Monday, October 20, 2014

Sour Cream Apple Cake~

We have had so many acorns this year..Our neighbor's tree hangs over my front bed and the squirrels have a hay day..with the oakleaves and acorns..I had a wheelbarrow full!
So that's why they are being photographed..They're so cute.
How many apple cake recipes do we have?
I seem to collect them like cookie cutters..
This latest one was found  right here..

Is it my fave?

No but it's moist and flavorful and does the trick..and makes a cake that is large enough to share..
I didn't add a glaze..I simply dusted it..I did put the topping on the bottom and on top of my pan..but no nuts.
No nuts at all in my recipe.
It cuts well too and stays together as a moist cake does♥

In all fairness it is a 2003 recipe..and I wanted a BUNDT cake recipe... most of the ones I have made are not Bundt~

So different..all of them

Like here..

and here..totally diva.

and here..  David Rocco..what's not to like?

Et Dorie..

And Hélène's~

Ricardo's ~

There's also my first one..Hudson Apple Cake from the first home tour I went on.
I was in my twenties..with 2 children..a home and a husband early 20's..
This was the best thing I had ever far as a cake was concerned..
I have it in my handwriting:)

Italian apple cakes..~ Mine..I have 2 somewhere.. and Ann T's I my archives..
Apple cake crumb bars..
apple cake tartlets..
I can't even find the links anymore to my past posts..
I should have been more diligent in ...labels...
Believe me..
I wanted to make the Apple cake tarlets again and again at one point..
I only had a link ..
ALWAYS print up a recipe you love and keep it.
Sadly..many blogs disappear..and the links are nowhere to be found.
I cannot tell you how happy I was that I had PRINTED it up..
I should frame that one.
I promise..
If ever I stop pages will remain..
Unless they disappear on their own.
Eureka..I had printed up the tartlets:)

For dinner  Sunday night ..I made this.....

( the above..found on the net..Pinterest)
I loved it.. so did Jacques..we have been eating salads..and fish and very light..
Julia's dish called my name..staving for a bit more substance:)..was I...
I did make changes..
I added more sun dried tomatoes.only because I am quite nuts about them and wanted to finish my oil paced ones...mushrooms..  many.. a French shallot..Pineau De Charentes.( a niece hooked me).and Parmesan cheese and quite a bit of salt and hot pepper flakes..
You have to taste and make to your liking like everything else..
I could have had a second plateful..and really..never have seconds.
But this is not the first dish of hers I love:)
Thank you Julia~
It was pitch black by the time we ate..

There's no adding lights take photos of our dinners from now till Spring..
We are hungry when dinner is no pics..Go see Julia..her photos say it all~

I also tried these Friday..we have roofers and I like to send out treats with their coffee~
Apple..maple syrup blondies..They are good too.
But give me the pasta before the sweet:)


  1. Lovely! Hudson was my maiden name so I'm intrigued with the Hudson Apple Cake. We don't have those cute acorns but we have cute squirrels. They drive Oliver crazy!


    1. They drive me crazy!
      A favorite client /physician's name was Hudson too:)

  2. Looks and sounds wonderful. Oh, if only I was you. I could live on baked goods and sweets. I know, so bad.

    1. I bake for J..and the roofers right now:)

      I do indulge in bites..
      It's the Tostitos and bread you have to lock up..
      I just made a new sourdough's on the counter and it's literally preening:)
      You're perfect the way you are:)

  3. I love this cake Monique and look perfect and delicious.Yours pictures always are amazing:))

  4. Ce gâteau me semble délicieux, quelque chose de bien automnal ~
    Ces petites photos d'automne mettent d'ailleurs bien dans l'ambiance !

  5. the acorns looks so pretty, and that CAKE! That would be just perfect with my coffee.
    You take such beautiful photos.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. I just PInned some of your artwork:)
      YOU do beautiful work!

  6. Lovely, lovely cake and very nice presentation! Don't we just love to bake-)))



    1. I do:)
      I need more people to bake for:)
      When our daughters were small..I hardly baked..I knew it was not great to have sweets etc..

      then they moved out and on..and then I found Martha..and computers..and a love to bake!
      It's comforting to me..
      I like everything..home made.♥

  7. Thank you so much for you sweet comment, and taking time to visit.

  8. Wish I had a slice of this sour cream apple cake to devour right now.. not only does it look delicious but it is so beautifully captured. Great recipe!

    1. I am your Pinterest Stalker:)
      You have a beautiful blog..looking forward to making some of your recipes..

    2. M, so right.. I book marked Thalia's blog too!!

  9. Oh dear, do all those acorns mean another long, cold winter? That's what they say, don't they? I guess if we have to be cooped in, all these wonderful apple desserts would make it much more bearable....

