Monday, October 27, 2014

I love this bread! I love it..I love it.

Last Monday morning we woke up to SUNSHINE!

It had been a while and was short lived..
The weeks have been mild enough but the sun is only making cameo appearances..
I picked bouquets of leaves and acorns..
and settled a dearly loved bowl (my mom's) on an ancient book..Les Fables De La aunt Florence  would be 100..  at least I think.. was hers.
I her name is in the book and then my brother's name John..who would be 70 now.
I ♥ that book.

 In those few moments of sunshine..from inside the sunroom I was able to catch what really is like a huge ray of light that permeates our home this time of year when the sun does  shine..3 majestic maples flank our backyard..but this middle like gold.It's the one that had 4 baby swings on it..only one is left and I am sure it will go next year..maybe I'll just ask Jacques to add an adult plain swing:) It is really a tree that needs a swing:)
I love it.
And my boots are made for raking..and blowing all the million leaves that dance around our backyard...
Those boots?
Comfy..  sturdy..warm with extra socks..
I am definitely a boot person..
Not quite as much as one of my daughters..:)
But give me boots over shoes any day...except flip flops maybe..

La vie de campagne I imagine.

Sunday afternoon..I had prepped this..from Lady and The Pups..yes..AGAIN~

Look at it on her beautiful black background..

Anyways..big fan of bread here..and I have shared many with you and still have another post prepared  for a different one..from Chris.Yes..planning on those crisps one day too:)

But when I read about this one made w/ yogurt..I knew it would have that yeasty taste I like..even more than the no knead  one I make with beer.
Monday morning it was ready to be baked and I followed her instructions..and it is simply amazing.
That top part you see?Rose above the bread like Paillards!
I made the dough with my KA.
I used Activia yogurt.
I proofed my bread in the oven for 18 hours simply with the pilot light on..
It's less than warm  in QC these days..overnight ..and inside   I put all chances on my side.

I used a Cuisinart enameled pot.Red..the one I got with my banking points.
It's fantastic..the bread..I did line w/ parchment..

I made a really "cochon" ..piggy dinner..  after blowing so many leaves..and picking a bowl full for our coffee table..Tuesday night..
a rich Mac and Cheese..w/ Fruilano..Smoked Mozzarella..Parmesan..bacon..shallots..topped w/ Panko that was tossed in garlic butter.
Why did I do that?

FABULOUS.And rich..

And the next day..I watched everything I ate.

If baking bread appeals to you..and a sourdough taste ..even more..try this.
I still plan on trying  my friend's w/ a home made starter..but with the roofers..and the gardens and the leaves..this was a great option.
It's terrific.;)
It is time for candles here now..even before dinner~
That must be why I made that "cochon" dinner:)~
More substance is needed:)


  1. I wish i could smell and taste this lovely Bread ....happy week love Ria...x!

  2. It looks wonderful. Love bread with goat butter. Could live on it.

    1. I have to try goat butter! I am shy to say I have never heard of it..

  3. If only I could eat as much bread as I like :-) Like lettuce. LOL. Beautiful too.

    1. Me too..
      I lost a lot of weight on lettuce once:)

      About 45 years ago:)
      Bread was restricted for me up until about 5 years ago..restricted to me..
      5 years ago it became a staple:)
      I love making it at preservatives..delish..easy..
      I hope you try this suits you:)
      So good Debbie.
      At the cottage?:)

    2. Definitely at the cottage Monique :o)

  4. I can't get over what vivid fall colors your leaves are. They look so lovely in your mother's crystal bowl situated on the antique book. I know I would really like the bread since I'm very fond of sourdough. Hope you have a nice week Monique.

    1. Sam..for about 3 weeks..we are surrounded with fabulous brilliant monochromatic..w/out snow..usually and bare skeleton trees..
      In French we have a very off expression..stating that :"Novembre..est le mois des morts:("
      Then usually December brings freshly fallen snow..and the landscape changes then again.
      You could bake that bread in a heartbeat!

  5. Oh, autumn! Monique, your vignettes are striking, and the aroma of fresh baked bread is filling my senses just from the photo. I smiled at the thought of your treasures from your mom and your aunt Florence. I found a 1955 children's edition at Port de Vanes in September that came home with me. It's more reminiscent of a large size Little Golden Book, not beautifully bound like your edition, but a treasure for me. Love it for it's beautifully colored illustrations. Would love to find copy such as yours, even though I read not a word of French. ;-) Happy Autumn, dear friend.

