Instructions are there also.
Again..I wish they would have been crispier..and I am certain it's my fault:)

Darling Max brought me a gift at Thanksgiving....His leaf collage in a's in my kitchen lookin' mighty nice♥

Another recipe I made ..two nights before..were Susan's Cauliflower steaks..can't believe it took me so long to make and enjoy..

I made two..One for Jacques and one for me..the only thing I did differently was to add roasted red peppers to my tomato sauce..and roasted red pepper oil to the relish as I had some..
I am happy with vegetables for dinner..Jacques had a mini- tourtiere on the side..Finishing up last years as we will be making new ones soon~
Susan..this is so pretty!And I loved the taste.

If you are really grateful..what do you do?You share..
~W Clement Stone

Like all of you~


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I hope that you are now enjoying leftovers and the good memories!! I, too, roasted cauliflower yesterday.



    You are so wise to have it now. Ours is so, so, so late. -sigh-

    "Here there be musing" blog

  3. Gorgeous cake, so perfect for thanksgiving, you are so good at adding pretty touches to everything. How adorable that your grandson made the leaf picture, i just love it.

    1. He is so thoughtful isn't he?
      It touched me:)

  4. What a beautiful cheesecake and the tuiles, although not as crispy as you would have liked, are beautiful. I am a huge fan of chocolate so I know I would love, love it! One day, I hope Thanksgiving dinner will be hosted elsewhere - this year, still here. Now Lindsay does Christmas. Lauren - not into entertaining yet :) Perhaps one day when she has a house and not a condo. Then, there are the in-laws so we have to share. C'est la vie! Wonderful memories, indeed. Love the leaf collage - such thoughtfulness! Glad you tried the cauliflower! It is a unique preparation. I love cauliflower, brussels sprouts - all of those cabbage-y things :)

  5. Quel superbe dessert ! Et cette photo ! Une si belle mise en valeur que j'en salive :)

    Vos photos de la nature en automne me font jalouser, un jour j'irai au Canada admirer cette beauté châtoyante !

    1. Un jour tu verras bien mon pays..J'en suis convaincue.

  6. I don't need to ask what you're thankful for :)

    The framed collage should remain on your kitchen wall f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Love.

    And I'd gladly give the triple chocolate cheesecake THREE thumbs up (well, you know what I mean).

    Happy Thanksgiving querida Monique!

    1. Querida Sol..Thank you!
      I miss your spectac desserts.

  7. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! You always make everything you make so special!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Monique. You really have a flair with food decorating. Your cake is absolutely stunning. Even as a child I didn't care for cakes with lots of icing or an overly frosted cake. I know your cake chilled must have tasted divine. The cauliflower steaks are an awesome presentation. And charming Max with his leaf collection - how adorable of him. We all have a lot to be thankful for, especially for friends, family and our freedom.

    1. Gleaned gleaned and gleaned!:)
      You are right Sam:)
      Gratitude can be the smallest thing..and the biggest thing.

  9. Every cake you decorate and bake are works of art! Honestly gorgeous!
    I have made cauliflower steaks before but not with sauce...looks wonderful. I must try that recipe.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...
    Bisous xoxo

    1. Not really..but I have fun doing them..Gleaning here and there..None of them my original ideas..a little bit from here..a little bit from there:)
      I was perfectly happy with it though..:)

  10. Well, the cake looks divine. Sounds like everyone has it down with the sharing of holidays. I am ready for that. Thanksgiving here is getting too difficult for me, but I continue for the grand kids. Everyone wants their favorite dishes, but they all work the day before and don't have time, which I understand. Just can't do the paper plates etc. either. Husband deer hunts until the morning of; it is getting hard. I too made a cauliflower 'tree' I called it, but didn't know what sauce to plate it with. That is a beautiful dish.

    1. My son-in laws are hunters..My dad was too..I could never be.
      It is a lot of work..and especially with working..when I worked sometimes it was so easy and other times it was tough..because of clients..offers..
      with 6 kids I appreciate it a lot not always being here..:)
      My neighbor..when her company\'s understood that whoever cooks..doesn't clean up.
      That sounds good..They are all kiddies..
      Could your kids bring desserts or appetizers or sides to take the load off?:)
      I must admit the sharing came out of necessity.But I love it now)

  11. You are SOOOOO talented, it's amazing! You're invited to our Thanksgiving anytime! :) Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  12. Exquisite fall color. It is cool here, but we don't get the change of leaves like you do. Love the leaf collage.
    Nice to share the hosting of holidays. It's always a lot of work, so teamwork is a great idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

    1. I thought Texas did.. I guess it is too southern..How can anywhere ever be too southern:)?

  13. Sounds like a wonderful event! I think it is so great that the kids have started helping! Can't wait for that day!

    1. They will always want to come to your house..Look at everything you do for the holidays..where else could compare:)

  14. Another gorgeous blog post, Monique! Love hearing about the celebration of holidays where you are. Our family is not local, and they all come here to gather at special times, so I am still hosting.:-) Wonder how long I will be able to do that. I hope it will be several more years.