    1. I sure hope not Chris..but here..that is a pretty standard winter..long and cold..

  10. We also have been bombarded with acorns this year. It is almost dangerous to walk outside. Your apple cake looks delicious . . . so does that pasta with sun-dried tomatoes.

    1. They ARE treacherous,so easy to twist an ankle on those..

  11. I feel as if I've scrolled through an art gallery this morning. The pretty acorns, the delicious apple cake and topping it off with pasta and sun-dried tomatoes. That should carry me through today :)

  12. I've been on a Apple cake spree, intrigued by yours, sounds delicious, especially the Hudson valley one. Love the pasta dish and the cute little acorns.

    1. I'll track down the recipe and make again and post one day:)

  13. Love those acorns and you are lucky to have them on a branch :-) Mine are from the ground. I'll be back later to check out the recipes.

  14. A wheelbarrow full of acorns?!! That probably means another harsh winter, right? We have a black walnut tree on our property and hardly any walnuts this year - last year, buckets and buckets full that we had to pick up. I thought maybe we were off the hook this year for a harsh winter.

    Beautiful cake and I love the acorns and oak leaves in the photo. Nothing like nature's props. I see the fairies haven't flown south for the winter yet ;)

    Sometimes, we just NEED pasta :) I think we would love this dish too! Maybe Sunday!

    1. I often NEED pasta:)
      I agree nothing like nature's props:) So beautiful..things at our fingertips.
      I remember your mentioning your haul last yr..
      Every year is different!

  15. You have shared some wonderful apple recipes, Monique. I printed out the one from the French Laundry when you first posted it and have yet to make it. Guess its time I do it. Beautiful photos as always.

    1. You do have to make the French Laundry pretty! A work of art! And it's good..sometimes something is prettty but not too good..

  16. I love all your apple recipes that you share Monique. Cathy, you need to make the French Laundry. The sauce alone is to die for.
    Monique, love your "selfie" You are beautiful inside and out.

    1. I love all yours!
      Ann..this is a photo that makes me look better than I do.
      I should start over:)

  17. I have bundt pans that I haven't used in years... But this cake looks absolutely perfect... And possibly achievable for me. We have more acorns than usual this year too. I hope it doesn't mean a bad winter! I had never heard the term bodycolour paint and went googling too. Another word for gouache!

  18. I just woke up to find Canada all over the news. What a shocking thing--I never seem to hear of anything like this happening there.

    And hey! In brighter news, I just found your "selfie" on the sidebar. You're just as lovely and bright-eyed as I'd imagined. 'Good to see you! :)

  19. Monique, you have made some beautiful apple desserts over the years, and photographed them and shared them so generously. I just bookmarked the Apple Cake Tartlets and the French Laundry one and hope to try them soon ;o)

    1. Debbie I see the link is back to the site with the Tartlets:) Print it up fast.
      It ..they are most wonderful!

  20. Love the idea of the sour cream apple cake, Monique! Like it so much I might have to make it very soon. :)
    I've been so busy with my site lately, optimizing my ads because my ad setup was so wrong. :) Finally, I am now better set up than before but there is still lots of room for improvement. Haven't commented anywhere for a month, I think! But I am back! :)

    1. I have made a few of your recipes:) Thank you Julia!

  21. October 23

    I was so shocked, when I learned about the Terrorist shootings, in Canada. And my heart goes out to all of you, of course.

    But you can be proud of your Leader, who had the strength, to call it a Terrorist Act.

    Down here, they can't seem to bring themselves, to call a spade a spade. To call a Terrorist Act, a Terrorist Act. Down here, they sometimes call it "work place violence"... :-(((((


    1. So tragic..the young man so handsome..young son.. family..

  22. Monique, the sour cream apple cake looks so delicious! Love any recipes with apple in it. Have to try this one! The photos of the acorns look so magical, especially with the fairies. Oh yes, love, love, your selfie. You're a cutie!!

  23. Your cake looks fabulous Monique, and I am loving the acorns. Down south we had so many they made walking difficult in the autumn as they hurt the feet, but I do miss them. Loving all your photographs and words. I print out a lot of recipes and never ever get to making them. You would think I would stop printing but alas. I cannot. I am a glutton for tasty recipes. Can you ever have enough? I think not! xxoo

    1. I am just like you.
      I have a folder of just yours:);)x

  24. SOS
    I have been MIA :(
    Lush lush lush post!
    I love acorns...memories of childhood always.
    Merci Monique