    1. It would have been a treasure for me too Sarah..In fact I tracked down a book I had in the 50' French..I feel lucky to have it now..Mon Premier Grand Dictionnaire..
      It's illustrated..and French-English:)
      I had given mine away.I was overjoyed at finding it..I have a few books that speak volumes to me from my childhood..
      That was one of them.
      One day I hope to go back to France if it is in the cards for us.
      You must have loved your trip!
      Our striking vignettes are now fading at the speed of light with more carpets than decorating the trees!

  6. Those casseroled breads are the best. I haven't made it in a while now. I think I will tonight! Loving all of your photographs as always dear friend! xxoo

    1. It is good Marie..I hope you and T enjoy it!

  7. Love your acorns in the bowl...brings back fall memories. I do miss those colors.
    That bread looks divine, Monique! And easy enough to make. Maybe this weekend....

    1. I think you are a Lady and The Pups fan as well..
      You will see how super this is Barbara..

  8. Your leaves are so big and colorful, how beautiful this time of year is. The bread looks wonderful.

  9. So the acorns and colorful leaves.
    Nothing like it in Paris.
    Baking break...Ah the smell of it!
    Lovely post

    1. I painted my boots for a bit ..and thought of you:)

  10. I think I need to make that bread soon! I love the idea of an easy sourdough without having to make a starter first. So clever! Such a pretty vignette with the leaves, acorns, book and wine in the background. The bowl and book are certainly treasures! I had an Aunt Florence also :) Great Aunt Florence to be exact. I got her piano and used it for years and finally gave it to a niece whose son was taking lessons. It needed lots of TLC. Some keys no longer worked. Our color is almost over. Just a few trees still hanging on. It's true what the French say about November! The trees all look like skeletons.

    1. What an astute analogy!
      Susan..when I was making this bread.I thought of YOU..and knew you had to try it..we both love doing this..just make sure the yogurt is the one w/ all the good stuff in it like Activia..
      Our leaves too..hanging by fragile threads ..the ones that are left.
      Strangely seems others ..elsewhere..withstand till my neighbor's oak.
      Uncanny about our Florences:)
      Nice of you re the piano:)
      M got Jacques' mom's..

  11. Such a lovely post. Your bowl filled with leaves and acorns is stunning. I just love the beautiful colors of Autumn. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. My husband loves bread, especially sourdough.
    In the chilly months, the aroma of fresh bread baking is fabulous.

    1. I know you love cozy Linda.. maybe give this one a's one of the best no-kneads I have tried.

  12. I also love the crystal bowl with leaves and acorns.. mine is filled with white beach rocks right now, I think I need to copy your idea and give my living room a more autumnal feel. Your "piggy" dinner sounds like the perfect treat after a working day in the yard. Yum!

  13. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Je pense que les petits écureuils seraient ravis de te rendre une visite...
    Un pays qui me semble bien croustillant ! J'aime l'odeur du pain qui vient de cuire et le tien me semble si appétissant qu'il doit aussi avoir une belle odeur...
    L'automne s'installe doucement chez nous mais Dame Eté est encore doucement conviée pour notre plus grand bonheur.

    Gros bisous ❊

    1. Un pays qui me semble bien croustillant

      Vos paroles..sont toujours exquises.

  14. You are so like me - eat what you want and then watch yourself the next day!!
    I love the bread made this way - what I crave this time of year but I have never tried it with yogurt. I am definitely going to try it. Trying to lose a few before we go on a cruise in a week so I will have to wait as I would eat way too much of this - pigging out on bread - definitely a weakness.

    1. :) A habit I developed in my late teens..had to.
      I was such an overweight pre-teen..teen.. Bullied:(

      When I finally lost a lot of weight..16..I didn't do it the right way..ate celery etc..
      But afterwards I just learned..moderation..
      Felt happier without the bullying..

      Have a great cruise!

  15. Not having had time to visit blogs, I'm so happy to be visiting yours again, to be entering a bit of your glowing, glorious world! Even your boots are glorious & I think underlying all this is the "I love it!" part! And, for your cooking, baking friends, the lessons you share as well as the beauty...

  16. Monique, making homemade bread it's the best thing, I love to bake bread a lot. Feels very homy-))
    It is so nice visit your blog, always beautiful!!

  17. A fabulous bread and gorgeous fall pictures!