  15. MOnique, what a gorgeous cheesecake. You are so adept at presentation. I think I do not have enough patience. I love reading about your celebrations with your sweet family. You are so blessed and then you bless us in the sharing. Thank you for that! I have a cauliflower in my fridge right now, and those cauliflower steaks are calling my name! Thank you so much for all that you share! I love every scrap of it! xxoo

  16. A beautiful cake, Monique, and decorated so nicely. Love the leaves. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think it's nice everyone takes turns with holidays.
    Love looking at the turning leaves...something I miss down here.
    I've seen those cauliflower steaks (and even think I stuck the idea someplace to make in the future). So glad you made that dish so successfully. I'll try it soon.

    1. I cooked mine just a bit longer my steaks were thick..I got 2 steaks out of a head..if they were thinner they broke.It depends on the sore..keep it intact!

  17. My daughter and son in law are preparing Thanksgiving this year as well, this will be their 3rd year, Love it. Your cake looks amazing, you are so talented.

    1. It's really nice..and you look at the hosts with happiness that they enjoy to entertain too.
      Pride I guess:)

  18. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful holiday dessert will be hard to choose. I have enjoyed turning some of the holiday celebrations over to my children and I always volunteer to bring dessert. Lovely fall photos, Monique.

    1. It's a fun thing to volunteer..Too much for one person to do..we are many now:) 12..
      and with Alain's parents 14.. so everyone contributing is nice:)

  19. Sounds like a warm, lovely time. Always best spent with family. Our last two TG dinners have been just the two of us. I'm so looking forward to being back with our little family. Not sure if my pots and pans will be unpacked by then!

    1. Two is lovely too:)
      But I am telling will be eating that child up:)
      I think you made a wonderful decision.
      You will go to bed at night seeing his face..that you saw in the day..and waking with his little face in your mind too.
      That's what happens to me.

  20. My daughter loves holidays, because chi is in charge of dressing up a table. She prepares the menu cards, and party gifts. I let her select dishes and glassware. She loves doing that. Did I tell you, she is only 12 years old. I cannot wait to visit her for holidays when she grows up. Family time is priceless. I don't have any ideas yet what I am going to cook for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But I am sure I will come up with something. Thank you for your wonderful ideas Monique!



  21. I think that is wonderful Yelena..
    I wish I had taken more interest when I did have my mom..I know we had 2 sets of dishes..our everyday..and their wedding dishes which I have..They were for special..I can't remember eating out of them:(!
    I think they were used when her sisters and husbands came a few times..
    Our uncles and aunts were more entertainers..more $ I gather.
    We were humble.A lovely house when I turned 10..but I don't remember a lot of parties..
    Huge memory lapses..from that period it seems:(
    She is so cute your daughter..I am sure she sets a very special table:)

  22. What a sweet present from your grandson Monique. Your cake looks wonderful, they always do. It looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving. We will still do it here but the girls and guests help out with side dishes. Even then it is a lot of work, someday I hope they will take over. But nothing beats being able to have family around the table for the holidays.

    1. You are right..
      I have missed my mom and dad all my adult life..It is a great gift to have my family with us.

  23. So much to be grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving (belated). Your family has such a treasure in this blog!

    1. You made me smile..I think they occasionally look at it:)
      I have busy busy girls..
      We smile about it:)

  24. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Je te souhaite à toi et à tous les tiens une joyeuse Thanksgiving.

    Hum un bon gâteau au chocolat ! J'arrive... mais les légumes me semblent aussi si appétissants que d'avance je retiens !...

    Je te fais de gros bisous ♡

  25. What lovely and fun post Monique and the dessert look amazing and beautiful!
    Happy belated thanksgiving Monique!

  26. Such a pretty dessert. I love Max's gift 💕💕

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  28. In December I am doing a round-up of 10 Delicious Holiday Dessert Recipes from different bloggers. Only pics and direct link to the blog post. I want to feature this Cheesecake if that's OK with you. Thanks!